01 June, 2014

KCON 2014 Here I Come!!!

So folks! I've always wanted to go to KCON 2014, and this time I can finally go! I've already bought my plane tickets and all that good stuff. Whoohoo!!! I am so excited!!!

Are any of you by any chance going? I would love to be able to meet some of you in person and put a face to a name ^^ Just let me know, and we can figure something out. I am also hoping to hear more about some of the artists who'll be coming. I know CNBLUE, SNSD, and BTS are coming, and of course javabeans and girlfriday...Eek! This is so exciting!!!

And in other news: I have finally started watching A Witch's Romance and I am already at *cough* episode 8. Let's just say that I have had less sleep than I should have this weekend ㅋ Not only is the drama completely delightful, but Park Seo Joon is handsome, charming, and just plain all round lovely. And that smile of his, magic I tell you, magic! I can't wait to watch more!

And I am pretty much stoked for the new Fall in Love with Me episode! Aaron Yan! I can't get enough of him! And just in case you missed this adorableness on Instagram. And of course, if you need a little Aaron fix, there's always my crazy addiction post...

So yup, let me know if you're going to be at KCON 2014! I hope to see you there!

◀ A Little Aaron Yan Addiction                    Fall in Love With Me Episode 9 Quick Thoughts ▶


  1. Wow, a fangirl adventure! How cool! :D Have a blast and tell us ALLLL about it! :D

  2. I will! I will! And I will try and take lots of pics etc. and post them to the blog! ^^ I am so excited for it!!!

  3. AhjummadramaloverJune 02, 2014 6:24 AM

    Wow super fun! I want all the details when you get back so I can live vicariously through your adventure :)

  4. I will for sure do so! I will also probably be tweeting about as I am there! ^^