15 December, 2016

An Update as to What Has Happened with Wang Kai International

Hi, Wang Kai and Wang Kai International followers and fans. I'm Eleanor, Wang Kai International admin and founder. Yesterday as you may have noticed, Wang Kai International disappeared and you might be wondering what has happened. 

Yesterday, Wang Kai International (WKI) received an email saying we had been deleted even though we had received no prior notifications and no DMCA notices that we had violated copyright. Just a notice that we had been deleted. Of course, this meant we began an immediate investigation into what had happened and to start an appeal for our wrongful takedown.

I have emailed Blogger support with an official appeal and explained we have received no DMCA notifications or any of other form of notification that would precipitate this sort of takedown. We are in the process of resolving this matter through official Blogger channels and we are hopeful that our appeal will be heard and we will have Wang Kai International up and running again soon. We also have back-ups for the site, so all the content is not completely lost even if Blogger chooses not to listen to our appeal, but we are hopeful they will. 

I have also checked with the service where we bought and registered our domain name and they have also received no complaints or notifications, DMCA or otherwise. 

This is what we know at this time and we have received no other official notification. We have been wrongfully targeted so please rest assured that Wang Kai International will be up again soon.

Thank you for your patience. Our YouTube channel is still running as well as our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and we will try and keep you as updated as possible via those channels. We will continue to translate and give news, so please don't worry. We hope you are enjoying watching Wang Kai's latest dramas! Thank you for your support and patience.


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