10 July, 2014

A Hundred Ways of Happy: Love Letter to an Obsession

Dearest and loveliest Korean Drama,

As is the custom among Korean couples to celebrate 100 days of being together, I thought that it would be fitting on this 100th post anniversary to write you a letter. This might seem a little strange to someone uninitiated in your wiles and seductive power, or your sweetness and enchanting manners, but for those of us who have fallen deeply, madly, and passionately in love with you (despite your many flaws), I think they will understand.

I remember distinctly the first time I had seriously heard of you. There were a few occasions before that when someone had mentioned you in passing, but I guess we weren't yet fated to meet. I was sitting in a restaurant with K-What?!'s author and another friend. All of us love Bollywood, and I found the conversation shifted as K-What?! introduced me to one of your many charms - My Name is Kim Samsoon. Little did I know what was coming. You know, sometimes people want to set you up on blind dates where they really don't know either party very well, maybe I thought it was something like that (but she really does know me well). Needless to day, I didn't follow up immediately on that suggestion, but some months later, I decided I should probably see what all the fuss was about.

[Credit: fanpop]
Do I really need to say more? You had me, hook, line, and sinker. Who wouldn't be charmed with Kim Sun Ah and Hyun Bin and all the delightfulness that ensued. It also introduced me to the delightful Daniel Henney who somehow managed to talk English while everyone else spoke Korean and it worked. Actually he seems to have done that quite a bit in film. Oh well. Let's look at him some more.

[Credit: koreandrama.org]
I remember how everyone and the kitchen sink decided to throw Boys [Preposition] Flowers at me every time I tried to see you. Why, I am still not completely sure. It was like seeing a side to you I wanted nothing to do with. We almost broke it off then my dearest K-Drama, almost. Luckily a rather gorgeous Pillar and a sexy brat saved the day. This is still one of my all time favourite kiss scenes. Drama, you know how to please a lady. (I used to have a video here, but I can't find a legal copy of the scene. Maybe there is one on Naver somewhere...but I don't know how to find it. Some screencaps will have to do).

It was also the first time I realized that there was ramen and then there was ramyun. Funnily enough, I struggle to say "ramen" these days. And I pepper my English liberally with Koreanisms, which probably makes people really confused. Okay, I try to be careful with it, mostly. Somehow the default switch has been changed. You did that to me. You've changed me. Sometimes you make me completely crazy, but I do love you. And while BOF was a rough patch in our relationship, I will forever be so glad you introduced me to Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong, and Kim Bum. Life without them and their loveliness would be so sad. I mean, look at them. Just look. Feast your eyes. And ears. And eyes.

[Credit: soompi]
[Credit: soompi]
[Credit: kimhyunjoongfactsindo]

I mean why else would I watch an entire series of car commercials just to see more Lee Min Ho?! Please tell me where my sanity went. Lee Min Ho is what happened. And Game Over will never be quite the same for me after this. Whenever anyone says "Game over," I just smile inside and think that they will never quite understand the sexiness of that phrase.

You really just make my heart flutter, so much so that I have to take to reciting Kim Soo Han Moo Geo Bukgi Wa Doo Roo Mi Sam Cheon Gab Sa Dong Bang Sark Chi Chi Ka Po Sa Ri Sa Ri Sen Ta Weo Ri Se Bbu Ri Ka Moo Doo Sel La Goo Roomi Heo Ri Kae In Dam Byeo Rak Seo Sang Won eh Go Yan ee Ba Du Ki Neun Dol Dol ee... [Please check out the awesome post I linked in the first few words. It has some cool insights into the poem].

And the reasons for my heart to flutter. Let me count the ways...

There's the gorgeous and lovely people.

Okay, I'll stop with the people...I could go on for ages with how many lovely and gorgeous people there are in the Korean entertainment industry.

There's the complete romanticism of first loves and confessions that we all wish we can have a little magic like that in our lives and loves at some point.

And of course the epically romantic kiss scenes that leave us a little breathless.

And then for giving us the In-Hyun couple (even if it was only momentarily). Those moments with Kim Boong Do will forever hold a special place in my heart.

And for just making us fall in love a million times over.

It hasn't all been chocolate and roses though. You've also made me cry. Wracking sobs that left my face and shirt drenched in tears. I will forever remember that hero walk out the hospital. Always. And Suddenly my heart just hurts thinking about that and I tear up. What did you do to me Drama? I've sobbed at other moments too, not just that hero walk. There is just something that you do to touch my heart and soul. You make me love these fictitious characters with so much emotion that I am sure some of my friends etc. think I'm slightly bonkers. How do you do it?

And sometimes you just make me laugh. I laugh until I snort, or spit-take. Or I just giggle in plain delight. Like when Park Shi Hoo danced that silly, crazy jig that still makes me smile and laugh.

And this if for you MarlubsGD
[Credit: The Problem of the Unproblematic]
Or when the Rooftop Prince tried to change in an elevator with his Joseon minions ㅋㅋㅋ


Or every time Ji Sung and Jaejoong squabbled on Protect the Boss ㅋㅋㅋ Their frenemy bromance might have been better than the romance.


Or that time when SNSD almost caused the Korean War to start up again ;)

Oh Drama, you are just absolutely lovely!

[this is for you lizabreff]
Really, you are absolutely wonderful!

So pretty much I am in love with you Drama. Oh you beautiful creature who has launched a thousand ships hours of marathons and staying up to all hours of the night. Oh Drama, you've cast a Mirotic on me. (A spell for those of you not already so entirely enchanted by randomly throwing Korean into your conversation at will). "I've certainly got you under my skin," that's for sure. And if you call me, I won't tell you, you've got the Wrong Number. Really, there will never be another Love Like This. And I am so glad I will never have to be Alone because I'll be Loving U. You're just so Fantastic Baby, really you are. Haru Haru I think of you and when I see you, I want to say Be Mine because it's our Destiny. And as we carry on, Four Times Around the Sun, I know It's You, the only one I want, It's You. You are just so Incredible and I Just Wanna Love you for you have such sexy Eyes, Nose, Lips among all those beautiful, beautiful people inside your loveliness. This love is no Fiction for me, and with you I can think What Is Love? to my heart's content and come up with so many answers. And Love, At First has been so sweet. Oh This Love is crazy. It really is. Oh Love, Love, Love, oh Love, Love, Love, Drama, I am glad I fell down the rabbit hole to your lovely craziness and that I'm still Falling.

Just please, whatever you do, don't tell me Goodbye Baby because then my heart will be Broken. So please let me love you for forever.

Happy 100th post! And the 100 ways you keep me happy.

Always and forever,

dewaanifordrama (I really am crazy about you).

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  1. HAHAHA!! Great post!! Kdrama really has a way of invading and taking over our lives, doesn't it?? Loved the whole post, but your closing paragraph was EPIC. Working all those song titles into your final declarations of love - brilliant and so funny! XD Almost makes me feel like how drama writers must wrack their brains to work in PPL into their scripts, HAHA!

    Happy 100th post, chingu! I'm still something like 14 posts away from 100, and judging from my usual posting frequency, it's going to take me another while to get there!

  2. ㅋㅋㅋ I'll "PPL" K-Pop just because I'm so addicted ;)

    Thank you for the congratulations chingu! And yes, K-Drama has massively invaded our lives in a big way! just thinking about it is CRAZY!!! And you will get there ^^ Slowly and steady wins the race, right? (Not that you're slow or anything, we can all post as much or as little as we want).

  3. I love this post!!!! What a beautiful way to describe the love that has won so man of us over. I especially like the part about "Game Over 입니다". And then finishing off with all the Kpop songs was brilliant!

  4. ㅋㅋ I am so glad you liked it. I knew the K-Pop songs part was on the cheesy side...but you know my love and adoration for things K-Pop. Oh that "Game Over 입니다"...Lee Min Ho. What to do with that man. I think I want to watch those Toyota Camry ads again...

  5. Oh my God I love this post!! It made me laugh and cry and now I have this weird feeling in my heart... oh what you did to my fangirl heart! THANK YOU for writing this post! And thank you for those yummy pictures! InHyun <3 :') Oh & I know I'm late but happy 100th post! :D

  6. I am so glad you liked it! Yay for finding new friends in the bloggersphere! If you want more fangirl heart feels...you might want to read the opening paragraph of this post I wrote a while ago: http://www.samsoondowntherabbithole.com/2014/02/getting-to-know-neighbours-second-round.html And you're not late! I just posted this yesterday ^^

  7. Oh that's good! I'm loving your site btw! :D

  8. Happy 100th post! This was an ABSolutely delightful read.

  9. Happy 100th post Dewaani! :) That's a loooooot! This post is so great. I especially love the last part! So witty. Hahaha :) Also, thank you for the glorious pic spam. ;) Please continue writing wonderful and thought-provoking posts. And here's to 100 more posts! (^‿^✿)

  10. Aw! Thank you Janey! I can't believe that I actually made it to 100 posts! I think I shall have to do some more pic spammy posts in future too ;) ❤