10 June, 2014

"I've Lost to Myself" Fall in Love with Me Episode 10

Dearest Lu Tian Xing,

I have decided that this might be the best way to address your idiocy, though I do sort of get it. I also really can't approve of your permanent reversion to Xiao Lu. You are sooooooo much hotter as Lu Tian Xing, (see lizabreff, I've come round) not only in looks, but because you're a complete person as Tian Xing. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

I'm still not completely sure why Tao Le Si collapsed in the rain, but you looked really great all wet in the rain. I think that part of the scene needed to be a little longer. Luckily you posted a pic to SNS of some BTS stuff. Thank you. We'll just enjoy your beautiful face for a bit before moving on.

Okay, so Tao Le Si collapsed from love sick fatigue. It apparently got her into your house and we could all see how lovely and caring you are. Even Mama Tao is kind of on your side. *sigh* Tao Le Si, Lu Tian Xing is the real deal. I mean look at him being all caring and stuff and yet all tortured with angst. Oh, I almost forgot, this letter is to you Tian Xing, not Tao Le Si. Maybe you can show her sections or something.

I can tell that you're majorly frustrated by the fact that Taozi seems absolutely blind and completely idiotic to not recognize how awesome you are, but this whole deciding to be Xiao Lu is a bit much. It made my heart hurt when you heaved that sigh of defeat and "realizing" you've lost against yourself. I mean, what sort of crazy person does that. Oh wait, I remember seeing this same plotline in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (a Bollywood film). Let me clue you in right now, lots of heartache and lots of tears. If Taozi weren't so dang stubborn and hopelessly in love with someone she hardly knows, maybe you would have a chance. Butler Fu is right though, you are both Lu Tian Xing and Xiao Lu, and you can't forget that. Just because she can't see it, doesn't mean it's not true.

*Sigh* but for now I'll go along with your decision to love Taozi wholeheartedly as Xiao Lu. But please remember, you can't actually love her wholeheartedly because you're not being the whole you. You're playing a really screwy dating game here. I guess you're being you, and it's just Tao Le Si that refuses to see the real you. I wonder how much we can all identify with that - the whole people not seeing the whole us. Okay, the more I think about it, the more sympathetic to your cause I get.

So that whole reunion scene was cute and stuff, but boy, I was distracted by your arms. Those veins. [One of my buddies, MarlubsGD, mentioned how she loves Aaron Yan's neck, and wants to become a vampire so she can bite it...and I also fell in love with Aaron's neck this week while watching Just You...] I also love how skinshippy you're being with each other. I think that Korean drama writers could take a leaf out of your book and follow suit. I'm just saying.

And I'm certainly glad for the adorableness of the getaway weekend to his family vacation spot. Now if Tao Le Si would listen to you, Tian Xing for just a minute, all those sympathetic feelings would be Tian Xing related. But at least we got a sizzling kiss. Thank you Aaron, I appreciate that. And you can smile as much as you want. Actually, if the camera just wants to have you in the frame the whole time, I won't complain. No really. Please forgive me the screencaps...

And the bedroom scene. You were both so adorkable and awkward. I'm not so sure how you went from sizzling kiss to "we are so shy and awkward". And Taozi, are you really wondering why you're feeling so flustered. Also, I found it hilarious that it seems you just had to take your shirt off Tian Xing, really?! Again, I'm not complaining, but really. bilikinbear, do you think we could really try and get him to come to KCON so we can see him? Maybe he's like Taeyang, prone to losing his shirts. Though maybe that doesn't really go with his singing style. But I digress.

And I am glad you apologized, albeit in your head, about lying to Taozi. I think you realize deep down that no relationship that has meaningful and lasting value should ever be based on a lie. So why are you persisting in it? Really? You know it's not a good idea. Is your physical proximity to Taozi so important that you will sacrifice a potentially more fulfilling future with her as Tian Xing? Okay, I have an addiction problem here to screencaps. [You really don't mind do you readers?]

I think that something that occurred to me while watching is that Huan Huan does love all of you, Lu Tian Xing. She has been in love with you since she was seven. I know you see her as a little sister, and I'm not asking you to change that, but I think you can see what it's like to be loved by someone who knows the whole you. She really does. Sincerely. And you feel that. And your heart is pained by not being able to return her love; I can tell from how you reacted. Interestingly enough though, Lance doesn't seem to get you. Butler Fu tried to tell him, but he wasn't having any of it. On a complete side-note, could you please ask Lance to act in a drama as a lead? Thank you. He's quite handsome and seems like he could play a person who wasn't a jerk. (I'm sure he's in other dramas, I'll have to research that more). I am really glad though that you sort of made up with Huan Huan, or at least tried to. It shows us that you really do feel bad about that situation and of course that you have a rather tender heart - one that gets confused though. I know you want to relieve Taozi's pain from Xiao Lu leaving, but really, coming back as Xiao Lu. *sigh* Lu Tian Xing! And that whole "I am leaving Taiwan" thing is totally ridiculous!

At least you have Butler Fu doing damage control. He really saves your butt a lot, doesn't he?! At least he thinks its fun. Chen Bo Zheng is fast becoming one of my favourite ajhussi Taiwanese actors. I am glad that he is there to tell you how important it is to be you. And that little pizza scene was so cute. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Way to ask the awkward questions Butler Fu! He is so right that you are both passionate and cool, and it's really a pity that Ta Le Si refuses to see that. I mean, that adorkable expression - she's totally missing out on a much hotter, funner person in Lu Tian Xing. I know you're feeling all super positive that you'll be able to let her know that the two Lu's are one and the same. Are you planning on telling her when you've put the grandkids to bed when they're staying with you for vacation for something? Oh Lu Tian Xing. Oh you 바보야 you.

And I really need to include a screencap of dear Leo. I'm not quite in second-lead syndrome with him, I am not sure if that's really possible when Aaron is onscreen actually. You know Tian Xing that Leo is going to find out that you're Xiao Lu. The question is whether he will help you, or stop you. Of course we all think or know or feel that Taozi, once she finally clues in that you're one and the same, might be happy with you - and he might be okay with that. On the other hand, he might do his darndest to stop you once he knows. It also looks like Taozi is going to find out from whomever filmed you. Oh deer, oh dear. You are going to be sooooo in trouble Lu Tian Xing. Mama Tao might just chase you around the block with a spear again. I am hoping though that Taozi will really stop being an idiot and give Tian Xing a chance. Then we can see lovely smiles on Tian Xing's face too and not just Xiao Lu's. Oh Lu Tian Xing, if Taozi doesn't want you, I'll have you for sure.



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  1. Oh yes. You hit several nails on several heads there. He IS just so gorgeous as LTX and yet Missy cant see it at all? I serious challenged her mental health in this episode!! Im sure its all tied up with the loss of her brother and in fact her Mother touched on the same subject. I do feel for LTX though - this is his first, serious, love and he's floundering in the dark because he just wants to make her happy in ANY way he can. Throwing his real self under the bus for his made-up version is NOT the way to go of course .. oh but it makes for great drama!!

    I did feel some sympathy for the little Princess at first, but now she's been told she should get on with her own life. Getting Toady Brother to get the guy for you is going to cause everlasting problems between you and NOT solve anything!! He doesnt want you now - will ruining him personally and financially make him change his mind? Nope!! That long long family/ business relationship is going to be seriously and permanently fractured by the end of things if you dont both stop now. I have NO sympathy for Toady whatsoever. He's driven by money and power and getting his own way. I foresee a public fall from grace in his future!!


  2. HEHEHEE, just finished this ep and lots of Aaron swooning there! OMG, Aaron!!The drama is just throwing in all these tropes to give us a naked Aaron which I totally do not mind. kekeke!

    But that aside, the drama is just ridiculous. How can Tao Zi not tell that Lu Tian Xing and Xiao Lu is the same person!? She must be blind as blind. I mean, after the rain scene when Tian Xing went to walk her home, he had his suit down and hair down looking exactly like Xiao Lu. Plus, you have to account for the height, teeth, voice etc. similarities. They are the exact same person yet no one can tell the difference.

    Progress is coming and I see that revelations will happen next ep but all these people must be blind as blind to take them 10 eps to realise that XL and LTX are the same person. -.-

  3. I think we should figure out a way to send the message that not only should he come but that e would be an important addition to KCON. I am just waiting for him to realize that he can;t completely kill off part of himself and be happy. And how is going leaving the country going to help. Did he not realize that he still needs both sides of him when he ran to fix the contract problem?? And why oh why does Taozi need to find out through someone else? But at the same time she should have already figured some things out like: Tian Xing freaks out around trains and Xiao Lu's parent's died on a train??? or how they will say the same thing at times. or she will tell one side and the other will respond to it. Overall i am afraid that next week is going to be painful for all involved.
    On a side note I think that all the side characters are starting to become really cute together and I am hoping that they will help Tian Xing/ Xiao Lu convince Lance of his stupidity (although I am wondering if part of Lance's deal is fear of loosing his best friend to something/someone, especially since it appears that they all only had each other and were family like for the longest time.)

  4. Yes! Yes! Yes! I hadn't thought about that aspect of it being his first love. He is rather immature in these matters, and he's probably rather starved for love as well. He's essentially an orphan, and when his parents were alive, it sounds like they weren't really around either. It does make for some great drama, albeit rather frustrating. And really, Taozi, seriously, why is she not all over Tian Xing!?!?!?!

    Oh Lance. Argh! Yeah, he has lost his dream and his purpose...unless he was always a selfish, power-hungry person. I wonder if he's trying to get Tian Xing to go for Huan Huan so that he can have more reasons to tie Tian Xing to the company. He obviously just doesn't get it! And yeah...I don't see how Huan Huan thinks that forcing the issue is going get Tian Xing to come to her. Hasn't she watched enough drama? ;) That never works!

  5. Lol. I really don't think Aaron minds showing off that beautiful bod.

    Yeah, I really don't get why Taozi is so blind. Of course the script dictates it, but I have no idea why she isn't more suspicious. It baffles me. Leo and Lance and even Huan Huan have been plenty suspicious, but I guess Taozi's character is just written this way. *sigh* Haha yeah, it is funny that it's taken them 10 episodes to realize it.

  6. Yes! He is almost VITAL to a good KCON experience ;) I have also wondered how he thinks that self-destruction is going to be a comfortable or good experience.You are so right that he's failed to realize that he needs both of himself to make sure that OZ doesn't get annihilated by Tian Ji (I think that's the name of the company). And Yes! Yes! Yes! about all those things Taozi should have noticed. And yes, so much pain for next week. So much pain and probably lots and lots of crying. Poor Tian Xing already cried in this episode. And I also love all the side characters. Oh those funny platform shoes! And the accidental kiss...buahahahaha. Really?! I am curious to learn more about the Lance/Tian Xing relationship because at this point I am having a hard time understanding how they could be so close as to be brothers, but yet Lance doesn't seem to get him at all. Oh deer Oh dear.

  7. do u guys know how many total episodes in this drama?
    Some say 30, some say 31. Wikipedia says 23.

  8. I've only been able to find the 23 episode one on Wikipedia. That seems the most likely to me, but I have also struggled to find more info than that.

  9. Hehe, who would! I can stare at it all day long! If only all bods were that good looking!

    Yeahhh, I don't get it either. But it should have been an obvious fact to everyone.

    Ohhhhh, and it's so funny how everyone like, likes each other. Oh drama!

  10. It should be roughly in the low twenties. The longest running SETTV weekly idol drama is 26 eps long so don't expect anything more. (:

  11. Haha. Oh Aaron. We do love him so. It is funny how everyone likes each other. It does create for some humourous high jinks while we're waiting for all the angsty drama to unfold.

  12. relax!!... it just aired.. there are 10 more episodes to go...calm..it will be a HAPPY ENDING...just don't worry..

  13. Agree!!...I like Butler Fu (so much)..he is just like (he is!) someone we can count on every time...Aaron Yan is damn handsome..I can't stop thinking about him in this drama...always make my heart melt... aarrrrggggghhh!!!,,,....can't stop thinking about this drama..(full of curiosity!!!)...AARON YAN and DREAM GIRLS must be close to each other because he had 2 dramas with 2 (2/3) DREAM GIRLS's members >> GuoXueFu (Just You) and TiaLi (Fall in Love with Me),,.....and also he is kind of related to Korean Variety) because >> (Season1> Aaron has a drama with Gui Gui (Pi Li M.I.T) and Gui Gui had entered this variety show..) >> (Season2> Aaron has a drama with Guo Xue Fu (Just Yoi) and GuoXF had entered this variety show too).....

  14. *We Got Married (Korean Variety)... both the dramas has a KISS scene/...lols

  15. Haha. Yeah. Aaron Yan is so handsome! And it gets really distracting to watch him! I know that him and Puff are good friends (and I love their chemistry together in Just You) and I do love how he and Tia Li are getting more comfortable with each other. I haven't seen any variety with him in yet (except for one gif before).

  16. Haha. I'll have to check it out then.

  17. Thank you! I am pretty sure we're going to get a happy ending too!