09 April, 2014

I ❤ Choi Kang Joo: Bride of the Century Episodes 13 & 14

And the cute is back - amid plenty of angst, but it's the good kind, well some of it is at least. I've sort of decided to throw caution to the wind and ignore (for the most part) the editing and acting and stuff that gets in the way of adoring all the adorable and good things about the drama. And there are moments when I start to think that the instrumental score is rather beautiful.

One such scene where I thought how beautiful was when Kang Joo's mother confesses to her husband that her mother murdered his first love. The scene was also incredibly beautiful and moving and you can see her heartbreak and devastation for what she realizes she has lost because of the actions of her mother. While I don't really agree that it's all her fault that her mother murdered his first love, I can see how she feels an immense amount of guilt. I don't think she can really avoid that. Her line of "As a wife and a mother, I am undeserving," was especially heartbreaking because all that she has ever been seems to be falling to pieces around her. I think though that she underestimates how good of a man Kang Joo's dad is. He has known for a while that her mother murdered his first love, but he's just sort of let it lie low (I am not really sure what he intended to do with the information). The scene also ended rather suddenly, so I am not sure if he is really going to accept her leaving. We shall have to see. I can most likely see him forgiving her, and saying she should stay.

Kang Joo's father is someone who you can't help but love (though why he's still pining for his first love for 30 years is perhaps more a testament for the deep love for first loves Korean drama seems to worship than reality). I also really loved the scene where he visited Doo Rim's restaurant and was just willing to accept her and love her and forgive her lying about who she was. You can see where Kang Joo gets his soft gooeyness from. We'll see how that that plays into forgiving his wife who has shared a life with for 30 years as well two sons. That depth of experience can't just disappear, right? And she has been good to him for the most part, and she is not complicit in the murder. Perhaps I am just starting to see her as a more pitiable character.

I can sort of forgive Kang Joo's mom and grandmother (super convenient for her to die argh no accountability, just leaves the family to clean up the mess) because they realize that they have committed wrong. Kang Joo's grandmother even confessed, albeit a deathbed confession, but she was at least tortured enough to return the diary page and to actually say something. Madame Ma on the other hand...she doesn't seem to understand that she is not the victim. She seems to feel that everyone is out to get her and that she's justified in using whatever means to get what she wants. She, however, has no leg to stand on. She is the bad guy and she has so right to feel so put out by being arrested. It's like she has no grip on reality, or any common sense, or any sense of morality. At all. And Yi Kyung is the same. She doesn't get that Doo Rim couldn't really have taken Kang Joo away from her because he was never hers to begin with. I also wonder if she will really die. Her suicide (or attempted suicide) was cowardly, and they had better not paint Kang Joo as the murder because of circumstantial evidence. Real forensics would show powder traces on her fingers and paint her as the culprit, but you can't really hope for that in K-drama *sigh*.

I think that the end of the episode reveal end of the episode reveal that she's intricately involved in the origins of the curse is also really interesting. I actually wasn't expecting the curse to bring her in a big reincarnation twist, but I guess it makes sense to bring back justice, harmony, and balance. It also makes me a little wary of the ghost's agenda. She obviously wanted Madame Ma to "show her true colours" as she put it, and she does. Madame Ma certainly hasn't changed much in the past 100 years it seems as she continues to strangle the Doo-Rim-turned-ghost (who seems pretty substantial - unless she's still actually strangling Doo Rim possessed by the ghost). It will be really interesting to learn more about that whole backstory. And we're still not sure how much the ghost is trying to just avenge her own death. She seems to be helping Doo Rim perhaps as a reward for saving her child, and to break the "curse" of conniving women. She could also just be using Doo Rim. We'll just have to see.

According to the episode 15 preview, it seems she is leaning more towards the helping side. [translation for preview from misspriya on the Soompi forum thread: Ghost: You can't avoid punishment for your wrong doings. DR: I don't think I can live without KJ, but I can't find my happiness by creating problems in others' lives. Ghost: It won't be the end but the beginning.]

And we see that Doo Rim is also intricately involved in the unfolding and repercussions of the curse (I wonder who she is in the scheme of things - and she also called out to her mother in that flashback scene). And there's a baby as well!!! Ooh, how does that fit in to the story (as we still don't really know if Doo Rim could be pregnant...there have been more pics of Doo Rim and her grandmother taking care of the toddler). I'm also starting to wonder how her parents died and how that fits in with the curse though that does leave an awful lot of wrapping up for the last two episodes. I guess that's what happens when an originally slated 20 episode drama gets turned into 16 (which I don't think is a bad thing, but it means perhaps a not so tidy ending).

But really what makes me keep loving and watching this drama is not so much how the curse works or will be resolved, but rather Kang Joo and Doo Rim. They really do have lovely chemistry and of course I want to hug and squish dear Kang Joo pretty much most of the time. Ah! That scene at the press conference where he describes falling in love with Doo Rim was sooooo romantic and just lovely. It made me feel all gooey inside. The fuzzy feels! And when he reveals that the woman he hopes to spend the rest of his life with is Na Doo Rim, it almost makes you want to get up and cheer! And can I say that Roo Mi and Oppa seem genuinely happy that Kang Joo has decided to be a man and get the the woman he loves. They are seriously my favourite second leads for how not clingy they are! Yay! They're actually mature.

Oh that little eyebrow raise
I also really loved the scene where Oppa goes to tell Kang Joo what's what and basically tells him to man-up. Yes! He loves Doo Rim and understands that she can only be truly happy with the man she loves (though I'm not gonna lie, Oppa is pretty awesome too). And Roo Mi is also great at making sure to keep Doo Rim cognizant of her love for Kang Joo. Why don't Oppa and Roo Mi get together? They'd make a great couple actually, I think. And Oppa is just pretty awesome (and really wise) in general. I really loved that he told Yi Kyung that "You can't gain happiness by hurting others." That is so true, not that she listened though. It's why she's the sun's shadow and not the sun like Doo Rim.

And the penny drops that Doo Rim actually loves him and not Oppa
But back to Kang Joo and Doo Rim. Choi Kang Joo was kind of my hero for this episode. Not only did he decided to make a go for true love, but he was so wise and mature to recognize that they needed to reveal their tragic family history first. And that also allowed his mother to step-up and act with sincerity and dignity. As I have said before, it made me want to just hug him. I just love his character and how Hong Ki is portraying him. And I think that's why I just love and appreciate all the cute. Seriously, it's jjang!!!

One scene with Na Doo Rim and Choi Kang Joo was just after Oppa tells Doo Rim that Kang Joo is risking everything to have her, and she realizes she needs to find just as much courage and go to him and embrace their love (and Kang Joo), and she runs to him. Again, Oppa is jjang!!! I just love how she burst into his office and hugged him. Yes! I like that impulsive side of her and I love how pleased Kang Joo is with her hugging him but sort of pretends that they should't have this much skinship in public.

I think that there were a bunch of other things that I really loved about that scene other than the cuteness. I loved that he told her that because he has her that he really doesn't need anything else. I like that. They're both adorable romantics, but they get what's important, and it's not money. I also loved how he was all being gruff about her repaying him with interest for buying her the restaurant, and she just kisses him. ㅋㅋㅋ That's the way to pay him back!

And of course the tie tying scene was pretty cute too. I love how adorkable he was to come all the way over to the restaurant to get her to tie his tie. So silly. I also love that the mock strangled him. They are just goofy and silly and I love it. They actually totally felt like a married couple in that screen; they just felt so comfortable together. They need to get rid of this curse and actually get on with married life. Because cuteness. Because adorable babies.

Another scene that was just funny and cute was the jimjilbang scene. We got lots of goofy faces and cuteness and just plain adorableness. Who doesn't want to see Hong Ki in that little lambs' ears towel get-up? I also love how jealous Doo Rim got of all his "pretty hoobaes" ㅋㅋㅋ Ah! You can just tell they're very comfortable with each other but the way he just casually drapes his arm across his shoulders for the rest of that scene. They're just so squishably cute together. And that line about her grandmother being rather understanding was pretty hilarious.

I also stumbled upon this adorable little interview from a press conference for the drama. It's subbed in English (thank you Arirang K-Pop) and Hong Ki is pretty much the most deliciously adorable thing ever in this interview. He's actually rather Jeremy like...voice and all. Anyway, they're super cute together and talk about their great chemistry etc.

So that's all for this week's episodes. I am excited for the final episodes and I'm really hoping we're going to get a nice, fuzzy, happy with kittens ending, right?! Until then I will continue to listen to copious amounts of FT ISLAND.

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  1. I'm giggling here just browsing the pictures... I haven't even start reading! But pictures say a 1000 words more, right? You know the part/pics when Kang Joo almost look into the cam when she was tying his ties for him? Gold! The jjimjilbang scene was hilarious too! Remember when he said it is his first time in the spa? He sure acted not! LOL. But he was cute! So so cute! Let's spazz together again! I hope I can watch this week's episodes before I leave. Otherwise I'm going to cry!!!!

  2. Snoopy's TwinkieApril 09, 2014 11:52 PM

    Too cute! I think that between youand Nelly, I will simply have to watch this. Lol

  3. Warning: It's not the best of dramas, but it's completely adorable and charming. I think that has a lot to do with Yang Jin Sung and Lee Hong Ki though. They are scrumptiously deliciously adorable together.

  4. You think they would? She's two years older than him... I'd definitely join ya and ship 'em both. I believe what we saw all the while is HongKi hehehehe. And yes, that is HongKi alright! And your subconscious may be right, ya know? Let's not exclude anything yet hehehe.

  5. Haha. I don't really shop people in RL...except I was hoping for the QIHM man one...and it did turn out. If anything, they are really good friends and I adore their chemistry because it makes for lovely drama feels. And age doesn't really matter, right?! ;)

  6. you don't have to worry. Jinsung is loved by our fandom and get our blessing. honestly speaking, i think they will make a great couple. she is the first woman Hongki ever kiss on tv(7 times not included the NGs lol). Hongki went desperate borderline coo coo when botc filming almost over(look at his IG profile now) acting lovey dovey with someone for months and now you need to stop especially when you already kissing them on the lips. kissing on someone's lips does something to your heart no matter how professional you think you are.

    i have to admit many pris don't like Hongki's partner in global we got married not because we're jealous lol. we don't like her because she was an anal to Hongki in few of the epis and make oppa look bad lol(maybe the script want her to be an asshole to Hongki idk) Hongki only met her 15 to 17 days for wgm shooting because gwgm is different from regular wgm. with Jinsung he need to see her almost every day for months. you do the math.

    i think Jinsung already met Jonghun(FT leader aka Hongki's bff) outside with Hongki maybe for a drink ;)

    you know what, Hongki always do group dating to avoid the media from catching him having a date.

  7. Thank you so much for such a great comment! I would totally support them dating, actually I support anyone dating really. And I am really glad that they enjoyed such great chemistry both on and off screen. Whatever happens, I hope they are happy and have a lot of success in their careers and lives!

  8. I know, right?!?!? I tried to post as many of the cute pics as possible. They looked so happy together when she was tying his tie. I swear it was Hong Ki shining through and not Kang Joo. I don't know if you can see it in the collage, but this pic, it looks more Hong Ki than anything. Ah! I just love them together! I also love how comfortable they looked in the jimjilbang. When he had his hand on her knee, I was like...ooh comfortable skinship. I also hope you can watch the episodes before you leave on your travels.

    I just love the two of them together, and there is definietly a part of me that sort of hopes for a QIHM sort of RL falling in love thing happening ㅋㅋㅋ I actually dreamed last night that he unfollowed her on Instagram because his fans were being obnoxious and because he liked her in RL...man, my subconscious with these two! ;P