11 July, 2014

Fall in Love with Me Episode 15 Preview [old]

I was hoping that there would be a longer preview for episode 15...but alas and alack, no dice. And confession: I haven't even watched episode 13 and 14. I know, I know. It's rather terrible. My plan this weekend is to find the time somewhere to watch. I really want to. I miss Aaron. After I had posted this, they posted another preview, which has new information. You can check out that preview/post here.

Oh, and the episode dialogue is the same at the dialogue for the preview at the end of episode 14. They just decided to change the camera angles.

Taozi: Why do you want to sacrifice our happiness to protect me?
Tian Xing: Because you are so important to me!
Taozi: No matter who you are, whether you're Xiao Lu or Lu Tian Xing, you are the one that I love! Do you know that?

I am soooooooo glad that Taozi is realizing that Tian Xing is pretty fantabulous (it's taken her long enough), but of course it looks like we're headed for some noble idiocy territory. Let's just hope that it doesn't last too long *crosses fingers*. We'll just have to hold onto hope like they're holding on to each other so desperately.

(And no worries, I don't mind spoilers in the comments because even though I haven't watched the episodes, I more or less know what's going on).

And in case you missed the cuteness, a couple of days ago, some cute pics of all the ladies in Fall in Love with Me were released.

[Photo credits: setnews]
They seemed to be relaxing and enjoying some pool time on the set of drama. So adorable! It also looks like the couple bracelet really can't come off...or it's just on for the drama shoot.

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