07 July, 2014

A Little Aaron Fix

[Credit: Aaron's FB Page]
Sometimes life is just so crazy that you need an Aaron pick-me-up. Actually, I think Aaron pick-me-ups are always needed, no matter the state of life craziness or lack there of. So yeah...I decided that some Aaron videos, BTS, pics, etc. were in order. I hope you enjoy them!

For those of you who haven't been watching Fall in Love with Me (which is soooooo melodramatic at the moment), Aaron released an OST track "1/2 (One Out of Two)" with G.NA. And then they just released this making-of video and Aaron and G.NA talked to us in English! Aaron speaking English is of course super sexy (as it lets me know that if I were to ever meet him, I could actually talk to him #winning). Oh Aaron, why do you have to be so sexily adorable?!

If you haven't already, you should check out Zoe's Aaron themed tumblr. Not only does she have awesome gifs, but she subs a tonne of Aaron related videos. One of my favourite videos she has subbed is one where Aaron talks about the movie Mr. Starbucks. His smirk around the 3o second mark is just the best. Oh man. he is so so funny. And he also thinks he's pretty funny. And Aaron, you can be my baby daddy anytime ;)

Another gem I found today was a BTS video from Just You. It's from that funny scene where she falls on top of him in the office and then the second half of the video is from the episode 14 kiss scene. Puff and Aaron are rather adorable together.


One of the things she's been subbing are Aaron's "Aaron Time" videos. [Episode 1] and she's also been subbing the BTS for Fall in Love with Me, so be sure to check out her YouTube channel for more excellent goodies. One of my favourite BTS was the Fall in Love with Me BTS for episode 10 (I think it's safe to say that Aaron is rather comfortable in front of the camera), and then this photoshoot with Tia Li was also pretty dang funny as well.

And here are some pics of Aaron just being adorable at his Cut x Drama fansign in Tainan. [Credit: dearaaron.tumblr]

And of course we need some of Aaron's latest Instagram posts.

Here is his most delightful latest video post of him dancing. Ah! To see him perform live would be amazing!

And of course, here is a lovely shot of this gorgeous man! And of it doesn't hurt that he has these pithy captions to go with his lovely face.

And another one. Remember, Aaron is here for you.

And while he is so beautiful, that it hurts to look at him...I also love his super derpy Instagram posts as well. How can derpy still be so sexy?

And just one more of his gorgeous, gorgeous face!

Sigh, he is so gorgeous and lovely!

Another little Facebook update recently was of him eating some shaved ice. Oh that smile of his!

And of course we need a nice pensive shot of Aaron as well. I guess this is more his Xiao Lu look.

[Credit: Aaron's FB Page]
And in case you missed my previous Aaron Yan post → A Little Aaron Yan Addiction...because there can never be enough Aaron in this universe ;)

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  1. I'm sighing at every picture on your post, Deewani!!!! How is this possible? Why boys have better eyes and eyelashes than girls? Completely unfair... I just squeed after Park Seo Joon, and back to squeeing with Aaron. Happy Monday to me! And you!

  2. ㅋㅋ I am most happy to make you sigh and squee, and particularly over Aaron. I don't know what that man has done to me. And yeah, it is totally unfair about those eyelashes! That Park Seo Joon post of kfangirl is quite lovely! Yay for Happy Mondays!

  3. I kept laughing and laughing during the Just You BTS. Puff was so embarassed doing those scenes. I would be, too--the whole time thinking Aaron must think I am so heavy falling on him like that. My heart would be pounding, too, trying to film the kissing scenes. I do not know how she managed to stop giggling since I gigled th entire time and wasn't even there.

  4. Haha, yeah. Poor Puff. I would be super self-conscious too! She was super adorable about it though. I did like how skinshippy Aaron is though...you can tell he's totally comfortable with it all. And I totally know what you mean about the giggling. Man, I don't think I'd be able to stop from giggling nervously if he were trying to kiss me...now if only I had the chance to see ;) I did think it was cute that he asked her how his lips were. Oh that silly, lovable, adorable, sexy man!