06 May, 2015

Section TV "Angry Mom" Ji Soo & Kim Hee Sun Interview [English Translation]

Someone commented on the iMBC Ji Soo Interview translation post asking about this Section TV interview and what Ji Soo and Kim Hee Sun were saying about each other. My Korean listening skills are definitely still not anywhere close to understanding all of it, but luckily one of my awesome Korean friends translated what I couldn't. So for your Ji Soo love and adoration, here we go. (Also please credit and link back to this piece if you refer to this translation etc.) Thank you!

If like me, you are geo-restricted and not able to watch the YouTube video (I know, dumb, right?!) here is the link to the Naver video. I've only got the specific translations for their dialogue from 2:55 to the end of the video. The beginning parts are about Jackie Chan greeting Kim Hee Sun (he and Kim Hee Sun are friends) and gifting them with a food truck for the set. Then there's a bunch of cuteness as cast members say thank you to Jackie Chan in Korean and Mandarin. And then footage of everyone eating at the food truck, and then the Angry Mom PD cutely says thank you too. Then it goes to talking about Kim Hee Sun coaching Baro and Kim Yoo Jung about their kiss scene scenario, which Soompi wrote about. Then the next scene is where the reporter asks if there was a romance scene, and Kim Hee Sun jokes about Ji Hyun Woo and Go So Hee's comical loveline in the drama, and there's some laughter and awkward-ish confusion etc. They also show some fun NGs and BTS scenes of when Gong Joo hugs No Ah and also Kim Hee Sun making a cute heart sign for the two of them. And now we get to the Ji Soo and Kim Hee Sun interview parts that I've got a more specific translation for.

Kim Hee Sun: Come here quickly (motioning to Ji Soo), Section [TV], Bok Dong is here.

Announcer: Bok Dong, who is too shy so he doesn't know what to do. Ji Soo, we won't hurt you!

(Bok Dong comes over and sits on the couch by Kim Hee Sun)

Kim Hee Sun: Say your greetings (say hi) to the interviewer.

Ji Soo (turning to the camera): Annyeonghaesayeo (formal hello).

Kim Hee Sun: Here's the currently popular boy, Bok Dong. Ji Soo! (pointing to Ji Soo cutely) [She uses the phrase 대세남 desaenam, which means the nowadays/lately/currently popular guy].

Announcer: I totally agree! Desaenam Ji Soo. Ji Soo and Kim Hee Sun's characters are in a cute, one-sided love. He has just a few steps to make to become a national yunhanam [a man dating an older woman].

Then they show the "confession" scene.

Announcer: Could you confess your love to Bang Wool with your actual (real) personality?

Ji Soo: Bang Wool-ah~ you're really pretty.

Announcer: Meanwhile, there was Ji Soo's previous interview. And Ji Soo, you said that Hee Sun looks like she's in her twenties if we "caught a glimpse" of her. [He really emphasized the "catch a glimpse" phrase].

Ji Soo (sweating bullets): This is a little unfair. I didn't say "catch a glimpse" but just "see". When I see her, she looks like she's in her mid-twenties. When Hee Sun is wearing a school uniform, she really looks young, like in her mid-twenties.

Announcer: Yes, she really is like a student.

Ji Soo: So I never have a hard time being immersed in emotion with her (I can be fully immersed in the character).

Kim Hee Sun: Bok Dong is big and tall and we have many scenes where we squabble. I think because of that, people think that we are unexpectedly cute. Tall boys are more like men. [They laughed because she just said that randomly].

Announcer: That doesn't make any sense [literally, your words are out of order, meaning, well that was sort of random].

Announcer: How is the school uniform? Is it like wearing your own clothes now?

Kim Hee Sun: First I was embarrassed because the skirt was too short, but now I think it could be shorter, like a swimsuit (laughs).

Well folks, there you have it ^^ Sorry if I missed anything. I am so happy I have awesome Korean friends who help us with our Ji Soo love ㅋㅋ. I can hardly believe that this drama is almost over! *starts crying* Bok Dong-ah~~~!!!!

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  1. Thanks for this! Love them and I will miss them. What's next, Ji Soo?!

  2. My pleasure! It is so fun to watch the two of them interact and Ji Soo just being so dang adorable. I am tempted to ask for some help to translate the thank you video he did (I posted it on Twitter and the FB page if you haven't seen it). I also still need to watch the last two episodes! I haven't had the time or the emotional strength to say goodbye to the show ;)