24 November, 2015

Wang Kai "Stories You Didn't Know About His Hands" Q&A [English Translation]

So if you don't already have Wang Kai fever, well, there's room for you here. Not only has he found some recognition and fame but he's super, crazily busy doing all sorts of interviews and promotions. This is a recent Q & A he did about his hands (which also have quite the fan following), and of course we can't blame anyone for loving his hands. They are really beautiful!

In a recent Elle China post that has lots of gifs of the interview (as well as pictures of handcream haha), they posted an audio recording of the Q & A. We also have the video here below and the translation by the lovely SooJun!!!

Q1: How many points would you give to your looks?
A: 7

Q2: Which body part are you most satisfied with?
A: All of them.

Q3: How do you take care of your hands?
A: I apply cream during autumn and winter.

Q4: Did you buy your first hand cream, or did someone give it to you?
A: I bought it myself.

Q5: Do you trim your fingernails yourself or do you leave them to the manicurist?
A: I trim them myself.

Q6: Were you ever forced to take piano lessons when you were younger because your hands are so pretty? Have you ever worked as a hand model?
A: No. No.

Q7: Your neck is so pretty. Are you ever worried about neck wrinkles? How do you take care of your neck?
A; Why did you come up with this "pretty neck" expression all of a sudden? No one has said this to me before. Pretty neck? Worried about neck wrinkles? Well I put a lot of emphasis on taking care of my neck. Sometimes I apply an excessive amount of moisturizing essence from facial masks on it.

Q8: Do you prefer that your fans call you "King" (大王) , "Kai Kai" (凯凯), "Kai Kai Wang" (凯凯王), or "Wang Kai" (王凯)?
A: "Wang Kai" (王凯) or "Kai Kai" (凯凯).

Q9: Let's act cute!

There are also tonnes of gifs in the Elle China link I posted above, so be sure to check them out! I am also working in a cool project for Kai Kai's international fans! So stay tuned for more info on that!

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