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You might be wondering why we named the blog samsondownthrabbithole - We're not sure if you've ever felt like somehow you're a little like Alice who fell down the rabbit hole, and ended up in wonderful, strange, crazy dramaland - yup, we sometimes wonder how in the world we ended up here ourselves. And then - the first drama that we both watched, was My Name is Kim Samsoon (also known as My Lovely Samsoon) - yeah, I think you can figure out the rest...

I've lived in several different countries, and hence developed a severe case of wanderlust, dabbled in many languages, and picked up a penchant for things foreign. As a longtime watcher of Bollywood, (a most excellent genre) a fellow Bollywood watcher and k-drama fan suggested I watch My Name is Kim Samsoon. I watched it, fell in love with Hyun Bin and k-drama and haven't stopped watching since. After watching Secret Garden and Sungkyunkwan Scandal I realized that OSTs were a magic gateway into my love-affair-addiction with k-pop, and I am happy to have joined the ranks of fangirling-idol-crazy listeners out there. I now watch copious amounts of k-drama, read about drama, comment on blogs, fangirl over my favourite biases and actors, learn random facts about all things Hallyu-wave related, and listen to k-pop non-stop. Inspired by countless other k-drama bloggers in the bloggersphere, and with a little bit (or a lot) of noona love, I join the ranks. So back to the name: dewaani (dee-vwah-nee) is the Hindi for crazy - but the crazy in love kind - hence dewaanifordrama.

Once in a while, I think about what my life was like when K-dramas and K-pop didn’t exist in it.  However, I never think too long, because it just wasn’t as awesome.  For months now, I have been discussing K-dramas and K-pop with dewaanifordrama 24/7, so when she brought up the idea to start a blog, I agreed.  I’m so very happy to share my K-drama/K-pop love (and sometimes bitter hatred) to anyone and everyone who wants it.

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Send your queries, quips, and quandries about all things drama and blog related to us at the following email addresses.

General blog stuff: samsoondowntherabbithole@gmail.com

busteredbustered63@gmail.com or tweet me @buster_ed.

dewaanifordramadewaanifordrama@gmail.com or tweet me @dewaanifordrama. You can also follow me on Pinterest.

We can't promise to get back to you at the speed of light, so please be patient with us.

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