29 March, 2014

Favourite Finds #3 [29 March 2014]

Another week has come and gone, and I am not really sure how it's already Saturday. Wow, times flies! Here is this week's Favourite Finds post! Sadly I haven't been able to post too much this week, but hopefully this can make up for it a bit.

1. For those of you who completely missed it, MBLAQ made their comeback with their fourth mini album, Broken, and their title track "Be a Man". If you haven't seen it yet, watch it! It's suave, sexy, and super classy. The lyrics are also pretty fabulous and go well with the haunting ballad feel of the MV. They all look and sound amazing (particularly my MBLAQ love, Seung Ho). 

They also did a Google hangout fan cam, which was adorable. They played heart ping-pong with the Google effects and poor Joon was desperately trying to get them on his head, but they preferred Seung Ho and Cheondung ㅋ. Here are a couple of screenshots from it. 

If you missed the hangout, you can also watch it here. Aren't they just adorable?! And I just adore Seung Ho's lovely smile! 

2. I literally cried tears from laughing to so much while reading the absolutely hilarious post from the ladies of The Problem of the Unproblematic about You Are Beautiful fashion. I dare you not to laugh while reading it. [Idol Fashion Dramatized: You Are Beautiful]

3. Who doesn't love some lovely Kim Woo Bin? I happened to see a delightful conversation between kfangurl and Jules (which is pretty cute too) about a fansigning for Kim Woo Bin. Not only was the adorable baby dressed as a dinosaur so cute, but Woobie's face of pure delight made my week every time I thought about it. Yup. Pretty adorable. I can totally seeing him being the cutest dad ever. Anyway, here are super adorable pics.

[Photo Credits: Twitter, Tumblr]
4. I've known that Junsu has a twin brother for a long time, but I completely missed that he's now starring as one of the Emperor's body guards (who I have thought rather handsome) in Empress Ki. allkpop posted an article about Junsu delivering food to the set. There are some pics there, see if you can see the family resemblance. Now whenever I see the bodyguard, I can totally see it (though I completely missed it before). 

5. In other Empress Ki news, I find Tal Tal (Jin Yi Han) absolutely, breathtakingly gorgeous. And his voice, his voice. He's mesmerizing. I'm slowly catching up (I'm on episode 34). 

And I absolutely adore Ha Ji Won (in pretty much everything). I also find her incredibly beautiful, particularly when her make-up is minimal. She really is fantastically beautiful.

I also adore Ji Chang Wook's smirk. To say this drama has eye candy might be the understatement of the century. And despite it's melodramatic and soap operatic overtones, I am enjoying it thoroughly. 

6. I feel like I need to post something INFINITE related because I do adore them so. I have some ideas in the works to make a "live stage" playlist of some of the groups who are actually really excellent live (in K-pop that is). This is probably one of the first live stages I ever watched, and INFINITE are just so amazing. And "Paradise" is just so good as well. But before I ever make the list, I just had to share this performance. Ah, they are just so excellent! 

7. Lee Sun Hee, a pretty legendary Korean singer (and Lee Seung Gi's teacher) made a comeback with the a rather beautiful ballad "Meet Him Among Them". The reason I share this here though is the really beautiful and touching MV. It made me cry, but then again, I can be a bit of a sap. The song is really beautiful as well though. She debuted in 1984 and was incredibly popular in the 80s and 90s.

8. I don't know if any of you follow SPEED, but I quite like their sound. They released a performance version of their song "Don't Tease Me!", which has some pretty aerial jump choreography (plus the song is super fun and catchy). They also just released another dance practice video to showcase those jumps a little more. They had previously released another jump practice one as well, which even has them doing one of the jumps into a swimming pool. And this Music Core performance is also super fun as well. I bet they would be fantastic to see in concert - there would just be so much energy!

9. Lately kfangurl has started a new series called "Pure Pretty" for lovely collections of beautiful Korean entertainers. I personally adore BIGBANG's T.O.P., so I am super happy she discovered how insanely beautiful he is. You can check out her post here. And in case you want some more blogs to check out, make sure to check out my blog index page called "The Bloggersphere". Who knows, you might make be able to meet some of our lovely dramaland neighbours that way. 

10. [This has potential spoilers in it for episodes 11/12 of Bride of the Century] And last but not least, Yan Ji Sung who stars in a few roles (I heard she's going to star in episodes 11/12 as the younger version of her grandmother, which I am sure I will find out once the episodes get subbed in like a million years *grumble grumble* - I know, it's not really that long of a wait). She posted a cute video of her holding a child on her Instagram account which the Bride of the Century Facebook page got a couple of adorable screenshots of. I hear rumours that this is Doo Rim and Kang Joo's son, but I'm not 100% sure about that. Anyway, he's adorable! 

Well folks, that's this week's Favourite Finds post! Be sure to check out the previous posts as well for other favourite finds, which you can always find on our archives pages on the 2014 Musings page or by searching with the "Favourite Finds" tag. Let me know what your week's favourites finds are in the comments below. 

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  1. Thanks for the shout-outs, chingu!! Yes, Woobie is utterly adorable, and TOP is insanely beautiful. Ever since I started researching his pix in earnest for the post, I can't stop saying how insanely beautiful he is! XD

    I haven't seen Jin Yi Han in anything much, so I only remember him as the jerk boyfriend in Master's Sun, HAHA! Not so appealing a memory, but that could totally change. I just need to see him in some better role, I'm sure ^^

  2. T.O.P., T.O.P. is hotte. I don't think we can say it enough ;)

    I hadn't seen Jin Yi Han in anything either (other than the Master's Sun cameo), but I am quickly becoming a fan. That's funny that you remember him as the jerk boyfriend. I was actually more irritated at the dead girlfriend who didn't tell him she was dying. I HATE that in K-drama where noble idiocy causes some huge misunderstanding. And I totally didn't have a problem with him ditching the fiancee who wasn't really in love with him. His role in Empress Ki is a complicated one...and he is a character that's not necessarily always the good guy...though I should hold my judgment until the end. Right now I really like him (I'm at episode 35) but that could change. He's beautiful either way though, and his voice is GORGEOUS and deep and oooh so lovely!!!

  3. Yay! Thank you for the awesome WooBin photos! I love boys who are great with kids! And he looks so genuinely happy with that kid!! T__T Ugh, my heart~

    Also, your Empress Ki posts make me consider watching it! Dewaani, where do you find the time to watch all this dramas and be updated with KPOP at the same? I need tips. ㅋㅋㅋ

  4. Isn't he?! When men are good with children, I find it incredibly attractive. Like INCREDIBLY!!!

    Empress Ki has been most enjoyable, but then again I do love a sageuk (though this one does tend to be a little melodramatic). Right now my secret is that I am unemployed and graduated from college...I've been waiting on some visa stuff...so no school and no job means more drama and K-pop time...for a long time I didn't watch any drama while I was finishing my thesis. Once work starts again...less drama. So basically I am just having fun over-indulging on K-ent... ^^

  5. Oh oh!! I remember him now! I saw him in Hooray for Love, which I stuck with for something like 22 eps before throwing in the towel. And he was a huge jerk boyfriend there too! THAT'S probably why he's now imprinted on my mind as "jerk boyfriend" coz the only 2 times I've seen him, he's played jerk boyfriends! XD

  6. ㅋㅋㅋ That's a pity. I hate it when someone has had a bunch of roles that have pigeonholed them into one character type. His character as Tal Tal isn't really jerk boyfriend - he's more silent, complicated, and interesting...as well as super hotte ;D

  7. Well that certainly sounds like an upgrade from jerk boyfriend! XD He was Lee Bo Young's cheating, mean, no-conscience jerk boyfriend in Hooray for Love, and there was no end to his awful ways. That left a deep imprint on my mind, clearly! XD Hopefully he outgrows jerk boyfriend-dom with new roles like this one ^^

  8. I hope so. I found out that he's a musical actor and has done stage performance as well. I just hope that by the time I catch up with Empress Ki...that he won't turn into a jerk. That's okay though I guess because I have at least discovered his beauty before then ;) ㅋㅋㅋ