05 April, 2014

Favourite Finds #4 [5 April 2014]

This week has been rather busy for me, so this is why this is a little late. There was lots happening on the Internets this week about all the things we love, so I hope you enjoy this week's "Favourite Finds". If you didn't catch last week's post, you can read it here.

1. I am slowly catching up with Pinterest again, sort of (you can follow me here) and I came across this lovely pictorial for Vogue Girl November 2013 with Yeo Jin Gu. He is a particularly promising, young actor and photographs incredibly well. Here is one of the pictures from the pictorial, and you can check out the rest of them here. Not only is he beautiful to look at and a great, budding actor, but he was also totally adorable and a good sport on the Running Man episode he was on recently [Episode 182].

2. Earlier this week I happened to watch the clip of Super Junior's Henry on Star King. Man, he has some music skills. Genius. He played a piano battle that was just so superb, and then he did a bunch of other things, one of them being some sweet violin playing and violin playing performance dance stuff too. He is just so talented! He also had a funny little dance-play off thing with Kim Jong Min (who he at first had no idea who he was or that he was sitting there - it was pretty funny). He didn't even know that Kim Jong Min was a singer (he's the lead singer of Koyote). Oh Henry! You're so talented and adorable and I'm a big fan.

3. Park Hyo Shin's raspy voice and singing talent is something incredibly well-known in Korea. The veteran singer has made his comeback after four years with the absolutely gorgeous "Wild Flower". Not only does he look and sound amazing, but the lyrics of the song are also absolutely beautiful. I don't know for how long I had this song on endless repeat, but it was a lot. And I listened to it a million times while writing this post as well. Even if you are not a fan of ballads, give it a listen; he's an impressive singer and the song is heartachingly beautiful.

4. I am hoping that most of you already know about the My Korean Husband blog, but just in case you don't, Nic and Hugh Gwon are a lovely couple who run the My Korean Husband blog. Nic is from Australia and Hugh is from South Korea and they are married and currently live in South Korea. (They just moved there recently). Anyway, you should check them out. Their comics and videos are funny and charming and always bring a smile to my face.

5. Today I was walking home and this lovely song came up on my playlist. It's GOME's "Dream Song" and is upbeat and lighthearted. GOME performs in the reggae/soul genre and here's his Facebook page. I am sorry to say that I don't know a tonne about him. Does anyone else? I honestly don't even remember how I discovered this song, Youtube subscription? I really can't remember. Anyway, I love the song and it's a great song to add to one's collection.

6. Right in the beginning stages of K-pop addiction, I was in the car with a friend, who also happened to be a friend of bustered's. I have no idea why I was talking to him about K-pop, but he mentioned this one video that bustered had shown him, and it turns out it was INFINITE's Before the Dawn. It firmly cemented my love for them (this is like late 2011 or early 2012 or something like that). They also execute the "scorpion" move in the song that I think is totally daebak. You can see it in the dance version. Anyway, I digress. This past week, their agency released an instrumental version, which basically means we get to see all this unseen footage from the original MV where our boys fight for the their lives in gritty and grimy circumstances. So yup, if you love INFINITE and want to see more of them...then this is for you. And then watch the dance version, they are superb!

7. Sometimes one just gets in a header mood and you end up making a bunch. I made a few more which I posted here, but I also made a couple more today.

I guess my EXO love is real - I made a Baekhyun header. He is just so adorable!

I also think that Song Hye Gyo is one of the most beautiful women in the universe. I have some screenshots of her from in That Winter, the Wind Blows that I've been wanting to make into headers. So here is one of them. Isn't she absolutely gorgeous?!

8. Another release I really enjoyed this week was Mad Clown's "Without You" featuring SISTAR's Hyorin. Man, I seem to share so many ballads. I hope you all don't mind ^^.

9. Another pictorial released recently was BoA's pictorial for 1st Look. Check it out here. Here are a couple of the photos from it. Not only is she an incredibly talented performer, but she's gorgeous too.

10. I thoroughly enjoyed this performance on SBS's Star King. Himchan is a pretty decent janggu player (Korean traditional drums).

Well folks, that's this weeks "Favourite Finds". Please share your favourite reads/picks/listens/watches of the week in the comments section below.

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  1. My findings these days:
    Dong Chan, one and only,
    Woobie looking hot with that new haircut on RM, never look this hot,
    ERCouple looking so disappointed,
    Mr Chu is bad, bad, bad song,
    WGMGlobal, Heechul is crazy and funny.
    Now coffee time...

  2. You mentioned Dong Chan (I am guessing "God's Gift"?) Is that worth watching? I have heard some good things about it.
    Woobie! He is so gorgeous and lovely! I need watch the new RM episode ASAP!
    ER Couple...I think I'll try finish that one tomorrow.
    Yeah...I totally agree about Mr. Chu.
    I LOVE Heechul's Instagram posts with his cat the best...I have actually never gotten into WGM - just watched clips here and there.

  3. with your goodies:...nice to see Park Yoo Shin's Wild Flower here again....ahhhh!...this dude is just one of my favorite balladeers that can sing greatly!..he always gives me goosebumps when i listen to his songs...he's that gooooooood!....Henry L....a very cool guy that can play a lot of instruments and can speak many languages!....i love him....and who would not love Infinite's BTD!!!!!..awesome songs with great choreography there!....it's super daebak...Infinite L, Hoya and Dongwoo jjang!....i do agree with you that Song Hye Kyo is one of the pretty faces we can find....and thank you for loving BaekHyun!...he sings well i love all EXO members but i singled him out for great singing...i mesmerized with EXO-M members though...YiXing..Tao...Kris and the rest...

  4. I have been listening to "Wildflower" sooooooo much!!! I almost made a post for it all by itself, but I figured I could wait for my "Favourite Finds" post ^^ Park Hyo Shin really is amazing!

    I do love Henry, he is just so fabulous! And of course I have a huge soft spot for INFINITE. They were the first group I fell in love with after DBSK.

    And yup, Song Hye Gyo. She is so gorgeous! And of course I love Baekhyun. It's funny how one can fall for EXO - I certainly didn't expect I would...but here I am making banners even!

  5. oh?...DBSK!....the awesome five!...i love that group my very first k-pop boy group as well..how can i not?...Hero, Xiah, U-know, Mickey and Maknae Max rock my world then...until today...wish that they'll have a comeback concert.......always keep the faith...as the cassie's motto said....

  6. DBSK!!!! They are seriously like the best boyband ever!!! While I love JYJ and TVXQ, they're just not as good apart as the five were together. *sigh* I really, really, really hope that one day they will have a reunion concert.