03 June, 2014

Fall in Love with Me Episode 9 Quick Thoughts

Crap! Oh crap! Oh crap! Is pretty much my reaction to the preview for next week's episode 10. But before we go there, just a few really quick thoughts on Fall in Love with Me episode 9.

So before I get too serious here - that "Oh deer! Oh dear!" Painting completely cracked me up. It sort of ruined the really serious and sad leaning against the door in pain and angst scene a little, but not a lot at least. I kind of want to turn it into a hashtag or something. #ohdeerohdear Lu Tian Xing is going to do something really stupid next episode and go back to being Xiao Lu. *sigh* Ack! He's going to pretend to be Xiao Lu, who he really is anyway, so he can get Tao Le Si to cheer up. Yeah, that's going to go so well. And he's going to kiss her! Thoughts? Predictions? I have no idea how Taiwanese dramas work. And it also looks like Leo is going to figure it out. I am sort of glad about that because it needs to be out in the open so they can deal with the fall and out and she can figure out that Lu Tian Xing is more than just the colder exterior she first got to know.

I don't really get why Tao Le Si isn't super into Lu Tian Xing. Her pheromones and hormones and all that good stuff certainly get somewhat distracted when Tian Xing is around. Though I'm not sure anyone could help it with him standing so close looking over her shoulder. All I could think was, dang he must smell so good! And her mind keeps on seeing Xiao Lu instead of Tian Xing. It's like her mind is like "Sister, this is the same guy. Kiss the crap out of him like you want to!" Okay, I am maybe putting words to her subconscious, but we were all thinking it, right?!

I sort of get why she's not giving him a chance, but Tian Xing is totally spot on when he compares their situation to his with Huan Huan. I like his logic: "Well if you think I should give Huan Huan a chance, well then you should give me a chance." It's very pragmatic of him. I like it. Huan Huan though is another whole kettle of crazy fish. There aren't even love triangles in this drama, it's more like a rat's nest of people all loving people who aren't remotely interested in each other. Aigoo! Man, even her mom realizes that he's not a bad egg, and actually maybe a really good one.

And despite the more serious tone of this episode, there were still moments when I laughed out loud. Aaron Yan has a gift to make me smile. Seriously. His facial expressions and reactions and earnestness just win me over every time. And he knows how to make my heart hurt way too much. That scene where Tao Le Si comes to Xiao Lu's house and he almost, almost opens the door. His face! I just want to hold him and tell him it's going to be okay. And then I start thinking about next week! I'm on tenterhooks just thinking about it! I will just have to make sure to watch lots of Just You to tide me over.

But before I totally freak out about next week, let's take a moment to think about how adorkably delightful this facial expression was. I love you Aaron Yan! Man, this whole one episode thing a week is going to be the end of me! Korean dramas have spoiled me with having two episodes a week.

Please share your thoughts, feelings, squees, sighs, opinions on the episode in the comments below. How are we going to survive the tension! ;)

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  1. I can't stand it! Everybody's raving about this drama in Twitter and I'm like "...". And yet I wanna see what all that fuzz is about. I feel like I'm missing out on so many fun rants on Twitter because I'm not watching this show.

    To be honest, my track record with Taiwanese dramas is pretty bad because I almost always end up dropping them half-way because they're so darn long. I can't help it, once the couple gets together I lose interest and can't bring myself to finish the frickin' show.

    So yeah, I'm facing a serious dilemma: should I check FILWM out and risk having yet another unfinished show in my ever-growing list, or should I pretend I've never heard of Aaron Yan? Aaaaargh...#AsianDramaProblems

  2. LOL. I feel your pain. There are a million dramas airing right now, and only so much time and then when Twitter peeps talk about one, it's hard not to resist. I've had good and bad experiences with getting on the band wagon, so I can't say to do one or the other. I have never watched any Taiwanese drama though, so I have no idea what to expect as far as general plot progression (I know more or less what happens in a K-drama up to a certain point).

    If you wanted, read this post of mine that gives a good intro to Aaron Yan without having to watch FILWM. http://www.samsoondowntherabbithole.com/2014/05/a-little-aaron-yan-addiction.html And I'm not just trying to shamelessly self-promote, just give you a taste as to why we're going so gaga over the guy. There's also a link to my Aaron Pinterest board there, which you can always check out. He is worth it in my opinion ^^ but then again, unfinished dramas aren't exactly fun.