VIXX TV Season 2 Guide

A while ago I started on working on an episode list guide for season 1, but I am still not finished. With the advent of VIXX TV season 2, I thought it would be good to start right from the beginning and once I am done with the first season to upload that. It's not exactly a recap, but more a detailed summary of each episode, and also an easy way to find all the episodes together in one place, I'm going to link to the RealVIXX YouTube channel's playlists for each episode, so just click on the episode number and it will take you right to the video. Enjoy! Suggestions, requests, comments, and fangirling (and fanboying) are of course all welcome in the comments below! ^^

Episode 1 The boys are back!!! And with a lovely new season of VIXX TV. When they ended season 1, I thought I was going to cry. VIXX TV is one of my favourite variety segments out there. That also might have to do with my great love for VIXX. The first episode kicks off in their recording studio where the boys reveal they've created a present for us Starlights. They then proceed to show as each member records their part of the song and they totally give each other a hard time. Ravi wrote the song and Ken helped a but with the lead. Ra-PD as they call him shows his ability as a producer. I love how awkward Leo always looks and just how adorable N is. I just want to hug him. I dreamt once that VIXX were all staying with my family and then N and I were going to make marmalade cookies. Weird. I know. The episode is all cuteness and adorable VIXX. Check it out [7:28].

Episode 2 Hongbin, Ken, and Hyuk start us off with a lovely singing MC trio. Can I just say that I love the adorkableness revealed in VIXX TV. It warms my fangirl heart. Hyuk explains that the episodes will air every other week and they'll be the main MCs, and then manages to kai-bai-bo his way into being the main MC. Oh Hyuk. We love you so. Hongbin then gives Ken a hard time saying his Ken TV got cancelled ㅋㅋㅋ It appears that they looked at the enthusiastic response from the first episode airing and saw that the fans wanted to see never released footage, BTS stuff, etc. And so they air a highlight reel from their concert, including the Leo & Ken duet (Cold at Night) that Leo composed and wrote the lyrics for and the Ravi & Hyuk duet of the song Ravi composed (Memory) #winning and then a special N & Hongbin performance (I think N has been reading a little too much NBin fanfiction. And then the members read love notes to the Starlights. Man, I wish I had been at that concert. After the highlight reel, Ken introduces a little Starlight "worry" corner where Starlights can share their stories and worries because VIXX wants to get closer to their Starlights. Oh the love and feels. [10:23].

Episode 3 The episode starts out with Hyuk letting us know we're on the set of the "Error" MV shoot. Whoohoo! Ken and Hongbin go all adorable and talk in English. Then Ravi joins in too and Hyuk starts asking him about his new hairstyle (to show off his manly side apparently). Hyuk though is terrible at vlogging it seems and Ken and Ravi have to remind him like a million times to keep all their faces in the frame (and keep the camera focused). Then Hongbin shows up again and starts rubbing Ravi's short hair. Next the episode cuts to Hyuk interviewing Leo and trying to make him walk around and model, or something...when Hyuk asks him about what he thinks of the difficult group dance shoot they have to do, Leo says he's afraid Hyuk is going to make mistakes ㅋㅋ I love Leo's deadpan expression when he delivers the line. Next we're shown the group dance shoot, and once it shifts to Hongbin alone with the girl, he gets all shy and says he misses his members. Then Ravi and N start talking about giving the MC job they had to their members, but that the others can't do it as well as them (but they really wish them well). The episode finishes off with some more MV shoot footage. Oh I love these boys.

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