31 July, 2014

Fall in Love with Me Episode 18 Preview

Oh man, I guess we really are going full on noble idiot here. I thought that once Tian Xing knew that Huan Huan was faking the whole wheelchair thing, he would be sure to drop her like a hot potato, but it appears not. Dang it!

And I also really hoped we were not going to get to the altar here with the wrong couple. I seriously do not understand the noble idiocy trope. I just don't. *sigh*

(While getting dressed for his wedding)
Lu Tian Xing: I'm getting married to Huan Huan.
(Tian Xing walks past Tao Le Si)
Lu Tian Xing: Don't congratulate me and don't trust me.
(At the wedding)
Minister: Ms. Li Huan Huan, will you marry Lu Tian Xing?
(Lance bursts into the church)
Lance: I object!!!

Finally! Lance is maybe, just maybe going to redeem himself!!! (I hope). I really thought it was a sure thing that Tian Xing was going to wake up and stand up for the woman he loves and not marry Huan Huan. Has everyone forgotten that it was Huan Huan who followed Tian Xing and Taozi and decided to throw herself down the cliff? This drama! Aaron, what have you done to me that makes me want to watch this even though it's so crazy!?

Melodrama aside. You can really see the pain on Tian Xing's face as he walks past Taozi. Why is he doing this to himself? Why?! Why is he allowing himself to be so manipulated?! Even if they were blood family, what the Li family is doing to him is absolutely awful!

I am really glad that Lance seems to be stepping up to the plate though, finally. I know the photo wasn't enough proof and that Huan Huan seems to be getting worse, but she needs to take her meds and go to physiotherapy (and get psychological treatment too). Let's hope they can resolve this well and that our lovers can finally get the happy ending they deserve.

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  1. Psycho stopped taking her meds and going to therapy on purpose to insure she didn't get better and in fact, gets worse. She's willing to spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair OVER A GUY? WTF? Simply batshit insane.
    Thanks for the preview and translations! :)

  2. Tell me about it?! It's pretty much the worst idea in the universe. Just thinking about trying to be in a wheelchair when I didn't have to be is enough to make me insane. I have no idea why she's so intent on trying to possess someone who will never be possessed by her.
    And it's my pleasure ^^

  3. I have just started watching this Drama 3 days ago...now im used to K Drama but I tuned in because I wanted to test new waters. this Drama was a litttle strange at first (the acting) but I really got into it. Huan Huan, was always very easy to be manipulated but now she has mutated into something else entirely. I dont understand why Lu tian xi is still in this charade! OZ is ruined either way so why continue this. I would have called it quit after the fire burned OZ. Hell they weren't playing fair from the beginning....

  4. Lance being the good guy? seriously? hum... maybe he's just too afraid of loosing the company if Tian Xing becomes officially part of the crazy Li family xD he and his psycho sister are good for each other... together with their crazy mom!! can't believe that lady seemed so nice at first.... turns out she's the craziest one!! xD well, everyone is too Tian Xing biased... can't blame them for that!! xDD
    Anyways thanks a lot for this post!! I feel like I've been waiting foreveeeer!!! xD

  5. Watching it has been agony with all the craziness! You're lucky you only started it now ;) I don't even know what the writers were thinking when they wrote Huan Huan's character. She has totally gone off the deep end! I also don't understand Lu Tian Xing's action and why he's going through it. If maybe the Li family were ever nice to him I might understand...maybe. And yeah, they definitely haven't been playing fair :/

  6. Tanks for the preview and the translation I was looking for it !
    Regarding the matter with huan huan I'm completely over it and really want to kill her ! The same goes for her mother and lance ! Every time we think that they are finally going to be busted our hope fall again !

  7. Haha. Yeah, I don't really think Lance is going to be the good guy. What I don't understand is that Lance and Tian Xing used to be like brothers and now they hate one another :/ This story is definitely a little crazy that's for sure! And yeah, the mom really is crazy!
    And I am glad you liked the post! ^^

  8. But I'm still looking because of my sexy Aaron ! ❤️❤️❤️ I cry and laugh along with him !

  9. Haha. I think everyone wishes that she had fallen off the cliff and died...but maybe that's too mean. I just really don't understand her character at all! She's totally nuts! And you're totally right, every time we have hope, the drama takes it away. It has that push and pull thing down to a science!

  10. Haha. I think we are all still in it for Aaron. Man that man is gorgeously lovely and sexy! And he does cry so beautifully!

  11. That's true, I totally agree 😆 but I'm still wondering in which drama he is more beautiful this one or just you ! But they are both great !

  12. I think he is more adorable in Just You, but he is much hotter in Fall in Love with Me ^^ I just enjoy seeing him on my screen, that's for sure!

  13. I know, right??!! I think Lance is so blinded by greed, that he can't let Tian Xing have his own life... and that's really sad... what I don't understand is, if Mom gave Tian Xing 40% of the shares of the company, in exchange of OZ shares, how come, she has power over everything he has? like, his money, his home... She even told Fu Bo to return the apartment (even though he didn't do it)... aaargh!! I really don't get it!! xD Poor Tao Zi!! I really admire the fact that she always kept fighting for him and WITH him, unlike girls in other dramas that back down and give up, waiting for a miracle to happen xD I hope she stills strong til the end!! Tao ZI jiayou!!! x)
    (omg, I'm sorry, I write so much!!! xDD)

  14. You are totally fine. I like long comments ^^ Yeah, I don't think that the drama has very good logic skills. There are some moments where I wonder if they even thought parts of the story through before introducing them. And I love Fu Bo. He is one of my favourite Taiwanese actors.

  15. ATwist InMy StoryAugust 03, 2014 9:32 PM

    that's what they call crazy in love...

  16. ATwist InMy StoryAugust 03, 2014 9:37 PM

    I am seriously anxious if the wedding can be stopped right after Huan.Huan's check.up. Can't believe a pretty girl like her could do such a pathetic crazy act. Well, that's what the call madness in love. After watching the preview I can see hope through Lance. Hopefully things will get better for LTX and TLS, I guess I can longer take it seeing another heart breaking scene. T_T Hopefully......

    Thanx BTW for the preview...keep sharing. :salute:

  17. Yeah, I'm not so sure why they rushed the wedding so much. I guess it could be that Huan Huan wants to be married before he finds out for sure that she can actually walk. And you're totally right about the crazy part. I don't even know if Huan Huan really loves him. It seems like she wants to devour and possess him...and none of that really seems like a person truly loving another. Here's to hoping LTX and TLS really get a happy ending and no more super sadness.

    And my pleasure about sharing the previews ^^

  18. Just had to comment about Lance & company being allowed on the plane to stop them from leaving. Seriously one of the most ridiculous things I've ever seen. Yea...the airlines just allow people who aren't ticketed to board the plane. O_O

    Why am I still watching this? Help meeeeeeeee! :D

  19. Hahahaha. Logic fail much? I think that the writers must just drink a whole bunch and then try and write the whole episode... ;)

  20. oh ... i am so excited

  21. I hope your excitement was well met ^^ I've heard that there's been a lot of disappointment with this drama :/