15 November, 2016

A Gift for Trot, Jo & Kakashi

Dear Trot, Jo & Kakashi (see I included you),

Here is my gift to you as I know that Yu Heng (于恒), a.k.a. your husband, has very little info available in English, so I am endeavouring to fill in that gap a little. Know that you are my dearest friends and I love you so much. Seriously, the world would be a much sadder place without you three. I wish I could give you all a big hug right now.

As we were chatting on Twitter about your husband, I said I would post on Weibo about it, and lo and behold, the post was well received. Not only that, BUT YOUR HUBBY LIKED THE POST!!! Now he knows that he has international fans out there. *giggles* it certainly made me giggle a lot today.

Here is the post and the comments below it. Some of the Chinese posts were along the lines of saying he even has foreign fans. I think there was even a mention of him being able to get a foreign wife or something like that. You might have to ask an actual Chinese speaker to translate some of those (sorry, I need to learn Chinese ASAP)
Here is the proof shot that he liked it! (It's the one with the yellow verification "V" and "Handsome" in the screenname).
I also went through his Weibo page (于恒_汉臣Handsome)and collected photos for you. They are in order of most recent, all the way to 2015. I've included all the links to specific posts in the sources below if you wanted to try and view his Weibo page. I know it can be tricksy sometimes though.

With the cast of When a Snail Falls in Love ~

This is him and his mom. So cute!

Then I headed to his Baidu page (which you should also be able to access) and they also upload photos there. I find that if one uses Google Chrome, you can translate pages and actually navigate it quite decently. I didn't translate all the dramas he's been in, but you can navigate down to the bottom of his Baidu page and you will find links to them ^^

Birthdate: 21 December 1983
Birthplace: Shenyang City, Liaoning Province
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 72 kg
Bloodtype: A
Graduated from: PLA Institute of the Arts (中国人民解放军艺术学院) Class of 2001
Agency: Dreamer Movie (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (梦想者电影(北京)有限公司)

So yup. I hope you liked my gift to you. You are all the best!

Much love always forever and ever,

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