22 March, 2014

Favourite Finds #2 [22 March 2014]

Another week has come and gone and I actually made another "Favourite Finds" posts. Hooray! At least I hope you think it's hooray! ^^ I hope you liked last week's "Favourite Finds" post and that you'll enjoy this one as well.

1. I'm not really sure why Jackie Chan wants to debut a K-Pop group. His love and interest in Korea might be the reason. He was on a Running Man episode once [Episode 135] and spoke Korean, and has photobombed Siwon and Andy Lau, so he has some ties to South Korea that way. I'm not going to speculate too much because he is a man of many talents and interests and hey, why not join the already rookie saturated K-pop world. I think though that someone needs to review names with him, the first being the leader's name...

[Credit: TypicalKpopper's Twitter]
They actually did a good job with their debut song "At First" on M-Countdown (and elsewhere) and hello lovely voice there at 1:02...dang it, I think that's Simba. 

2. While I really do like B.A.P.'s latest 1004 (Angel) quite a lot, I also really like another song from the album, "With You". Bang Yong Guk has actually a finalist for a Shorty Award for his humanitarian work and made a MV using footage from his humanitarian work to the song "With You". It's kind of nice to see someone with a bit more of a "bad boy" concept show his sincerity and generosity. He seems to be rather a teddy bear actually. The gentlemen of B.A.P. really do seem earnest about creating a better world.

3. VIXX!!! I love them so!!! A while ago, I saw a performance by VIXX on Immortal Song 2 that I just have to share. Not only are VIXX amazing performers all round, they are actually quite talented as singers (and dancers). They sang a commemorative piece by Kim Sung Jae "To Put It In Words", which is a super great song. Kim Sungjae died tragically at age 23, in a case that still hasn't been fully solved. His mom was in the audience for the VIXX performance and was quite moved apparently (she talks to them at 48:45). She also talks a little bit about the fans who keep in touch with her and send her gifts during the holidays.  KBS won't let me embed it...but I've cued it to right before they go on stage at 41:48, so just click on the performance link. [VIXX Performance] The video is subtitled in English. Thank you KBS World TV! (Sadly Leo isn't in the performance because he was still recovering from his injured ankle from playing soccer, but he's back-stage being his usual lovely self ^^).

4. I was really happy that BIGBANG released this beautiful video of T.O.P. as a teaser for the photobook of pictorials that he's releasing next month. Or I guess I should say that Y.G. is releasing. allkpop has more about the actual photobook (there's a 400 page version & a 999 page version) if you want to know more about it. I just want to look at T.O.P. I really, really want the book though as well...

5. I really, really loved this MV (and the song as well) that was released this week: Michelle Lee's "Without You". Not only do I adore her voice (it's so gorgeous), but I think the message of the MV is pretty excellent. The MV also stars an absolutely adorable little girl! For those of you not familiar with Michelle Lee, she's a Survival: K-Pop Star contestant from 2011/2012. She was originally going to debut with SuPearls, but I am guessing that because of Lee Hi's incredibly popular solo career, launched before their debut (Lee Hi was part of SuPearls), the group was disbanded and their contracts nullified. Michelle Lee joined DIMA Entertainment, and debuted with this song. She has featured on Double K's "Rewind" (which I also love) earlier last year as well.

Her non-win on Survival: K-Pop Star was controversial (at least to the English speaking blogging world) because she seemed to be a rather superior performer, but possibly due to racist attitudes, she didn't win. (The winner is determined by popular vote). JY Park (who is also a judge on the contest) expressed some feelings about racist attitudes in Korea and how it needs to stop. He seemed supportive of Lee and a bit put out the public didn't recognize her talent. Michelle Lee was born and raised in Korea, and is Korean, so it's rather annoying to see bloggers talk about her as a foreigner on the K-pop scene. Her mother is Korean and her father is an African-American, which means she's bi-racial and bi-racial, but she's still Korean. She is a powerful vocal artist and someone who I look forward to hearing a lot more from.

6. I've been enjoying Emergency Couple for the most part (what's up with the super melodrama going on?), but one of my favourite parts is Baby Gook. he is so scrumptiously adorable!!! The drama released official stills that just made me want to cuddle him. He's soooooo cute!!!!!!!! I guess this is as good a time as any to announce I opened a Pinterest account...and these are also pinned on one of my boards. Oh Baby Gookie!!!

7. I'm not sure how I missed this delightful little song "Some" by SISTAR's SoYou & JunggiGo ft. Geeks' Lil Boi. It's completely delightful. The MV stars SISTAR's Dasom and B1A4's Baro, and the MV is also subbed! Yay starship TV!

8. While checking out FTISLAND's latest Japanese PV (未体験Futurewhich is great by the way), I saw this suggested video. I haven't been able to find the English lyrics, but this has one of the sweetest music videos I've seen in a while. And the song is great too. And yes, I realize this isn't really Korean...but bear with me. It's a lovely find ^^ Kusuo is a singer-songwriter from Nagasaki, and apparently spent his early twenties in Jamaica after discovering a love for reggae. I asked a Japanese speaking friend and they said the song title translates as "It's Sunday Already Outside the Window". They're also working on a complete translation of the lyrics, which I will post later on in the week. The general gist of the song is the man telling about general and mundane events in his life, and then she appears, and he loves her and she makes life more meaningful. Enjoy!

9. So...I kind of adore Lee Hong Ki (or maybe it's just major Jeremy feels *sigh*) and I am really loving him in Bride of the Century. He's just lovely as this squishy on the inside, crusty on the outside chaebol, yeah, I know it's totally cliché, but he's great. I kind of want to Hong Ki spam right now...so I'm trying to hold back. Here is an adorable picture from his Twitter (@skullhong) with a younger version of himself and the caption: Aren't I lucky. I had a chat with a Korean friend and she said that's what he's saying, but the meaning is along the lines of: he wants to show his cute and unchanged image to his fans. I am not going to disagree; he's just so adorable!

[Photo Credit: @skullhong's Twitter]

Another thing that I've loved is that he's been sharing adorable pictures from the set of the drama as well (and with some commentary). Check out these posts from Star Cast (but I've added the translated versions). [Post 1] [Post 2] This might be my favourite picture from the posts. So cute!

[Photo Credit: Naver Star Cast]
10. And here's a throwback video that always makes me laugh out loud. Oh Rooftop Prince Joseon Power Rangers, I miss you!

I hope you enjoyed this week's favourite finds! Please free to add your own links to favourite finds in the comments section below.

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  1. Christina LantisMarch 22, 2014 10:10 AM

    Michelle Lee has a beautiful voice! I hope she is able to overcome all the haters and be successful. While the USA still has it's problems with racial tension, I'm thankful that we have moved past the attitude many Asians seem to have about mixed race relationships for the most part.It's sad that it even exists anywhere in this day and age.

  2. She really does have a beautiful voice! Sadly, many parts of the U.S. still have major issues with mixed race marriages (and other parts of the world too). I've had some really interesting conversations with some of my mixed race married friends and some of the horrible experiences they've had in the U.S. I really don't know why the world has to be so racist T T

  3. Oh I discovered a lot of new songs/artists thanks to this post! I didn't even know who Michelle Lee was, but I freaking loved the MV you shared! Thank you very much, keep these posts up!!!

    Also: omg Rooftop Prince! I remember liking it so much in the beginning! Man scenes made me burst out laughing out loud (including the one you posted, which is probably my favorite), but it sadly lost my interest halfway through :(

  4. I am so glad to help introduce you to new artists ^^ It totally makes my day to hear that you like them!

    Yeah, Rooftop Prince had it's moments. I think if it had just stuck to the lead couple, and the Joseon Power Rangers, it might have been okay the whole way through. All the side-plots just got boring.

  5. I LOVE FT Island and I totally loved that cute old picture of HongKi when I first saw it, CUTE ^^
    Thanks dear for posting all these goodies :)

  6. I LURVE FTISLAND!!! And especially Hong Ki. That boy needs to stop smoking though otherwise one day he'll have no voice. He is completely adorable though & I ❤ home probably a little too much ;)

  7. OH he is smoking?? That is surely not good for his voice which I really LOVE :(

  8. As far as I know he does...most idols and actors smoke though in Korea, so it's actually weirder when one doesn't.