25 June, 2014

Fall in Love with Me Episode 13 Preview

Hi Friends! I am sure we're all glad that at least we finally have a preview for episode 13 of Fall in Love with Me. It's just the 16 second one, but hey, something is better than nothing!

It looks like Lance's stupid plan to have Huan Huan forever fake paralysis is at an end! Whoohoo! Aaron is also looking particularly fine. Though when has he ever not looked fine?

I wonder if it's possible to make Aaron look ugly. Okay, so I am easily distracted when it comes to Aaron.

Here's the translation:

Huan Huan: If he knows that I'm lying to him, he probably won't be my Tian Xing anymore.
Lu Tian Xing: Huan Huan, do you have something to tell me?

I am super glad that they're not dragging out Huan Huan and Lance's paralysis deception. I'm also glad that Tao Le Si seems to be more active in helping Huan Huan, or at least being supportive at her physical therapy sessions.

As for Taozi and Tian Xing, we'll have to see how things between them pan out in the episode as well. I'll post the longer preview as soon as I can after it's posted. And now off to finish my "recap" ish post for episodes 11 and 12...

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