07 June, 2014

Happy Second Birthday to Us!!!

Dear Bloggersphere Friends,

Sometimes we make choices in life that help us make unexpected stops along the wayside. Some we might regret, or at least realize we should have gone another way. And sometimes, they help us to stumble across something so wonderful and special to us that to think of living without it, makes us so sad we want to cry. Such is how I feel about my inadvertent stumbling into this passionate and slightly crazy world of ours. We might inhabit it all for different reasons, but there is something about loving Asian dramas and music with so much passion that keeps us sticking around, despite unfulfilling endings, and terrible OST choices. Because at the end of the day, when one of those gems comes around, it makes the treasure hunt all that much more worthwhile.

A little while ago, I wrote a couple of posts that expressed some of my feelings about this wonderful world we inhabit [Getting to Know the Neighbours: A Second Round of Liebsters] & [Why Do We Watch Korean Dramas?] so I won't go depth about those ideas. Mostly I just want to celebrate two years of still being around in the bloggersphere (today is the two year anniversary of our first blog post ever). Sure there have been times when we were a little more absent, and for now I'm running things by myself, but we're still here and kicking. I know we're not the biggest blog on the block, and we're not nearly as prolific as some of you amazing bloggers out there, but I do so love writing and then chatting with you in the comments, and twittering with you all, and of course our fun Facebook conversations. It really is a wonderful and completely fascinating thing to have friends from all over the world who I can immediately connect with because we have a love of Korean (and other Asian) dramas and music in common.

So here are five things I love about being a part of this community. [The screencaps come from IU's latest MV for "My Old Story". It's such a beautiful song and the lyrics are so poignant. Check out the song if you haven't. Kfangirl, if you're reading this, you might, might like this song.]

1. No matter how many dramas there are, you can always find someone in the bloggersphere or Twitterverse who loves them, want to talk about them, and will ooh and aah and squee or sigh along with you to your heart's content. It's also such a lovely feeling to get roped into watching a drama that everyone else is watching because it comes with this sense of belonging to a group who you can just be all drama crazy with. While I do have several RL friends who I go crazy about drama and K-pop with, it is also so lovely to have this online community. I often feel like I'm hanging out at someone's house and we're sitting on the couch chatting about how we loved this episode or that, or why in the world so and so won't see that they're completely in love with the lead, or how this one drama changed your life, or made you sob, or laugh, or cry, or smile. And how Jung Kyung Ho wrung your heart with his amazing performance in Cruel City, or that you wish you had a boyfriend as lovely as Park Seo Joon's character, Dong Ha in A Witch's Romance. And I am so glad to have friends who understand my completely hopeless crushes on gorgeous Asian men.

2. I have learned so much technical stuff from blogging. While I still don't know how to gif (one day I'll have to learn), I have learned how to add widgets with html code (very basic stuff). I figured out (with a little help from the online world) how to add drop-down menus in blogger, and probably my most favourite of all...I have learned how to use GIMP to make banners for the blog. I even made this Aaron Yan banner today! (I need to make some more Aaron ones!). I have a whole bunch of header posts for all the headers I've made - you can always find them on the archives page. I even used my banner making skills to good effect and recently designed a friend's wedding and bridal shower invitations (I promise that I do have a little graphic design experience outside of blog banner making, but I was pretty rusty). Oh all these beautiful pictures of actors to be made into banners!!!

3. I have met some of the funniest and wittiest people here online. Three that immediately come to mind are JoAnne, Shuk, and Ricky. I spit-take so much from reading what they have to Tweet or say in the squeecaps and on Twitter. And of course, kakashi's straight-man routine along with them makes it even better. Of course I can't leave out all the other lovely people who I've met along this journey. Kfangirl is such a lovely, warm and wonderful person and Shel is another favourite. I've been lucky enough to actually meet Shel (and I'll probably see her again when I head to LA for K-CON in August). I have loved chats with KLNoona about You're the Best Lee Soon Shin and of course I've loved chatting about K-Pop and Mandopop with Nelly. Deeno and I have also gone on our fun Asian store expedition. Man, I could go on and on and on here...if I didn't mention you by name, please forgive me (and let me know and I will add to ASAP).

4. One thing I love about blogging is that it allows me to let my creative juices flow a bit. Sometimes it's hard to work all the time (with something you love) but not have all the creative outlet you need. Blogging has allowed me to create banners, write, write K-drama inspired poetry, figure out some photo-editing, helped me to appreciate film etc. in ways that I didn't realize that I loved as much as I do. It's allowed me to expand myself and to try and hone some skills that had lain dormant. I really love and appreciate that. It also has allowed me to read all the wonderful things you all write, to laugh at your wit, be amazing with your giffing and photo-editing skills, and last but not least, to be envious of some of your amazing powers to watch so much drama all at once!

5. I love being able to watch dramas and to talk about them! I love being able to listen to K-pop and to also share what I love about K-pop with you. Sometimes I think people think I'm a little weird to listen to K-pop (and Mandopop) so much. I mean, I made a roadtrip just to see BIGBANG in concert and this August I'm flying out to K-CON. Being a part of this community that loves drama and K-pop really means the world to me, and I'm not sure what I'd do without it. You really are very special, and not just special, but especially special to me. Man, this is getting sappy. And to my RL friends who will read this, I feel the same way about you. It really makes me day when we can chat about how much we adore Aaron Yan, or the latest K-pop song we just have to listen to together. I'm so glad we have all crossed paths both virtually and in person.

So here's to many more years of being friends and watching drama and listening to Korean music (and singing along to it late at night while watching K-pop videos on a friend's big screen TV - yes, that happened last night). Here's to hoping that I'll get to meet some more of you in person! Here's to more drama watching, late night chats, and drama camaraderie. Thank you for all being so wonderful!

Love you forever!


p.s. Here's my birthday wish: like our Facebook page (even share it with your friends) and subscribe to the blog to catch all the latest posts. You know you want to ;P And let me know what things you love about being part of this community.

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  1. Happy second birthday! <3 *sending lots of love* What a milestone! I can't wait to read more from you guys!

    Awwwww, wonderfully said! That is so true. Blogging is something spectacular in that it is a community, bringing together people who share the same interest. It's so interesting how something online like this can help to forge tight-knit friendships. It's truly amazing and I am so glad to have met you guys!

    Anyways, I wish you guys are very happy second birthday and just keep up with what you are doing. (:

  2. Happy second birthday!

    I love how you've pointed out how many things we learn thanks to blogging about dramas. From learning to manage a blog (how to customize themes, edit HTML codes etc) to how to use Photoshop (in your case GIMP). Not to mention that blogging has made me love writing. Actually, one of the reasons why I started my blog was so I could practice my writing and my English skills. Before I started blogging, writing seemed like something tedious because I was always doing it for school projects. But now that I'm doing it for fun, I feel a lot comfortable with writing and sometimes even do creative writing outside the blog.

    And of course, out lovely blogosphere family is one of the best things about it all - the people who you can chat about dramas and K-pop without worrying that you'll bore them.

    Anyways, keep up the good work and I hope Samsoon Down The Rabbit Hole will be around for many years to come :)

  3. Thank you so much! It really is amazing how these tight-knit friendships happen because of our little online community! It really is so much fun to meet you too! ^^

  4. Thank you so much! ^^ That is so awesome that blogging helped you to love writing! It really is amazing what can happen. Our dear little bloggersphere, how I love it so! I also hope that we are around for many years to come! ❤

  5. This is kinda late, but happy second birthday! <3 I wasn't a reader from the very start but from the past few months that I've been visiting your blog, I can say that you're actually one of the most eloquent bloggers! So please continue blogging till there are no more dramas to watch (which will never happen). Hehehehe and I agree that we do learn a lot from blogging. Thanks to blogging I can still practice some of the design thingy I learned in college but I never got to use for work. /o/


  6. Aw thanks Janey! I am so glad we have met because of the bloggersphere! It really is such a lovely place filled with such lovely people such as yourself. I will try my best to keep on blogging! And yes, I don't think the dramas will run out ㅋㅋㅋ It is rather funny how we are able to use design stuff in the places we least thought we would. ^^

  7. I AM SO LATE TO THIS PARTY :O Happy (belated) 2nd year in the blogosphere!! *pops champagne*

    Indeed, blogging about our k-passion opens so many doors: to learning, to friendships, to more awesome all around. It gets tough juggling blogging with RL, but there are definitely rewards and joys from doing so!

    Here's a little prezzie I in honor of your 2nd blogoversary - and your recent Aaron Yan love. ;) Hope you likey! You're not obliged to use it, of course ^^


  8. THANK YOU!!!!!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE and ADORE it!!!!!!!! Ah! Aaron! He's so gorgeously lovely! And you aren't late ^^ luckily here in the bloggersphere time works in mysterious ways ;) ❤❤❤

  9. Haha thanks. Kfangirl is really the queen of making headers. I make headers for blogger and it's just fine. There aren't major major major differences between Wordpress and Blogger...but I guess there are about some things...if you learn to fiddle around with code enough, it works out.

  10. ...Aaaaaand this post just reminded me that I wanted to change all of our blog colors for summer, so I've been playing with code for the last hour. That's a good way to spend a Sunday afternoon, right?

  11. ㅋㅋ Indeed. If you ever want a header, I am happy to make you one. I love making them! Which reminds me...I really need to figure out how to edit the code so I can have rotating headers. Wordpress does have that function as a widget...but sadly Blogger doesn't.

  12. Aww, that's so nice! I'm going to let the new color scheme sit for a little bit before I mess with the header. I don't want people to think they're on the wrong blog! I may come to you for help later, though. Thanks!

    Now that you have that picture from Let's Eat, you never need to rotate your header again.

  13. ㅋㅋ Sounds good.

    Oh Let's Eat. That is one of my all time favourite headers I've made. I like to switch it in often.

  14. Happy (late) second birthday! You have captured exactly what I love about blogging. I'm also insanely jealous of your header skillz (yes, skillz with a z, because that's how impressive they are). Anything having to do with technology makes my brain explode, which is why I really, really want to get off of blogger and make pretty headers and stuff, but I'm too scared!