15 November, 2015

Wang Kai's Dragon TV Award Acceptance Speech [English Translation]

He's so dapper and handsome!!! ❤
On the 14th of November, Wang Kai received his first drama related popularity award at the Dragon TV Awards ceremony. He gave a really awesome acceptance speech and SooJun translated it for us so that we can all enjoy his lovely speech and love him even more!!!

I've included the video link here of his segment.

Good evening everyone. I'm actor Wang Kai. I've thought of many ways to give an acceptance speech but I have passed them up the moment the lights were lit. This is because at this very moment, the only way to show how I feel right now is by expressing my gratitude. It is cliché of course but this is me, this is also more direct (to express my gratitude).

Firstly, I would like to thank Dragon TV for giving me my first drama related award in the ten years of my career. I appreciate it very much, I'm very grateful too. Thank you. Secondly, I want to thank my boss, the chairman of 东阳正午阳光影视有限公司 (Daylight Entertainment) [his agency], Mr. Hou Hong Liang; director, Mr. Kong Sheng; director, Mr. Li Xue. I always tell myself that I am so lucky to have met the three of them. It's only because of their trust and tolerance that I am able to show my abilities in such an excellent team. And to be able to work with and learn from superb actors and seniors, because of their guidance and teaching, I have my achievement and have the opportunity to stand and talk to you all here. Like I have said before, I am not a fine steed,  but you must be my Bo Le* [伯乐 - a horse connoisseur from ancient China]. Thank you.

I am grateful to my parents and family. You are my strongest support forever. I received this popularity award today. This trophy is heavy but I know a large part of its energy comes from you all. Thank you my fans for your support and generous love. I will keep your love in my heart and continue my journey steadily. Thank you all.

Lastly, I would also like to thank one person, that is myself. I want to thank myself for not giving up and for having persisted even when I have faced many difficulties during these 10 years. I have made it. I have never given up. Thank you everyone.

* the steed and Bo Le analogy is a popular Chinese idiom. It always refers to someone's talent being discovered by a good "judge" of talent i.e. Bo Le. 

I hope everyone enjoyed that. Please be sure to head to Twitter and thank SooJun for her hard work translating!!! She is amazing!!! It's such a great acceptance speech! I am so glad that as a fan I can love and cheer Wang Kai on. I really hope that he continues to succeed at acting and his career. We love you Kai Kai!!! ❤❤❤ Also please be sure to like our international Wang Kai fanpage on Facebook if you haven't already!

Hu Ge & Wang Kai both being adorable
Hu Ge, Jin Dong & Wang Kai all dressed up and looking good for the awards ceremony
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