11 November, 2015

Wang Kai (王凯) Facebook Fan Page!!!

A little screencap gift from Kakashi
So um...if you've noticed, I am kind of in love with Wang Kai. Haha. Even if you haven't watched Nirvana in Fire or The Disguiser or really anything that Wang Kai has been in ever, I'd highly recommend that you check out his awesome dramas.

And so of course, other than learning to navigate Baidu and Weibo and having some awesome Twitter friends who share things about Wang Kai, I decided to go in search of a Facebook fan page to like. I know that Facebook is banned in China, but I figured that I can't be the only fan who has thought of a fan page. I found a couple, but with only a couple of likes, so I decided, well, seeing as I share so much Wang Kai stuff already, I may as well start a Facebook fan page. And there you have it! Voilà!

So if you would like to like the unofficial international fan page, please click here!!! I promise, it's going to be awesome! And feel to also like our regular Samsoon Down The Rabbit Hole Facebook page as well. All our post updates plus other gems get posted there as well.

And if anyone also would like to admin the page or you know where to get awesome info on Wang Kai, please let me know in the comments below, or shoot me an email at dewaanifordrama@gmail.com.

I just shared this gem today of Wang Kai laughing. His laugh is pretty much the best thing ever.

Of course you want to be able to see Wang Kai pics and videos where ever you go, right?! Haha. I've got it bad.

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