10 April, 2014

Why Do We Watch Korean Dramas?

Recently Entertainment Weekly posted an article about a Beginner's Guide to Korean dramas. On the list the oft recommended Boys [Preposition] Flowers (hereafter BOF) made its appearance and I facetiously commented, "I would recommend avoiding that one actually," and I instead I recommended other dramas such as Answer Me 1997. Needless to say, my distaste for BOF was not exactly appreciated, and Answer Me 1997 was deemed "too Korean", apparently because of the screeching in it (?). It got me thinking (and I voiced some things about it on Twitter) and some of the Twitterpeeps and I got to chatting. Why did we start and continue to watch drama? Why when we could tell that the drama was bad, did we continue watching? Would we watch those dramas now? What is it about Korean drama that makes it so addicting and compelling to watch?

Perhaps it's the innocence of watching some incredibly handsome Korean actor charm you to death *cough* Hyun Bin *cough* for the first time, or perhaps we just stumbled onto Korean dramas because we loved other foreign genre and Netflix or Hulu recommended them, and adventurers we are, we decided to try them, or maybe a roommate or friend was being so enthusiastic about them, we got curious and tried them out. In my case, a friend who knew I loved and watched Bollywood recommended My Name Is Kim Samsoon to me. That was in August 2011, and I didn't even watch it until November of that year. I remember devouring it, and then searching for more. I stumbled on Secret Garden and there was just something about that Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin chemistry that completely sealed the deal. Oh Hyun Bin, my first K-drama love. I can't fully remember the order of dramas I watched next, I started a bunch: Sungkyunkwan Scandal, City Hunter, and then Boys Over Flowers. That one quickly took the desire to watch another Korean drama right out of my sails. I might have started it before City Hunter, I can't even remember. I was watching dramas on Hulu because I had no idea that there were other places to watch drama - and I was just flailing around not knowing what I was doing - and Hulu kept on suggesting BOF. To this day I still can't understand why it's so popular and famous? And I watched it because I didn't know any better. Because Lee Min Ho maybe? And I had loved him in City Hunter. He certainly enticed me to watch plenty of dramas with him in it that's for sure. The only thing that saved my continuing addiction was that I watched Flower Boy Ramyun Shop at the same time as BOF. When the angst and makjang and everything bad in the entire universe was happening to Geum Jan Di, and I wanted to punch someone, I would watch the next episode of FBRS. It was just finishing up its run, so I watched the last several episodes as it was airing. Sometimes I wonder what my life would have been like if I had just stopped watching drama because of BOF. I am glad I didn't, but I will wonder. I ended up watching Playful Kiss though because I adored Kim Hyun Joong so much *sigh* - what was I thinking?! Anyway, this paragraph ended up being way too stream of consciousness for my taste. Thank you if you're still reading. End story, we all might have different ways and reasons why we started watching, but why are we still here?

I guess what I'm trying to get at is that we have all had experiences watching bad dramas and yet we still keep watching. We make Twitter accounts and aliases and join Soompi and visit Dramabeans to read recaps and start blogging and using words like "swoon" and "squee" all because there is something intangible and delightful and addicting about Korean dramas that keeps up watching and compelling us to say something, anything about something we all love. Sometimes I wonder what it is about Korean dramas that has brought out the teenager in me that I never was as an actual teenager. Maybe it's those magical moments where we fall in love with bromances so deeply that we couldn't care if the main leads ever get together. Or because we start sobbing uncontrollably as Prosecutors start their hero walks out the hospital, or we stay up all night - bleary eyed - because we just have to know what happened to that person hanging off of a cliff. Maybe it's that moment Jeremy sings on the bus and our hearts break and we fall in love with Lee Hong Ki and his squishable cuteness.

Maybe it's that moment we can't stop starting at Yoo Ah In in all his gruff tenderness and we start to understand second lead syndrome. Maybe it's because we'll endure boring plot developments just to catch the next moment Rain smiles while wearing a cat apron. Or maybe it's because we discover that Song Joong Ki can act so beautifully, you want to cry. Maybe it's that moment when Kim Soo Hyun cries for the first time on your screen and realize he can cry so prettily, and you fall in love with Sam Dong and get all choked up when watching "Dreaming" as Hye Mi helps him. Maybe it's because you fall in love with Gong Yoo and cross-dressing hijinks and watch all of Big just because Gong Yoo is so fabulous. Maybe it's because whenever someone says, "Game Over" you think of that steamy kiss and smile a little to yourself. Maybe it's because you fall in love with the gorgeous OSTs that adorn sageuk and root for the Princess' Man to find love and justice and for the suffering and heartache to stop. Maybe it's because we see a real live romance start to unfold on our screen and wish we could all meet our own Kim Boong Do. Maybe it's because we fall for Yoo Seung Ho's boyish charms and can't wait to see him smile. Sometimes we just ache at the loveliness of beautifulness in the form of Song Hye Gyo or Kim Sun Ah. Maybe it's because Cha Seung Won is just so funny or Lee Dong Wook so charming. Maybe it's because Shin Min Ah is so beautiful and lovely and delightful that we'd be willing to watch whatever she's in just to see her bright smile and laughing eyes. Maybe we fall for the charm of Jung Kyung Ho and our hearts start to beat wildly at the thought of our beloved Paksa and you realize you are witnessing the performance of a lifetime.

I'm not really sure. I still don't really know or understand why I have come to feel so passionately about Korean T.V. shows and that so many other people do as well. I'm not sure why I want to keep on watching, why I deprive myself of sleep, and write words and words and words until I think there might be a book here. I do know that one reason is you. All of you.

I remember that first moment of realization that there were other people out there who loved them as much as I did. bustered and I had passed each other in the hallways and had barely known each others' names before I posted something on Facebook about Korean drama or K-pop...and then we couldn't stop talking. It's sort of absurd actually to think about all the friendships I have found because of this obsession. Here is the first K-pop video bustered shared with me. SS501's "Love Like This". I still love that song. Seriously, so good!

In a post from earlier this year, I described how I felt about this bloggersphere of ours, and I'll quote from that.

"I live in a city. A city without houses and walls and where I almost never see my neighbours face to face. We speak in typed print and *sighs* and *swoons* and 140 character sentences peppered with Korean, and occasionally meet up for dinner, but rarely so. In our city, while for one the sun might rise, for another, it is setting and we meet somewhere in the middle and say our goodmornings and goodnights. We share our news, and squee, and console, and laugh, and rant, and sometimes swap recipes. Some of us are students, old and young, some of us are parents, or grandparents, some of us are lawyers or teachers, homemakers or experts in an interesting field. We are a varied, interesting, and diverse city, thriving with loves and joys and tears and heartbreak, which we all share and cry on cyber shoulders or laugh together for a moment. And the interesting thing is that despite our disagreeing sometimes, we are friends. Friends who span continents and yet reside in an intimate and sometimes strange community of people who often seem like family. We are a world, a universe unlike any other I have ever encountered. And I love it."

While I was still stumbling around not sure what to watch or where to watch, I discovered you all in the bloggersphere. I discovered epic recaps at Dramabeans. Acerbic and insightful commentary from Mr. X. Beautiful pictorials from Couch Kimchi, and I could go on and on. I have witnessed the birth of the squeecap from the ladies of The Problem of the Unproblematic and devoured anything Queen In-Hyun's Man related from Joonni and DramaTalk. Watched an Eat Your Kimchi video for the first time, taken a road trip to California for a BIGBANG concert, learned more Korean than I ever thought I would, laughed and been moved with the lovely My Korean Husband blog, gone out to dinner and watched Korean movies with Deeno (and made a rather fun excursion to a giant Asian store - hello Korean cosmetics!), had lunch with Shel, chatted and squeed with Twitterpals, had Google hangout squeedates with Kfangurl, Jaime, and Michele to watch Running Man together. I even wrote a poem about a moment in a Korean drama. I've stayed up late at night with bustered to watch Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook  and an INFINITE concert live from Seoul. I've shared many a K-pop squee and conversation with Raine and Nelly and laughed out loud at the excellent humour of kakashiJoAnne, Shuk, and Ricky. I've bought more music than I ever thought I would and I've made huge playlists for friends I have never met in the flesh, talked Lee Soon Shin with KLNoona, gotten excited when Cher met Ji Chang Wook (and also been able to share our Empress Ki love a bit as well). And there's becoming friends with Janey and talking about my newfound EXO love. Oh man, I know I'm going to leave someone out, please don't be sad. If you want a mention, please comment below ^^.

When I think about my life and how it is richer and deeper and more delightfully fun because of watching Korean drama and talking about it with you all, I am so glad that I didn't allow Boys Over Flowers to stop my drama watching. I am glad for bad dramas and being able to get F4 and Aaaaaaalmooooooost Paaaaaradiiiiiiiise jokes. I'm glad I endured those cringeworthy moments because in reality, they have brought me to this place. This crazy, fun, and interesting place where we all have our stories and K-drama loves and obsessions, people we want to meet and idols and actors and actresses we'd love to take a picture with. So please share your K-drama first loves, bad dramas, deep passions, squeeworthy moments, friendships, memories about your life here in the dramaverse. I'd love to hear more about them and how we all got here (and stayed). Here's to many more years of love and craziness!!!

◀ I ❤ Choi Kang Joo: Bride of the Century Episodes 13 & 14


  1. It was lovely chatting you and kakashi on Twitter as well ^^

    I am glad you liked the post and that I almost made you tear up ;D

    I also really loved your post. I didn't get too much into my K-pop addiction in this post, but I have a fairly serious K-pop addiction I think. Also, I'm still grinning at that YOLO pic about "You Obviously Love Onew". Yes! That is so great! Also, I think I really need to watch "My Girl" and "Coffee House" I think. And Man Man Ha Ni...did you ever watch when they did a trot version on Gag Concert?! The.best.thing.ever! This was the best video I could find. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=poyY_rm0tvs

  2. And your blog is now added to "The Bloggersphere" page, I'm not sure how I missed it before ^^ http://www.samsoondowntherabbithole.com/p/contact-us.html

  3. OMG, the trot version of "Man Man Ha Ni" is perfection! XD XD

  4. Right?!?!? I love how goofy they were, and those blacked out teeth ㅋㅋㅋ

  5. Excellent humour?
    I have no idea what you're talking about! :D

    Why do I watch Korean dramas?
    I guess the simplest answer would be because I like to see people fall in love.

    There is something so exhilarating about experiencing the storm of emotions brought by watching Korean dramas. As unrealistic and silly as this may sound, it's therapeutic to me. I get to experience joy, utter sadness, the giddiness of having a crush and heartbreak, and all these in a single episode!

    So basically...
    I'm a huge sap.

  6. RIcky, you may be a sap, but you're an adorable sap.

    I found KDrama as a result of hotel insomnia. I didnt want to wake my family up, but couldnt sleep. I went on Hulu looking for something to watch. Not much of a fan of American TV in general, I was having a hard time finding something to watch. I saw a link for Playful Kiss and wondered what it was. It opens with that what-the-heck dream sequence, and I sat there thinking "what IS this?". I ended up watching at least four episodes that night, going to bed about six am. It was airing at the time, so when I ran out of episodes, I started googling to find out where else I could watch it. Found Viki. The rest is history. I did watch B o F next, and while I hated that JiHoo didnt get the girl, and wanted to smash something whenever that one song came on, , it did introduce me to SS501, who I still love.

    Im still not certain exactly what the draw is. Its probably a combo of finite stories, that theyre mostly cleaner than American shows, learning about a different culture, the "what in the heck is LMH wearing?" .My faves are usually rom-coms, Im a sucker for romance and I like the lighter, nearly mahkjong-free stories. Ive always loved history, and so I watch sageuk, and wiki or google Korean history and learn something. My local friends here don't get it, they have a hard time getting past the subtitle issue. But I have found allies in strange places; my Mormon Bishop, my BFFs husband, a military wife at church who was stationed in Korea last.

    I love our twitterverse, I have met amazing people there and have had the opportunity to meet up with many of them in person. Im proud to call them my friends. I think in RL, it might have been harder to connect, we are so diverse, but thanks to the internet a California grandma can be good friends with a 20-something Malaysian student and a Swiss college professor and a South African ESL teacher.

  7. I have no idea why I started to watch k-dramas or tw-dramas for that matter but I have been since then and I just can't stop. There is just something about (Asian) dramas that makes you crave for more. Yes, maybe it's that eye candy on screen or maybe it's that feeling of knowing that you will get a complete ending or maybe it is that feeling of watching people change or maybe it is knowing that you get to see the same clichéd tropes being used time and time again. Maybe, maybe, maybe. It is all that and so much more. And I'm not quite sure what they are. But one thing that I am sure about is that I have no regrets in dramaing.

    It's quite bizarre to realise just how much dramaing has affected my life. I started a blog because of it. I am sharing my drama obsession out to the world because of it. I wait anxiously week after week for the ep to come out because of it. I crave it, I desire it, I love it! More than that though, dramaing has brought me a whole new world of friends and that is something that I am truly grateful for. It doesn't matter that we live worlds apart or share entirely different professions or whatnot, because we are connected by our love for dramas. Dramas are something extraordinary and something that has brought us closer together.

  8. Ha! I LOVE the way you described the many different blogs and the relationship between bloggers.
    and thaaaanks for all those A.w.e.s.o.m.e. Heartless city posts! I watched this amazing series in December, and discovered your posts directly after.( The pictures you posted were really,really good btw :) Oh and I was shocked when I saw your username( long ago) Deewani= crazy in Hindi. I'm glad i'm not the only Indian on earth watching kdrama.

  9. First of all, I want to agree with you that yes, BOF is a horrendous drama. Not exactly sure why I finished it. I guess I wasn't as impatient as I am now. If something like BOF comes across at this point in my life, I'd send it straight to hell.

    Till this day I don't exactly know why I like K-dramas that much. I won't use the term love because I don't think I'm that infatuated by K-dramas. Gong Yoo, yes. K-dramas, no. So the answer is beautiful men, I suppose. When I think about it, Secret Garden is a stupid drama. It ran on a concept that didn't really go anywhere. But did I love it? Hell yeah! Why? Hyun Bin and Ha Ji-won, mostly. Sadly, beautiful people can't save all the dramas in the world. Biggest failure in my book is Fashion King. Holy smokes, that burned. I'm pretty sure since that happened, Lee Je-hoon (who I miss so muuuuuuch) won't be coming back to TV anytime soon.

    I'm sure hot guys are not my only reason for watching dramas. They're a big part, but not the only one. I don't want to say it's the stories, because they're basically all the same (romcom wise at least). They tend not to be exactly the most original thing it the world. Plus it takes 16 hours to tell a story that I can imagine be boiled down to 2 hours. I suppose there's other factors, but I think that requires more brain power than I'd like to use at this time of night.

    Anyways, I have been an on and off K-drama viewer. I'm increasingly more picky than ever before. And I haven't been satisfied with a drama for a long time (last was Can We Get Married? I think, but God's Gift seems to be taking that spot. And hello, Jo Seung-woo. Yum). But now I'm back on the K-drama wagon, which I'm glad. Really excited to watch lots of (hopefully great) dramas this year. And a personal goal of mine is to make a best of dramas list for the year 2014. I've never been able to, so if I'm watching dramas at this rate (3, 4 at a time) I think I can have enough for a decent list!

  10. First, I just want to say that I was nodding my head the entire time I was reading your post. I'm just ASDSFADGDS YES TO EVERYTHING. :)

    It's been a decade since I started watching Kdramas so I don't have a clear reason why I started or why I'm still watching. I do know that I got hooked because Kdramas are shorter than the dramas here in the PH and a lot more relatable than the ones from the US. So it's really a fun watch! I also can't see myself not watching it. I'm too far gone to stop. So even when I get to watch something so bad (BoF, Big!), I just say to myself that there are far better ones I have yet to watch. :) I agree though that Boys Over Flowers shouldn't be recommended to newbie drama watchers, but it's surprising that so many people started watching because of it! O_O

    Dewaani thank you for this post! I feel giddy seeing my name up there. It makes me feel so special. (/。\) And yes, drama watching, and just Korean entertainment in general, has been a lot more fun when you share it with people who enjoy it as much as you do! For the past few months that I've been talking to you, I already feel the sense of fan community you've talked about in your posts. It's s nice to talk to you. It's awesome to have conversations with people I've met through dramas! It's nice to talk to people you've never met in real life about things you probably can't tell to people you've been friends with your whole life. I guess we just really understand each other. ㅋㅋㅋ (I'm sorry if I'm rambling!)

    So thank you Korea for bringing so many strangers together. :)

  11. I am so glad you enjoyed reading the post and that ewe've been able to become friends. Sometimes when I'm with some of my "in-flesh" drama friends and we start talking, you can just see the collective eye rolls of everyone else around. There is something rather wonderful about being able to connect with people here in the dramaverse who do understand what we're talking about.

    That is also pretty awesome that you've been watching dramas for a decade! So cool! And you're so right about there being more good dramas out there to watch - so many magical moments waiting to happen! ❤

  12. I totally agree with you about plotlines that are sort of the same and kind of ramble, but when you have lovely chemistry with the leads (like Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won), I tend to just forgive the rest and watch and enjoy.

    I totally understand you about being so much pickier. It's why I avoided Fashion King actually. And I look forward to reading your "Best of 2014" list. Good luck and many wonderful dramas grace your screen ^^

  13. I am so glad you loved the Heartless City posts. Those are some of my favourites I've ever written for the blog ^^ I still need to write my final post for that one actually o.O I promise I will sometime soon.

    And while I wish I could say I were Indian...I am not. I am South African but I adore and love Bollywood movies (I have started working on a Bollywood blog actually) and it's how I got into K-drama. I thought that "dewaani" was the perfect way to describe how I felt about both Bollywood and K-drama, and was a marriage of the two worlds. One of my best friends in high school used to have Shah Rukh Khan book covers. Now I watch more Bollywood than she does. ^^ I also managed to get my Hindi teacher (who is Indian) hooked on K-drama. I have met several Indians actually who watch K-drama who have occasionally commented on the blog. So you are most definitely not alone ^^

  14. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! To everything you just said. Perhaps there is just a little magic thrown into dramas as well that just keeps us coming back for more and more. And it has most definitely affected my life as well. I also think this is one of the most interesting and passionate fandoms I have come across.

  15. Lol at the "adorable sap" comment. Ricky is just fabulous and I am glad we are friends with him.

    That is so interesting how we sort of "stumble" into drama watching. Oh Playful Kiss, it was sort of a terrible drama, but it had some lovely moments. And I just love seeing Kim Hyun Joong on my screen. Ji Hoo was really the better match for Geum Jan Di.

    ㅋㅋㅋ I hope that LMH also wonders what the heck he's wearing sometimes. Seriously. I also love sageuk and I also love googling things about them and learning more about Asian history in general. There is so much completely fascinating history in Korea and that whole peninsula. (As well as the rest of Asia as well) And I have several friends or acquaintances who also can't get beyond the subtitles. I have watched subtitled movies since I was young, so it's not an issue for me at least. I will never understand people's aversion to subtitles though I think. And I am glad that there are people around you who understand your drama watching. One of the administrators in the International Student Office here, his wife watches Korean dramas, and I can tell he thinks it's a little silly, but there are a lot of us around ^^

    I love our Twitterverse too ^^ I also love the diversity we have there and that despite our geographical distance, we are a close-knit bunch and I am proud to call them friends. Man, I am getting teary eyed just thinking about it.

  16. Right?!?!? Who else could understand our Woobie and Choi Jin Hyuk loves? ;) It amazes me how real my Internet friends have become and how delightful it is to connect with them and hear their stories and just be friends. And it was so fun to meet you on our little Running Man Google hangout. Hopefully all our schedules can work out again sometime soon and we can attempt it again. ❤

  17. What?! You're not a sap! I think that perhaps that love of feeling all that emotion means you're an excellent human who wants to live and feel deeply.

    I also like the phrasing that you "like to see people falling in love". Perhaps it reminds us that life has goodness and hope and love and that we all experience suffering and we hope for joy at the end of it. It's actually very much what some of the Ancient Greeks thought - using the arts to experience catharsis. So really, you're just a romantic philospher ;)

  18. Nuh uh. Not as fabulous as Jang Geun-seok.

  19. I admit to liking BOF when it first came out. Then I stopped live streaming it and when I came back to the drama I was horrified by it (not that it was 100% awful). Amazing what time and distance can do. With 24-freaking episodes they couldn't give it a better ending? HanDan reigns supreme! Only because I have yet to finish the Taiwanese version or the unofficial Chinese version... Yeah. funny how Hana Yori Dango is a gateway addiction to Asian dramas. Some other drama watches I met fell in love thanks to Meteor Garden. Others had HanDan as their gateway drama and soooo many people found Asian dramas thanks to BoF.

    I forayed into Asian dramas in 2007-8 when I discovered that my favorite manga (HanDan) had a Japanese drama version. I pretty much only watched live action adaptations of manga at first and then I went on to other Japanese dramas. Then I finally came into the kdrama world thanks to Full House and by 2010 I was watching a lot of kdramas. But I suppose, as much as I love them, as bad as they can be or as predictable, I can never fully give them up. I've gotten to like them more than American TV simply because all the shows I like in the States get cancelled or get ruined by too many seasons. It also helps that in my 29 years I've never had cable. Only public access and now my TV, even with an antenna can't pick up any stations whatsoever. Got to love it.

    I really liked how you went through and talked about the sites you found and the friends you've made. When I first started my own drama-blogging 4 years ago (which was 3 years after I started watching Asian dramas), it was 1. for work purpose 2. to find others who shared the same passion since none of my RL friends and family got why I enjoyed watching shows where I had to read subtitles or listen to music where I don't understand the words. Then I met Enders Girl and Jicks and others and slowly, over the years, friendships build and I really enjoy that. Talking and squeeing and sharing with others. Finding new friends, new obsessions, new dramas, new music. It's really wonderful.

  20. Lol. I would much rather meet you than JGS...you would probably be much more sensible to talk to ;)

  21. It really is wonderful, isn't it?!

    And while I think BOF is terrible, there are some lovely moments in it and some incredibly memorable moments from that drama. I am glad I watched it and suffered through all the drama and pain and it made me love Kim Bum and Lee Min Ho and Kim Hyun Joong...yeah. And I really still love KHJ's OST from the drama.

    I have still to branch out into the Japanese and Taiwanese drama worlds. I am afraid to get more deeply sucked in ;P

  22. This is just lovely. As more and more of my RL friends and acquaintances find out about my A-drama interest, they give me funny looks and worry. You have written so accurately why it isn't ONLY about YAI's lips, although, it is a lot. It is about the friendships, moments shared, and connection to the characters and stories that resonate with our real lives.
    If only they could read this!
    Thanks :)

  23. Thank you so much Jomo! That means a lot. Oh YAI, that man is beautiful! All this drama watching and blogging really is a whole wonderful life experience that I am so glad I am a part of. Maybe one day they will stumble upon this post when they too start to get hooked ;)

  24. beautifully written.. i specially love the snippet from your post, touching.. i've been asked that question quite a lot lately though i never really offered any explanation of sort, because i know the label "weird" will really be permanently stuck to me, not that i mind anyways. why do i watch Korean Dramas? simple, because it is beautiful and entertaining in several different levels imaginable. :)

  25. Thank you ^^ I think that for people who have never entered into something like watching copious amounts of television in another language that they just have no frame of reference for it. It's perhaps as unfathomable to them as walking on the moon. I don't know. I love how you you say, "because it is beautiful and entertaining in several different levels imaginable". What a perfect way to describe it! ^^

  26. Nope..you aren't! Am an Indian too! @deewanifordrama Excellent post..felt like you read my mind :)

  27. Haha cool. I am glad that what I wrote resonated with you so well. Us drama watchers have to band together ^^

  28. i have no words to describe how much i love this post <3 <3 <3
    just: LOVE.

  29. I am so glad ^^ Thanks for reading the post!

  30. Lol the reason I fell in love with kdramas is BOF my sister made me watch it and i was hooked! Never watched anything like it before. The main reason is American dramas are basically trash to me they have to put drugs, sex or nudity in everything it just ruins it for me. I love that kdramas are so innocent and don't need all the sex and hooking up in it to make it interesting. BOF definitely wasn't the best drama I ever watched but it's what got me addicted. I've watched every kind so far I didn't think I could ever like the ones that are of different eras and they wear those costumes,but I did! It's been 2 years of watching! Lol

  31. Thank you for commenting! I find it so interesting how many people got hooked by BOF. You are so right about how interesting K-drama can be. Yay for K-drama watching! ^^

  32. Welcome azzurri! I am so glad you found the blog (which lately has been rather full of Aaron ;) ). I have heard of Meteor Garden, but haven't watched it. It's funny how dramas can draw us in as they tell stories and make us fall in love with their characters.

    I always say that Binnie is my K-drama first love, and I still love him to bits, but yes, my love for Korean (and other Asian actors) is always increasing. And what a wonderful world it is that we inhabit!

  33. It's funny how we both agree that BOF is not a good drama, and yet it marks an important milestone in our K-drama journey. For me BOF was what introduced K-drama to me and I continued watching them after I had gotten the first taste of it. For you, BOF was first big disappointment that nearly stopped you from watching dramas. But you didn't and look at where you are now! :D

    I guess my Asian drama journey began...hmmm....5 years ago or so. I'm a little taken aback by the number of years now that I've said it - has it really been that long? Although my main passion now are K-dramas, I actually started out with Taiwanese dramas, moved on to Japanese next and only after a while tried out my first K-drama. For some reason, I avoided Korean shows at first. I dunno even know why. But devoured a whole bunch of them after I completed BOF. I started a lot of K-dramas that people were recommending in forums and I never finished most of them, just moved on from one to the next one. That was the craziest time of my addiction, I guess. These days, I take things easy and choose my dramas more carefully, trying out new genres every once in a while.

    I actually wrote about how I got into Asian dramas and K-pop more extensively in my blog's first birthday post, so if you care to read it, here's the link: http://saryre.blogspot.com/2012/10/between-worlds-first-birthday-recalling.html

    Anyways, it's such a lovely post (I almost teared up a bit in the end) and it was really nice to chat with you and Kakashi on Twitter :)

  34. It does boggle the mind when I consider how my online community has, over time, felt more and more real to me. In the very beginning, I used to feel like this online thing would probably be something that would be easy to walk away from, since it's all online and anonymous. SO UNTRUE. The friendships in cyberspace have become more and more real over time, and I sometimes feel like this cyber community gets me in ways that some of my RL friends don't. Who knew??? :D

  35. OMG dewaani... I just found this blog of yours and it's awesome! Found it because of Aaron Yan by the way, but I will continue on that subject in your AY post for the sake of the others' sanity.

    I wanted to answer this question too - I don't know why but I love it everytime someone asks me why i love Kdramas. Hehehe. Can I say, in essence I love Asian dramas - specifically Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese. I sometimes watch Filipino, Indonesian and my own country Malaysia's dramas but very very rarely now. Mainly those first three, and the top spot changes every so often depending on the current drama landscape. Although I have to say, lately it has been more Kdramas than anything else.

    Ironically my love affair with Asian dramas started, like with a lot of people with that little Taiwan idol drama, Meteor Garden. I still have trouble to this day to decide which version of Hanadan I love more between MG and HYD, but certainly MG has a special spot in my heart for opening the gateway to this wonderful world of drama. And those 4 guys - I still would watch anything with any of them in it till this day. So it went from Tdramas to Jdoramas and finally Kdramas - and my first Kdrama was My Name Is Kim Sam Soon like you, and my first Kdrama actor fangirly moment had to be... Samshik aka Hyun Bin. It has expanded greatly since then, and I even have a pretty long list in my ICOMYM category. Hee.

    And like you, my Asian drama love has also made me lovely lovely friends I have never met in real life. Friends I met through reading fanfiction, then friends I met in blogs and Soompi and tumblr with whom I can rave and rant and spazz with about things my real family and friends don't get.

    I guess I watch Kdramas, basically because I love stories well told first of all. But with those not so well told, I can still love them if they have a wonderful cast or OTP or a bromance that works. And without all that, I can still love them, shallow person that I can be, just to look at delightful eye candy. :)