03 July, 2014

Fall in Love in with Me Episode 14 Preview

I haven't even watched episode 13 yet, but I figured that they were all still being dumb and watching the the episode 14 preview wasn't going to spoil much for me. At least I have it on good authority from bilikinbear that that's the case. At least Lu Tian Xing still looks hotte.

Seriously, Aaron Yan has such a kissable mouth. I am taking consolation in his hotteness while dealing with all the melodramatic twists and emotionally manipulative idiots.


(construction workers tearing apart OZ's office)
Leo: Don't tear it down! Go away!
(Lu Tian Xing frantically stuck in traffic, switches to Tao Le Si crying)
Tao Le Si: I've lost OZ.
(Leo roughly pushes Tian Xing against a wall)
Leo: You should be responsible for it because you set the fire.
(The OZ van screeches to a halt after crossing some train tracks, Tian Xing is right behind but stops at the train barrier, scene switches to Tian Xing meeting with the Li family)
Lu Tian Xing: Please give me a break! Stop everything you're doing.
(scene cuts back to Lu Tian Xing stuck at the train tracks)
Lu Tian Xing: Tao Le Si (collapses)
(scene cuts back to the Li family)
Huan Huan's mother: Things can be solved as long as you and Huan and Huan get married.

Well, now we know why Huan Huan and Lance are such emotionally manipulative [insert derogatory term here]. (I have no words to describe how frustrating I find the Li family). Do people really exist who try and manipulative people they supposedly care about like that? Sadly there are. I had a feeling that the show was going to go the way of "marry Huan Huan or your precious OZ is finished" route, and of course Lu Tian Xing is going to fall on his sword and save OZ because he loves Taozi (who doesn't love him). *sigh* Oh Aaron, you are the reason I am watching this show (and you did used to be cute in the beginning!).

I am glad to see though that there is at least more of a glimmer of sympathy for Tian Xing coming from Taozi. I guess it helps when the normally eloquent and put-together Tian Xing is collapsing on the street in emotional and psychological agony. Hopefully we can get some cute and hotte back in the show. How about some more of that warehouse delight? That would be nice, right?!

Or is some panic attack skinship going to happen? Please say yes!

Hopefully those videos can tide us over for a bit. Seriously, where did all the awesome in this show go?

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  1. I may have to wait another week to watch the show and let some of the annnoying drama pass. After watching Just You and this I realize Tiwaniese dramas have a talent for not folloing the trope route for so long before going to the worst possible trope and dragging it out far too long in the most horrible way possible. But still like Just You even though I have to skip a certain episode. So hopefully this ill be good in the end as well.

  2. Haha. Yeah...I still haven't been able to make myself watch episode 13 even. Then again I have been insanely busy this week...we shall see if I watch it before episode 14 airs. I still have about three Just You episodes as well before I finish that one. I think Aaron though does a good job of keeping me watching...I just can't help myself ;)

  3. I have a real problem with where this drama is going. Hate the noble idiocy and emotional blackmail trope most of all. So agree with you that I want that warehouse shenanigans trope to come back. This used to be such a fun drama until they went the gloom and doom way. Latex should really be smarter than he is right now. He can just set up a new OZ with TLS and make it a success, can't he? After all isn't he the real brains behind TianJi? Don't they need him more than he needs them? Sigh.

  4. I think the writers have major logic issues or something. The writing also seems really under-developed as well, as if the writers aren't super experienced, but maybe they are. I am also not as familiar with Taiwanese drama plot developments, so that could be an issue for me as well. I really wish that the lighter tones of the drama would come back, and as quickly as possible. I feel like we're wasting some great cast members (Aaron mainly, or Butler Fu, etc.) by having such a silly plot. I have hope though that the drama can redeem itself. Tia Li posted something on her Instagram today, which lead me to believe that there are some good things to come! I think it might be from episode 14? I have no idea though...http://instagram.com/p/qHU7uTGqs9/?modal=true

  5. Yup...it looks like better things are coming...https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1465569943690347&set=a.1436473046600037.1073741828.1434847966762545&type=1&theater

  6. Yes she loves him now... but from the latest preview he's still playing the noble idiot and has agreed to marry HH to save OZ. I was hoping that LTX was smarter than that.

  7. I guess I need to watch ep 13 and 14 to get all caught up and stuff. I detest noble idiocy plotlines...but yeah...it seems we are stuck with one :/