06 June, 2014

Fall in Love with Me Episode 10 Preview

So I know we're all waiting anxiously for episode 10 to air this weekend, and to help us out, they've released a second preview for episode 10. So I asked a friend to translate it for me (Taiwanese friends for the win!), and I thought some of you might also appreciate the translation. And of course more of Aaron Yan because I certainly can't get enough of him.

As I am not a genius video person, I'll just embed the preview here with the dialogue translation below.

Xiao Lu: From now on, I will not let you go.
Xiao Lu: Taozi, let's be together forever. I will be your only man.
Leo: Lu Tian Xing, what do you want?

I'm not really sure what Lu Tian Xing thinks is going to happen. And the couple bracelets seem like an interesting touch...I am wondering about the bed though. That looks like Lu Tian Xing's room...and not Xiao Lu's (unless the set got a lot bigger...or a hotel somewhere perhaps?). Needless to say, part of me is happy about the skinship increasing...but that it's with Xiao Lu is majorly problematic. Oh man, the fallout is not going to be pretty.

I just want more brooding Aaron and highly tensioned moments between our leads...can we please have another warehouse scene, pretty please?

And if you need another Aaron fix, I highly recommend you check out his Instagram. He posts there pretty much every day. Cass also just shared this delightfully adorable gif set from his album signing.

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