30 March, 2014

Empress Ki: A Moment on the Bridge [Episode 16]

I wasn't initially planning on weighing in on Empress Ki, mostly because I have seen some spoilers and read some things that lead me to wonder if the drama is going to go a little more to the soap-opera-ish side of things. Be that as it may, this one scene drew me in, and I just have to talk about the drama. *sigh* I also decided that I might sort of do posts like this about the drama about moments I love or that move me emotionally. And they won't necessarily be chronological or anything, just what I sort of feel like posting. It's an experiment of sorts. The scene on the bridge right after Ta Hwan discovers that his father was indeed killed my El Temür, and that a blood oath exists that can get rid of the Regent, is one that particularly moved me. I can understand Ta Hwan's desperation to avenge his father's death and to read Yuan of Yeon Chul/El Temür. The man is one nasty piece of work, and has an eerie tenacity for holding onto power (like very bad guy ever in K-drama).

To set the scene: Ta Hwan is called to the throne room where Yeon Chul is sitting on the throne. Ta Hwan is surrounded by soldiers led by Dangkise. It's pretty much Yeon Chul saying: I can take you out whenever I want, so watch out. Ta Hwan is yet again driven to beg for his life, and you really can't help but pity him as he acts the weak fool. I can only imagine the pain of being told to live like a silent, dead person as Yeon Chul tells him too. Ta Hwan then staggers to the bridge and collapses in grief and calls out to his dead father. Seungnyang pauses at that (Golta had asked Seungnyang to go to him and comfort him because she is the only one who knows how).

Seungnyang at this point is herself harbouring all the grief and anger at her father's death, which came about in part because of Ta Hwan (though I think it would have happened without his "testimony" against him because it was more convenient for the bad guys that way). I think though that she can feel and sympathize with Ta Hwan because of all that and however much she doesn't want to recognize it, she does have an emotional bond with Ta Hwan. They have a really complicated history and relationship, but the threads of it run deep and Ta Hwan is particularly indebted to her.

I love that she goes to him, and even though he says he just wants to be left alone, I think there is a part of him that wants comfort. And she gives him exactly the comfort he needs - human touch from someone who cares about him, and cares about him deeply - no matter how much she's in denial about it. She even closes her eyes and covers her ears so that all she offers him is just being there. It just was such a beautiful moment and it even inspired me to write some poetry about it.

Upon a Bridge One Night

For a moment 
there -
he rested
his heart upon
her shoulder
and wept
until the
poison of
paused in
comfort's touch.

She laid aside 
her angered
grief to calm
another's soul -
with eyes
closed and 
covered ears
she gave what
only could be felt.

Perhaps this
sort of love
needs no
fiery embrace
but moment's
calm and 
tender hope
to assuage
the pain of

© dewaanifordrama 2014

I think that one reason their relationship is interesting is that she is the strong one and he is weak one, and it is her strength that is allowing him to grow up into the man and Emperor capable of taking on the heavy burden of leadership and to stand against Yeon Chul. And I love that she gives of herself and her strength to him despite her own anger and pain. Seungnyang is pretty fabulous. And another thing I really like about the scene is that it is perhaps not overtly romantic, but is about love, a love that seeks to comfort and heal - a love forged in their friendship before. And I think that the love of friendship can overcome a lot of obstacles and bring healing to both of them. So let's watch the scene again and pause for a moment with them on the bridge.



  1. What a lovely and insightful poem.I also loved the bridge scene because now SY realized what kind of life TW has endured fearing every seconds that YC can end his life anytime.Thank you for the heartfelt poem.

  2. My pleasure! I am so glad you enjoyed the poem - I really enjoy writing poetry. I think that is one reason I really love the drama because it does a good job of pulling out some of those complicated emotional relationships all the characters have with each other. And I feel so sorry for Ta Hwan and what he's had to endure.

  3. hi, dear


    I really liked your poem and what you wrote about TaHwan,

    At that time, me too was excited by this scene on the bridge, I did not think then SeungNyang has feelings for TaHwan and I felt sorry for him, knowing that SeungNyang was with him only for pity and not for love.

    Must note, what Anonymous said earlier, that SeungNyang just learned how terrible TaHwan 's life is because of Prime Minister,

    until now I did not realize it, but "A" is right, until then SN was never present at any meeting Yeon Chul -TaHwan, and especially not heard him threatening TaHwan's life .

    So just then she fully understood who was responsible for what happened in Gorieo, and how afraid was TaHwan then, when he sentenced her father to death and he caused Wang Yoo's exile , and condamned her to slavery, saying a lie that saved his life for the moment.

  4. I am so glad you liked the poem! I think that it was the first time that SN really did realize just how terrible his life in the palace is, but I still think she hasn't quite forgiven him. It takes many more episodes, but I think that she really loved him as a friend when she was still The Jackal, and that it allowed her to sympathize and show him the love and comfort he needed on the bridge. They definitely have an interesting relationship, that's for sure!