19 June, 2014

Fall in Love with Me Episode 12 Preview

So I am about half way through episode (it's been an incredibly busy week!), but I thought it would be nice to actually have the episode 12 preview up with the English translation. Yet again, my lovely friend has helped me out. ❤

While I am no sure of how exactly episode 11 ends, the preview lets us know there are some good things to look forward to in episode 12. And can I say that I am glad super hotteness a.k.a. Lu Tian Xing is back. Xiao Lu's cute, but Lu Tian Xing is super hotte!

(Leo and Taozi)
Leo: Don't treat me like your brother anymore. I will treasure you and take good care of you forever.
(Taozi gets hit by the cyclist and Tian Xing rushes to her aid)
Lu Tian Xing: Taozi, I will never give up on you.
(Leo and Lu Tian Xing's conversation)
Leo: I will be responsible for Taozi's happiness.
Lu Tian Xing: Now is the real competition between you and me.

[MarlubsGD, this hotte neck pic is just for you]
All "the woman is a prize to be won" stuff aside (just let Taozi decide dears), I am glad that Leo is not being such a sad sack and just moping all the time. All that staring off into the distance, there is only so much I can take of it. I also appreciate though that Tian Xing is being persistent and not giving up. I am sure Taozi has a lot to think about with the whole Xiao Lu is Lu Tian Xing revelation from episode 11. I can't say much more because I haven't finished the episode. Hopefully I can finish it soon and then get that post up as well sometime tomorrow.

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  1. did it say that ep 12 is on the 30th?

  2. I don't think so...I checked the previous preview and "30" was also written there. My guess is that it's the channel number or something like that.

  3. where did you see this episode? what about episode 13?

  4. where did you see this episode? what about episode 13?

  5. um... sry I post it 2 times, I just want to post my photo.

  6. if u have the ans to my questions, then... I LOVE U!!!!! XD

  7. No worries. Pictures of Aaron are always welcome ^^

  8. I haven't seen episode 12, this is just the preview for episode 12. The episode will air on Sunday.

  9. it will be released today?

  10. Yup, at it's normal airing time. For US watchers though, it won't be available until Monday I think.

  11. Well the episode hasn't aired yet and episode 13's preview has not been released