Other Asian Dramas

Our rating system is simple: thirty points for the fuzzies, and seventy given to other critical aspects of the drama such as writing, directing, editing, cinematography, soundtrack, acting etc. with weights being according to our own personal preferences of what matters to us most when watching a drama.

And just so you know who's who and what each who has been watching: dewaanifordrama and bustered. So without further ado, here is the list of dramas we've collectively watched. (If you want lengthier reviews, you can check out the reviews page. And here is the link to our Other Asian Film Ratings. Enjoy!)

Just You (2013) [Taiwan]
Romance - 21 Episodes
Personal Rating: 80/100
Puff and Aaron are more than enough of a reason to watch this cute and quirky office romance drama. Sure, there is a female second lead that you might want to scratch her eyes out, but all in all, the drama is sweet and funny and Aaron is the best. It also has some really great family centered conflicts and storylines, and of course, there are some pretty fun ensemble storylines too. And if you love Aaron, this is a great drama to start with. 

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