25 July, 2014

Fall in Love with Me Episode 17 Preview

Finally the big-bad-secret-crazy-dealings of Huan Huan and Lance (faking Huan Huan's paralysis) are going to be revealed! Tian Xing looks really, really, really angry. Man, I would not want to be at the receiving end of that anger. I really can't blame him though. The Li family needs some serious counseling. Like ASAP.

It also looks like the truck didn't manage to hit her last week. Oh dearie me. I mean, at least she's alive so we can see the fall out from all this emotional manipulation.

(Huan Huan  getting ready for their wedding? Tian Xing approaches)
Lu Tian Xing: You always lie to me! Stand up!*

*[The lovely kfangurl provided us with a closer translation: Voice-over: "You've been lying to me all this while. Stop pretending." Yells: "I'm telling you to stand up!"]

I'm so glad the incriminating photograph was still around and eventually given to Tian Xing. It's taken them long enough to get here! I really don't understand how Huan Huan thought she could get away with all of it. And who would want to live their life married to someone who clearly doesn't love them?! I am sure I've said that before actually. I am glad at least we seem to be getting the story moving along to somewhat of a resolution and less emotional manipulation. Let's hope that Tian Xing can stand up to the Li family and get rid of their toxic manipulation! I also hope that Lance gets his comeuppance and that all the blame doesn't fall at Huan Huan's feet. This was definitely machinated by Lance and of course carried on with Huan Huan's insane obsession with having Tian Xing.

Oh Tian Xing, your face, it makes me so sad. Let's hope at least he smiles a little in the next episode.

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  1. So I mosied on over to take a peek even though I have no idea what's going on with this show. Coz I'm just a curious cat sometimes :P But! I can be useful! :D

    The translated preview reads: "You always lie to me! Stand up!" and I can help provide a closer translation. Here you go:

    Voice-over: "You've been lying to me all this while. Stop pretending." Yells: "I'm telling you to stand up!"

  2. You're the best! I will change it. A friend has been helping me, maybe I'll just have to send you the previews instead ;) Honestly, I am so behind with this drama. I've barely watched any drama this past week...actually only one episode. I'm with family though and we've been travelling, so I don't think I will be able to watch any more drama in the next few days. Korean or Taiwanese. Sad day! T T

  3. You're welcome!! ^^ Sure, you can send me previews if you like - when I'm traveling for work I might be slower to translate since I'd be away from my computer a lot of the time, but otherwise I don't mind putting my Mandarin to use for the greater (drama) good ;)

    Lol at you mourning your drama hours! XD But hey, you're with family and that's such a rare thing for you - I say shelve the drama and enjoy yourself :)) The dramas will be there waiting for ya when you're back to a more normal schedule ^^

  4. Thanks Chingu! ❤ I might just do that.

    I love my family and I'm having a blast. Everyone has gone to bed, so I thought I would get online for a bit. But I should probably go to sleep as well. Thanks again! You are jjang!

  5. Hip Hip Hooray!! Thank you and thanks to kfangirl! I am so ready for this to happen. I wonder how the crazy mom is going to react; she doesn't know the wheelchair thing is a lie either, right?

  6. My pleasure! I hope that the crazy mom decides to be sane for once. I don't think she knows, but I could be totally wrong about that...she does sort of seem to have a small soft spot for Tian Xing, which makes Lance jealous...we'll just have to see.

  7. Finally, I wondered what happened to that picture! I've said that same thing several times myself - or even worse: who wants to marry some guy who will never touch her? (LOL, no smexy times for you) But then I usually get told that I don't know what I'm talking about since the guy is obligated to have children with the woman he marries. Pffffttttt, whatever.
    Thanks for posting this preview! :)

  8. I just Hope he does not say "I do"

  9. Right?! I could totally see him being all like: um, no baby-makin' time for you lady. Then again, we have seen the Empress Ki version of that where the emperor was just forced to try and produce an heir...and in Moon-Sun...then again those are all Korean sageuk. But I digress.

    My pleasure for posting the preview!

  10. Me too! That would be terrible! I don't think he will. It appears from the preview that he finds out right before the wedding...I hope...and not right after it *fingers crossed*.

  11. I'm pretty sure the Mom knows about Huan Huan's lies. A couple of episodes ago, she told her that if she wants happiness and wants to marry Tian Xing, "Don't stand up."

  12. Ah, thanks so much! I wasn't sure ^^