30 April, 2015

Ji Soo's Interview with iMBC [English Translation]

Photo Credit: iMBC
Hi dear readers. For those of you who want to know what Ji Soo said in his interview with iMBC, a group of friends and I translated it just for you. It's not a perfect translation by any means, but hopefully you appreciate it. Feel free to share this post, but please do not copy and paste it, or share it without crediting this blog. My friends and I spent several hours translating and editing it for Angry Mom's non-Korean speaking fans, so please credit this post.

I have tried to keep the formatting of the article as much as possible in case you wanted to find specific references etc. The interview was also posted as two separate posts: [Interview] "Angry Mom" Ji Soo, "Jo...Jo Bang Wool" was in fact an ad lib! and [Interview] "Angry Mom" Ji Soo, "A true 몸치*(momchi)"? See the keyword Q&A! but I have combined them here as one. (I will make sure to mark off when the second part begins. Enjoy! There are also two videos that were in the original article as well, and for some reason they automatically start playing...so don't be afraid if something starts making a noise. 

Part 1: [Interview] "Angry Mom" Ji Soo, "Jo...Jo Bang Wool" was in fact an ad lib!

I met the actor, Ji Soo, who is performing with two characteristics, that of the rebellious iljin [in this case a gang or school bully - for more about iljin, read this article] and a lively boy experiencing first love, without any awkwardness [i.e. the interview wasn't awkward]. He is an actor by nature with seriousness and passion in his performance even though he might feel like he’s floating on air with his first drama that is catching many people’s attention. Ji Soo could portray Go Bok Dong perfectly in the drama, Angry Mom, due to his characteristics.

Photo Credit: iMBC
For Ji Soo, Angry Mom, the work has fit well and he says “it is fresh and fun”. Since this drama shows some problems that we are facing in our society, he was wondering how this drama would describe these problems and what people think about it. Ji Soo might feel some pressure with the heavy themes because he is a rookie, but he has absorbed the meaning of the theme and even gained momentum. 

Go Bok Dong, and all those that have to deal with all kinds of irrationalities of society, was a character that Ji Soo really wanted to play because he felt sympathy and pity for him. “I had thought about the circumstances that Go Bok Dong experienced in the past since he was a child. I kept thinking about how he spent his life, what kind of point of view he had, and his relationship with the other characters. I am trying to feel the way he would talk and his facial expressions while on set.

Photo Credit: iMBC

However, sometimes he does not understand Go Bok Dong’s actions. “If I were Go Bok Dong in the drama and were to judge rationally, when Dong Chil told me to go to jail instead of him, I would say, “No, why would I?” or I just wouldn’t meet him and report it to the police (laughs). But Bok Dong is living alone without parents in this situation and under Dong Chil’s control, he is short sighted and has no choice. So I understand Bok Dong fully with his situation.”

Because he was so immersed in his character, the fresh, charming proposal/confession line by Go Bok Dong, which has shaken girls’ hearts, was actually an ad-lib. *“Jo...Jo Bang Wool (laughs) that was my ad-lib. I thought that it would be awkward for Go Bok Dong, who had never confessed his love before, to tell the girl he has a crush on her right away. So I used the ad-lib during the rehearsal. All the staff members liked it, so I used it during the actual scene.” *[The "Jo..." could have been the start of him saying "Jo-ah", which means "I like you".]

The key point that Ji Soo picked for portraying Go Bok Dong is “growth”. One of the most memorable scenes that showed Bok Dong’s growth was, “When I stopped Dong Chil at school, who was holding Bang Wool and said, ‘Hyungnim, she is my friend,” this scene lasts in my mind as a very memorable scene. This is because that was the first action that Go Bok Dong made by himself. “I blocked it with my own decision, blocked it with my own will, and that was all because of love. That’s what I cared about the most.”

Photo Credit: iMBC
Ji Soo, says that he feels really happy when others call him “Go Bok Dong” on set instead of his real name. Many people have become more interested in him after seeing his bright, smiling appearance in his role as Go Bok Dong in Angry Mom. We can excitedly look forward to many more acting roles in Ji Soo’s bright future.

The keyword interview with Ji Soo follows.

Part 2: [Interview] "Angry Mom" Ji Soo, "A true 몸치*(momchi)"? See the keyword Q&A!

*[몸치 (momchi) is someone is really uncoordinated, like when they try to dance or do martial arts etc. they are clumsy or awkward]

"Angry Mom" The man who made female fans go crazy about him with every broadcast as they shouted out, "Bok Dong-ah~ Bok Dong-ah~". Here are the keyword questions for this actor. 

Photo Credit: iMBC
What is the secret to your popularity?
I’m not sure about my popularity, but it seems like people are now having a little interest in me. At first, I read comments on my articles, but recently, I received articles or pictures of me from people so I realize my popularity a little bit.  The character Go Bok Dong might seem very sharp and cold (sarcastic), but he has a pure heart inside. And when this figure appears, people might feel magnetically drawn to that character…([Ji Soo] being shy)

What are your charming/attractive points? 

I don’t know about such things…(after hesitating for a while) my voice? My voice is slightly low. Women are often attracted to the opposite tone because they have voices with a high tone…I dare say it is (laughs).

Are you really *츤데레 (tsundere)?
*[츤데레 (tsundere) refers to someone with a cold outward personality, but is really warm-hearted on the inside; it’s the Korean name for the Japanese tsundere]
My friends call me 츤데레 and I agree. Even though I’ve pretended to be strong, I’m a coward and tenderhearted. I think in that way Bok Dong and I are similar.

Photo Credit: iMBC
Do you resemble Bok Dong’s double-sided character in other ways too?
Bok Dong in one way is really 'dark'; he grew up in a world where the strong prey upon the weak, but I was loved a lot as I grew up (laughs). That's why I am so cheerful and affirmative.  And I have many friends, but he, Bok Dong, is kind of an outsider. He is also afraid of making friends (or meeting people.)

Does the acting as *모태솔로 (motel solo) come from your real life (experience)?
[*모태솔로 : A person who has never been in a romantic relationship.]
I start with thinking, “What if I were Bok Dong? Sometimes it might be old memories, I also recall when I was more innocent, but I usually came up with the expression or emotion when I think about Bok Dong's situation.

Bok Dong's being cute is aimed at? 
As I mentioned, I just express my emotions as Bok Dong would in that situation, I do not intend to be cute...I don't think or act like "Oh, now I have to act cutely!" (laughs). 

Photo Credit: iMBC
It looked like he was really fighting well?
Actually, when I did the scenes, it was pointed out that I was 몸치 [몸치 (momchi) is someone is really uncoordinated, like when they try to dance or do martial arts etc. they are clumsy or awkward] (laughs) I had never done boxing and  I’m not good at fighting, so my sunbaenim (senior co-workers) helped me a lot. I worked hard. (laughs) I don’t think the scene is really cool (멋있게) though. If you think it’s good, well...I just say thank the action director (laughs).

Was wearing a uniform awkward? 
Originally I liked wearing uniforms [in high school], so I was excited to be wearing a uniform again.

Who is the best sunbae working with you? [How is it working with your sunbae?]
All of them are really nice, so, even though there was age gap, we’ve worked together really well. They’ve taken care of me. Hee-sun sunbae also gave me advice like ‘for this scene, this part would be better. Not only for this drama but also as a person or for acting, she gives me a lot of advice. Hee-won sunbae also does.

Photo Credit: iMBC
Your chemistry secret?
(Laughs) I think we can create the scene naturally because the co-workers lead me well [the term he uses for co-workers is: the people who breathe together]. It’s comfortable to believe Hee Sun sunbaenim because she’s so pretty/adorable (laughs). She is so pretty and she really looks like Jo Bangwool when she is wearing her school uniform. So it doesn’t matter to me to be immersed in emotion because she is pretty and it’s suitable for the situation and Bok Dong cannot help falling in love.

What's it like on-set with your peers? 
The set has a really lively atmosphere. I'm not lively though because my character, Go Bok Dong, is quite taciturn (laughs). I just look around (like this) and just watch the situation (or atmosphere).

Watch the video interview here!

I hope you liked the interview! Luckily I have really great friends who collaborated together (and bore with my imperfect attempts at translation) to give us this version! Yay for friends and editing! 

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