08 July, 2014

Slightly Header Crazy

So...I was just going to put all the headers I've been making into my Favourite Finds post I've been working on...but then I realized that I have been making a lot of headers lately...and it might be better to just make another header post. I hope you like them.

Lately on Twitter and Facebook we've all been sighing and swooning over Park Seo Joon, and that always results in me making more and more headers...I think I have a bunch more pics I want to turn into Park Seo Joon loveliness. Here are the latest headers featuring his lovely face. I am sure there will be more PSJ headers coming soon...I'm rather smitten. 

Another lovely namja I've been swooning over lately is the lovely Aaron Yan. I've written not one, but two posts describing my addiction. Read at your own caution. I had a friend read the first post, and it piqued her interest and she started watching Fall in Love with Me and has since branched out to other Taiwanese dramas. Enjoy these Aaron headers, and my other two posts as well: A Little Aaron Yan Addiction & A Little Aaron Fix. You have been warned ;)

My blogging buddy Kfangirl also made me one for the blog's two year anniversary. Isn't it lovely?

I also made some TOP headers after watching his movie, The Commitment. I have to say that TOP did a really great job. That reminds me...I need to update the film ratings page...

And of course, I had to make a Kim Soo Hyun one. I certainly haven't forgotten that sexy alien. I also felt guilty that I haven't been making too many headers with the lovely actresses that also grace our screens, so I made a Ha Ji Won one too.

My recent adoration of High School King called for a Seo In Guk...I think I also need to make a Lee Soo Hyuk one soon, and some more Seo In Guk ones too I think. (This header is a personal favourite of mine).

I also had a chance to make some headers for some friends old and new. My friend, MarlubsGD recently decided to join the bloggersphere. She's writing about Bollywood, another love of mine. Check out her blog "Kollane Kurry". Here's the header I made for her. She also started a K-drama themed blog called "Liking Necks Doesn't Make Me a Vampire". It's pretty hilarious and of course showcases some rather lovely and hotte necks in the Asian drama world.

And then I recently discovered that a new Asian drama watching friend was none other than Mindy of Mindy the Primadonna, who shot to fame with her K-pop MV reaction videos around the time of "Gangnam Style". I made her a couple of headers as well.

So yeah, that's a lot of headers. I hope you enjoyed them! Let me know which one is your favourite in the comments section below, or if you want to see me make some headers of your favourites. 


  1. Ooh! Thanks for the shout-out!! I'm so glad you like that header I made for your blogoversary!! :D

    As for which headers are my faves, you just know I have to say Park Seo Joon, dontcha?? ;) And for good reason too. *spazzspazzspazz*

  2. Lol. Park Seo Joon is SOOOOOOO addictive!!!! And of course I would give you a shout-out (not that you need it of course) ❤

  3. *drools* Park Seo Joon...
    I STILL watch the ending vids of him singing on "Witches Romance", can't stop myself. O_O

  4. Apparently we've all got Park Seo Joon fever...and the only cure, more Park Seo Joon ;)