29 May, 2014

A Little Aaron Yan Addiction

Sooooo...I have been thinking about making a post like this all week, but I've gone back and forth and hemmed and hawed not really sure if I should. You know, how much of your inner fangirl do you really want to make public? Then I decided that it might just be a good idea to have a bunch of Aaron Yan favourite things all in one place so I could see them more often...and that pretty much convinced me that I should made the post. So I hope you like it.

For a while I have loved Aaron Yan's music. I wasn't aware that he also acted in Taiwanese dramas, nor was I aware of his charismatic, adorable, sexy charm. And boy can that man use his eyebrow raising to seduce me and probably every other woman on the planet. Last week marked my debut into watching Taiwanese drama. Now I'm wondering why ever in the world I never started earlier. I am going to have to start Autumn's Concerto ASAP as well, and then there are a host of others that people have recommended over the past little while. But back to Aaron Yan.

Fall in Love Me is so utterly charming and fresh and fun and filled with Aaron Yan that it just makes me so happy. I am incredibly glad that my two officemates (and another friend) are also watching the drama so we can squee and chat and swoon together. Even my buddy lizabreff's mom is watching it. Cue phone call today on speakerphone so we could chat about episode 8's chin quiver and how much we love Xiao Lu and Lu Tian Xing. And then of course I had to start watching Just You just so I could get my Aaron Yan fix. Anyway, enough of this ramblingness. We need to get down to the nitty gritty and share all the pics and gifs and MVs of this adorably sexy man who I am pretty much addicted to. And to quote lizabreff: "We've got a fever and it can only be cured with more Aaron Yan.

To start us off, here is a little playlist of Aaron's MVs. I might have missed a few, but I tried to get them all so we could listen to as much Aaron as possible! I've embedded the playlist at the end of the post as well, so you can watch all the MVs in the post as well. Here is what's on the playlist:

1. The Love Left Easily my favourite Aaron Yan song with it's folksy guitar feel but not quite. While watching a video he made when he tried to get a sneak peek at his MV, the lyrics are written in his handwriting. Ah! His voice is so beautiful! And this track aches with loveliness.
2. Memo Another favourite. It starts off mellow and blends into a nice light rock feel. A pretty easy listen and of course he's pretty easy on the eyes.
3. Taipei Dreaming With all the wistfulness and aching nostalgia of love lost and a city sleeping. This song plays pretty often on the Fall in Love with Me OST (and maybe the Just You OST as well).
4. That's Not Me Another favourite. Okay, I love his songs and I keep on saying "favourite". This is from the Fall in Love with Me OST. It's gorgeous, sad, beautiful, and wistful in all the right places, particularly with the lovely piano theme.
5. That's Not Me Rather creepy MV version starring his Fall in Love with Me co-star, Tia Li.
6. My Turn This is a happy, upbeat and rather cute song. It definitely gets my toes tapping.
7. 1/2 This is the Fall in Love with Me OST duet with G.NA. I love this song! I also have this song constantly stuck in my head all day.
8. The Moment A gentle piano theme and a beautiful MV (with an extended version as well). Man, what would it be like to be serenaded by this man?! It also displays a nice range of his voice.
9. The Next Me One of his older tracks, but of course it's still great.
10. I Can See Nothing But You Another slower piano-themed track. Chinese ballads are really quite beautiful and of course even more so when sung by Aaron Yan.
11. Irresistible Sun With lyrics such as "Pain is the better interpretation of love", you wouldn't be far wrong in calling this a sad ballad. But sad in a good heart-hurty kind. This is also just the official audio, but it is subbed ^^ But don't worry, the song picks up with lyrics such as "You are the irresistible sun that warms my eyes" etc. It was part of the Just You OST.
12. The Adequate Eternity Ah I love this one. I feel like it showcases Aaron Yan's voice so well. It's a nice mix of angst and upbeat pop-rock ballad. And the piano theme is lovely.
13. Just One Look Is a duet with Olivia Ong. Their voices complement each other so well and wrap around each other like an embrace. Man that was cheesy.

And just for you lizabreff, Aaron in teal.

And now I think we need to look at him a little more. I've pulled the images from a variety of sources, but mostly Pinterest (which has sources on the Pin) where I have my Aaron Yan board.

I love that he has this sexy, broody, serious stare that Clark Kent's laser eyes would be jealous of. You can definitely see that when he's acting as Lu Tian Xing in Fall in Love with Me. And yes, I realize that I've mentioned that drama a million times, but I love it so much!

And then he goes from sexy to adorable in a second with that completely lovable smile of his. Or whatever dorkable thing he decides to do. 

Pretty much he could do what he wanted and I would swoon. *sigh* I have a rather bad case of addiction I think.

And don't even get me started on his sexy habit of eyebrow raising. I didn't know that eyebrow raising could be a weakness of mine. I can't help but giggle when I see gifs of it. And that wink of his. Jeepers. Aaron Yan! It's really quite silly to be this way, but also a lot of fun.

[Credit: xsweetwhispers.tumblr]
[Credit: xsweetwhispers.tumblr]]
[Credit: xsweetwhisphers.tumblr]
Oh that wink! 

[Credit: xsweetwhisphers.tumblr]
[Credit: The Problem of the Unproblematic]
Squeeeeeee!!!!!! And that sexy smirk!!!

[Credit: Shukmeister.wordpress.com]
And when he was being all sneaky to try and see his MV before it was released.

[Credit: Viki Discussions]
He's just so adorable! (When he's not being dang sexy)

[Credit: dearaaronyan.tumblr]
He also cries so beautifully! 

[Credit: ruby826.tumblr]
[Credit: littleloverstar.tumblr]
So pretty much I'm smitten. 


So come and join the addiction (if you're not already there), you know you want to. Here's his official Facebook page and his Instagram. You're welcome ^^

[Credit: dearaaronyan]
I hope you enjoyed this over the top  Aaron Yan addiction post. Please share your favourite Aaron pics, gifs, MVs, moments, memes etc. in the comments below. I promise you that I won't mind more Aaron. And you should check out this tumblr: dearaaronyan, it's pretty fabulous! (And here's a little gem from his Instagram)

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  1. this just made my day even greater! thank you! I love the gifs, well actually everything and i just got scolded by my roommie for screaming "AARON!!!"

  2. ㅋㅋㅋ Your comment made my night! There has been much squeeing on my part for the past week or so. Luckily both my officemates love Aaron too...so they join in the squeeing ^^

  3. Nelly got me to watch him and now I'm hooked and can't stop. :D I've been in a mesmerized state for the past week or so my roommie wants to call for intervention. LOL. Oh and I just followed your board. I'm so in love with it. ^^

  4. Hmmmm.... where should I begin? I'm speechless! A post just for Aaron??? How do I spell L.O.V.E??? This is the best! I'm going to make out with Aaron and your post tonight! Squee squee squeeeeeeeee!

  5. Im a bit obsessed with Aaron lately and very happy to squee along. Miss Nellie and I squeed SO hard last year when Just You was on ... and now we have even more loveliness to see. Im actually ashamed at how much I know about the guy now, particularly when Im old enough to know better but such is the power of the Yan!! Btw - did you know The Love Left is his version of Pink's 'I Don't Believe You'? He wrote the chinese lyrics for his recording himself!! You can even find him singing the english version in his Shanghai concert last year on YT! See I told you Im a bit obsessed! but happy!!

  6. FAVORITING. I don't remember who I was talking to, but we decided that Aaron Yan is the perfect love child of TOP and GD. - JoAnne

  7. LOL that's super funny! I am so glad that so many people love and adore him. And I am glad you like the Pinterest board too ^^

  8. ㅋㅋㅋ I couldn't help myself ;) I just HAD to make a post just for Aaron. Hopefully the hubby doesn't get too jealous ;)

  9. I cannot tell you how much it makes me happy that so many people love Aaron just as much as I do. I think it just happens that we end up knowing all these facts about him, like how tall he is and when his birthday is and how long he lived in the U.S...yeah...it happens ^^ I am going to have to look that up about the "I Don't Believe You" *sigh* he is so lovely! ❤

  10. Hahahahaha!!!! That's brilliant!!!! And so true!!! JoAnne...I saw this gif, and I thought you might like it...http://37.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lhizz0FJR41qbw2fio1_500.gif

  11. Ahahaha, Aaron and his charming charisma! He definitely has the charm and I think he just grows more and more handsome with age! Hehehe, plus he is amazingly hoooottt! I am willing to sit through hours of dramas just to see him in action. (:

    Btw, is Fall in Love with Me one of the first Taiwanese dramas?

  12. Amen to all you said!!! Yeah...Aaron Yan, the man is quite lovely and charming and sexy and adorable and and and...I could go on and on!

    Fall in Love with Me is the my first Taiwanese drama. It's all because my friend couldn't stop talking about Aaron ;) so I just had to see what all the fuss was about...and now I am an Aaron addict.

  13. Hi, I came across your blog because I have pretty much had the exact same journey that you have described above in the last few weeks since his new drama started airing, and I was Googling Aaron Yan, and this entry came up. It's a bit eerie how your post perfectly describes what I've been doing -- listening to his music, watching It's You while waiting for new episodes of his current drama, and squealing over how cute in that video when he was trying to sneak a look at his MV. His Instagram posts make my day these days, so cute!!

  14. Yay for Aaron Yan discoveries!!! I can't believe that I have listened to his music for the past couple of years without knowing how lusciously lovely he is! I hope that the post wasn't too eerie ;P And how adorable was he when he was sneaking around trying to get a sneak peek at his MV? A friend and I watched the episode, and we cracked up when he saw himself and was like "I am so handsome" or something to that effect. Oh boy, he is, oh he is. Did you see the adorable Instagram post where he told us he loved us? http://instagram.com/p/oM_QZZCQd0/

  15. Yay, I'm so glad I found this post and your blog! I first started following Aaron when he was in "It Started with a Kiss (one of my fav Taiwanese dramas!)" and Fahrenheit and was mostly known as Arron instead of Aaron and I can't believe how far he's come! When I first saw him in ISWAK, I was like: WHY ISN'T HE ALL OVER THE DRAMAS? So, so glad to see his career blow up and that there are other rabid fans out there!

    On a different note, I loved Autumn's Concerto!!! Woohoo for other people watching TW-dramas!! I don't have enough people to squee over TW-dramas with, so I hope this is another rabbit hole for you, hehe. :D

  16. I am so glad you found us too!

    I am for sure going to have to go back and watch every Aaron drama. He is just so lovely and charming and sexy and wonderful! And I will totally have to get in on Autumn's Concerto. I promised Deeno that I would watch it ^^ At this point I am so far down the rabbit hole that I am not sure where I've ended up ㅋㅋㅋ

  17. Haha, just to warn you that Aaron's role in ISWAK is more like a guest appearance, in case you are expecting to see lots of him. He has more of a role in the sequel: They Kiss Again. But, ISWAK made me crush hard on Joe Cheng. :D

  18. Haha. Maybe I'll skip that one then...but then I googled Joe Cheng and now I'm not sure I should ;) So many dramas, so little time!

  19. Yay for more Aaron love!!! He really is doing such a great job in FILWM. You are so right that you can immediately tell which character he's playing when he's on screen (though I am finding that I love his Lu Tian Xing character a lot more). I'm also watching Just You, so that also helps me get more of an Aaron fix while waiting for the new FILWM episode. *sigh* He really has so many of us in love with him, oh that magic man!

    And I really do need to watch Autumn's Concerto too...I've heard so many good things about it. Oh Aaron Yan. His voice too! So beautiful!

  20. Hi, I'm so glad I found this post. I just recently discovered Aaron Yan too because of Fall in Love with Me. Like you, I am smitten. I wasn't intending to watch FILWM but K Dramas have not caught or kept my attention much lately and FILWM kept on being recommended to me. Thanks for compiling a list of his music videos, he does have a pretty voice. BTW, I first read your blog with your Cruel City recaps. It seems we have similar tastes. Thanks for all your hard work and insights.

  21. Yay! I am so glad you found this post as well! I don't know how it's possible not to fall in love with Aaron (though Tao Le Si seems to be having lots of issues with it ;) ). I think it would be so great to see him in concert sometime! He is so talented, and his voice is just amazing. I am glad you liked the Cruel City posts...that reminds me, I still haven't written the final post for that drama...and thank you so much for commenting!

  22. I'm glad to see his fan base is still growing.. its been so many years following up on Aaron but lately these past years he has improved so much in many things :)
    feel free to jump on my blog too :D course my is for the whole band but~ i have a section for Aaron <3


  23. I'd reccomend ISWAK & ISWAK2 both are great i own them both :) U should also check out Hi, My Sweetheart hands down best drama ever- tho there is no Aaron. lol

    PiLi Mit was his first Hit drama or bounce back and watch him the Ko-series all worth the episodes. PiLi is only like 16ep, but Ko is like 30+ n X-family is like 50+... so make a schedule haha

  24. No reason in keeping this only in my phone :)

  25. Sorry my phone is spazzing, But i love ur post its great to see his fan base is still growing! Share the love <3

  26. http://only4frh.blogspot.com/?m=1

    This is my blog :) I have a lot of facts on Aaron too and old stories ... Ive followed him for so long it seems like it was yesterdy was i was i was in elementry :)

  27. Haha. Oh Aaron and his beautiful abs!

  28. I will gladly share the Aaron love!

  29. It's amazing to me how much Aaron love there is and it makes me super happy! He is so lovely and charming. I hope he sings a lot more and acts a lot more because i just to see more and more of him!

  30. M sooo happy to have found this post ;D ..n so many fangirls like me:)... Aaron is most adorable on planet crying winking smirking or angry..

  31. I'm so glad you found this post as well ^^ I have another Aaron post somewhere I think. Aaron just does funny things to our hearts ;) doesn't he?

  32. Hi... I love your blog, and this post. Hehe. Although I should know better than to fangirl, I really am amazed at Aaron Yan. I've never watched him in anything before.. well I did, in ISWAK and TKA but since I didn't even notice him then, they don't count. I know Fahrenheit, but only because of Jiro Wang and Wu Chun. But Aaron Yan is just killing it in Fall In Love With Me. I didn't even plan on watching that drama - haven't watched any Tdrama since hmmm Autumn Concerto maybe... but happy accidents happen, so I watched one episode and just couldn't stop. He's just amazing! He carries off both characters so convincingly - you can tell immediately who he is by the stance of his walk, the angle of his head, the tilt of his mouth and eyebrows. I was amazed. And still amazed.

    I love this drama so much because it's just so entertaining and fun and absurd, and it's just curing all the angst I'm feeling watching melo Kdramas like Angel Eyes and Wonderful Season. Thank you so much for this post! And all your FILWM recaps!