15 April, 2014

Header Spree & A Little Update

Earlier this week I had a header making request from Nelly and because I made a Doo Joon one for her, it started me on a Let's Eat and Doo Joon header making spree, which was cut short by my laptop blackscreening on me and then the charger dying completely. This meant no drama watching (I'm still not caught up on Cunning, Single Lady nor have I had a chance to finish Bride of the Century. So on the way home, on the train, from getting the laptop in spit-spot shape, and getting a new charger, I made a bunch of headers.

Yoon Doo Joon is so gorgeous! He has long been my BEAST bias, but that was most firmly cemented while watching Let's Eat. I think I need to watch that drama again soon!

Oh Bride of the Century! I think I will watch the last two episodes soon and hopefully have a post put up soon as well. These two are just so adorable! Oh Lee Hong Ki, why are you so squishably adorable? He also pulls the greatest derps faces ever.

And for those of you who missed it last week, the MV for Lee Hong Ki's OST was released. I just love his voice so much! And I really adore Choi Kang Koo and Na Doo Rim together.

And then of course, I just had to make a Daniel Henney header after reading Kfangurl's lovely Pure Pretty post about him. The man is seriously gorgeous. It's kind of unreal.

I've only seen up to episode 13 of Cunning, Single Lady (the laptop died before I could watch episode 14). I was actually just starting to watch the Running Man episode where Joo Sang Wook guest starred when my screen went blank ㅋ I should probably go and finish that...

And of course, we cannot forget our lovely other half of our OTP. Lee Min Jung is so beautiful. And I really enjoy her as an actress as well. I think she's got a lot more talent than many of the roles she has played *cough* Big *cough*, but I generally find her delightful.

And then of course, I had to make a few Baekhyun headers. The kid is so adorkable! I was particularly inspired by an epic conversation on Facebook about K-pop. I think the conversation is still going on actually ㅋㅋㅋ

And then Janey shared this lovely video of Baekhyun, Kyungsoo, Chen, and Lay singing in English! Ah! They are so amazing! I can't stop listening to it. Man, who ever thought I would fall for EXO ㅋ

I made these two the day after posting...so this is sort of an updated version. I adore VIXX! They are just such amazing dancers, vocalists, and performers. And bustered loves them maybe even more than me. So in honour of our friendship I made a Leo banner and another couple of VIXX ones. I would have made more, but my hand and fingers are cramping up in the one hand...so more later?

And now I should get some sleep so I can watch more drama get some RL stuff done. I am working on the You From Another Star final post, and I've started a "tragic MV playlist" post as well - because K-pop seems to adore tragic music videos. I've also started an INFINITE playlist post. So yup. With Bride of the Century ending ended and Cunning, Single Lady ending this week, those posts should be up soon too. Man, I guess I should be careful about mentioning too many posts...I had better get them written and not slack off blogging by watching too much drama then ;)

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  1. /whispers Baekhyun is my first bias ㅋㅋㅋ He's really so cute. He's such a goofball then he sings and you start to take him seriously! Aah, I love his voice. :)

    Also, I *MUST* marathon Let's Eat after lent. I read so many good reviews!

  2. Hehe, he is such a goofball, but I think that is why I adore him, and then yes, when he starts to sing, wow!

    Let's Eat is probably one of my favourite dramas I've watched. It was light and frothy and cute, but also completely normal all at the same time. But yes, I would wait until after Lent ^^

  3. Nawwws, your headers are once again pretty as always! Love them!

  4. Haha, I guess I only made four of them on the train ride (it was an hour long train ride). And I made the Let's Eat one the other day and then I made the other four once I got home. I just got on a roll...and I kind of wanted to carry on but I figured sleep was probably good ;)

    Of course, anytime. I like giving shoutouts ^^ Do you know who your next Pure Pretty post will feature? I vote for a woman this time because we all have our girl crushes. Maybe Song Hye Gyo or Shin Min Ah or Lee Min Jung...there are so many absolutely beautiful Korean women as well, though I don't mind all the beautiful men so much ;) ㅋㅋㅋ

    Let's Eat is so great! And you are so right about eating deliciously! Seriously, just thinking about that drama makes me want to go and eat something right now! Mmm...some kimchi would be so good right now. I guess I will have to settle for something else.

  5. Wow. You made that many headers on a single train ride?? How long WAS that train ride, Dewaani??? XD

    Thanks for the lovely shout-out - I particularly love the Daniel Henney header, not that it has anything to do with my having researched him for Pure Pretty! ;p *ahem*

    I just started on Let's Eat, and am just 2 eps in so far. They do manage to eat deliciously, don't they?!? If there ever was a need to explain what that phrase even means, that show would be the perfect demonstration! ^^