12 November, 2015

Wang Kai's Rapid Fire Quiz Interview [20151103]

While chatting with SooJun and Mimi on Twitter as we shared our mutual adoration and love of Wang Kai, SooJun shared that she was thinking of doing some translation projects of Wang Kai interviews. Of course I think this is a brilliant idea!

As none of us know how to make subs for a YouTube video yet (I am in the process of figuring it out), I decided to share SooJun's translation of a rapid-fire interview that Wang Kai did recently on the 3rd of November, 2015. You can watch the video below and then read the answers as well. Once I get subs figured out etc. then I can modify the post. But until then enjoy!

Q1: What's your favourite colour?
A: Green

Q2: What type of girls do you like?
A: Kind hearted girls

Q3: How do you unwind?
A; Singing
[If you haven't heard him sing, here he is singing for the OST for Nirvana in Fire]

Q5: Which fashion item do you think is the most matchable?
A: Watches

Q6: Which fashion item will you never wear/put on?
A: Earrings

Q7: How many marks out of 10 would you give for your fashion style?
A: 7

Q8: How many marks out of 10 would you give to your looks?
A: 7

Q9: What occupation do you think you would have if you were not an artist?
A: I haven't thought about this.

Q10: Which part of your body do you like the most?
A: My face

Oh he's just so gorgeous! We love your face too!
Q11: What are the advantages of having such long fingers?
A: I can grab things faster...I really don't have the chance to think
[please watch the video because he looked so cute here]

Q12: Do you collect things?
A: Not at the moment

Q13: Which fashion item is a necessity when you are working and travelling?
A: Handphone*...Is a handphone a fashion item
*[Handphone = cellphone or mobile phone depending on where you're from in the world]

Q14: What is the bottom line you won't cross in acting?
A: I have no bottom line

Q15: Do you mind full nudity on screen?
A: If it's required in a movie, I will consider it...*he pauses* This is my bottom line...

I guess this is as much as we're getting
Q16: What kind of books do you like to read?
A: Suspense

Q17: What special ability do you hope to have?
A: The ability to read people's minds.

Q18: Do you think you are forgetful?
A: Sometimes

Q19: Can you remember the previous question?
A: You asked me if I'm forgetful.

Oh our kaikai is so adorable!!! Thank you SooJun for translating this!!! It was so much fun to make this post. I personally would give Wang Kai like a bazillion for his looks, but hey, if he's being modest for the interview, well, it makes him more charming. And he really does have quite beautiful hands. (I figured that I should talk about them because the interviewer asked about his long fingers) Here are some pictures of them. There is quite the fan-following if his hands.

Also be sure to like the International Fan Page for Wang Kai that I made on Facebook. Who knows, if we get big enough then Wang Kai will know he has a dedicated fanbase outside of China. A woman can dream, right?!

And just because, here are some more pics just to look at our lovely Wang Kai from his recent Marie Claire pictorial. We hoped you liked this post!

◀ Wang Kai (王凯) Facebook Fan Page!!! 

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