11 July, 2014

Fall in Love with Me Episode 15 Preview

Earlier on today I posted the "same dialogue-different camera angles" new episode 15 preview, and then they posted a new one just a little while ago! Yay!

It looks like Huan Huan is going to get caught in her evil ways. Of course Lance is also to blame, but I mean, come on. Does she really want to be in a one-sided love in a marriage? No one in their right mind wants that. And Lance, I don't even know what to do with him.

Huan Huan: Being able to dress in a white gown and saying "I do" with a loved one. I feel so wonderful.
(while taking a photo)
Jia Gai Xian: 1, 2...
(in the background we can see Huan Huan standing up by herself)

Seriously, she decides to stand up while they're all taking a picture?! She is not particularly smart that one. Not only is she going to be found out, but it will be recorded in a picture! I wonder if people are going to find out sooner rather than later...or if the photo will get erased, or...there could be a million other scenarios that arise to keep Tian Xing and Taozi apart.

And she is sooooo emotionally manipulative what with emotionally bullying Taozi into feeling super guilty, so that Huan Huan can have Tian Xing. It's also incredibly immature.

And Tian Xing looks so sad! Even when he smiles, it is just so sad because he is so good and he will look after Huan Huan. *sigh* It breaks my heart!

At least it looks like Tian Xing and Taozi are going to get cosier...I mean...playing croquet in bath robes? They've released some images from episode 15 when they're all at the spa. I do approve of flirty Tian Xing getting all skinshippy though. I seriously don't know how Tia Li is able to hold her composure. I'd be a basket case if Aaron Yan were that close to me! Apparently she was flustered/shy though according to Zoe's translation of the news from ON.CC News. And of course Aaron Yan was all like "my abs are awesome". You should go read what she wrote, it will make you roll your eyes a little at our beloved Aaron Yan. Oh that man! He makes me think of that Caro Emerald song, "That Man".

[Photo credits: ON.CC News, dearaaronyan]
And for a lovely gif set, check out this post from dearaaronyan's tumblr. I heart this scene so much!

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