11 March, 2014

dewaanifordrama's playlist #8: Off the Beaten Track Edition

Today I've been on a more K-Indie-ish sort of kick, and in the mood to make a playlist post. So here is today's playlist featuring less main stream Korean music or more chill and laid-back tracks. I hope you like it. Click on the artist and song names to go to playlist or on the embedded video playlist at the end as well.

1. Neon Bunny - It's You Neon Bunny just released this single this past week, and I LOVE it! It's a wistful electropop piece that is incredibly addictive. Check out her other stuff, it's definitely worth your time. Oh My Prince, Us Two, and Come a Little Closer are good places to start. You can buy the single here.
2. The Black Skirts - Young Love He's a one man Indie band. Very easy listening. I also love his International Love Song.
3. Busker Busker - Love at First I know they're more mainstream now and really popular in Korea, but their sound is most definitely not mainstream K-pop. I love the melancholy contemplativeness of this song. It's just really beautiful.
5. Yozoh - Flower Pot It just has such a lovely vibe. I know I've shared this one before on the playlist I made for kfangirl, but I just have to share it again. Her voice is hauntingly lovely and beautiful and I absolutely adore the guitar in this song.
6. Dear Cloud - Do Not Go Away Nine9's, the main vocalist, voice is gorgeous. They are a pretty active band in the Hongdae Indie scene and I would advise you to check out all the videos posted on their Youtube channel...and then get even more acquainted with their music. Ice Fortress is another favourite as well as Collapse. Check them out.
7. Hot Potato - Pillow Kim C's mesmerizingly voice dominate this mellow and easy to listen to song. I think I also shared this one before. Oh well. I love it. Seesaw is another beautiful song. There's even a movie MV version.
8. Ibadi ft. Yi Song Yol - Secret Waltz Maybe it's just because I love waltzing, but I really love this song. And isn't a waltz the perfect kind of song to sing a duet to? Their voices blend so beautifully! And now I really feel like dancing. Never Ending Story is lovely too.
9. eloise - 진심을 너에 I can't find the English lyrics (only a garbled version) anywhere. It has something to do with being sincere, and there's something about an apology. I think the title means "sincerely to you", but I could be wrong...any Korean speakers out there? Anyway, I really love eloise's sound.
10. Rude Paper - Rainy Night Eric Clapton meets No Woman No Cry is how I like to think of this song. This also has a pretty cool MV to go with the song.
11. Urban Zakapa - River I really love this band to pieces (as well as this MV). I also really love the different colours and tones of their three voices and how they blend so well. They definitely have a distinctive sound, and I like that. I really love their One Spring Day.
12. 10cm - 이제 여기서 그만 (Now Here's Enough) I really wanted to include this song, but there is no official MV...so this link might not work later. There's just something about their sound that gets me every time. And Kwon Jung Yul's voice is full of such plaintive longing and hopefulness all at once. The lyrics are also really beautiful. If you haven't heard of 10cm yet, check them out. They have some really excellent work. They also did a really lovely cover of Kim Kwon Taek's "A Heart That Should Forget"

Well, that's an even dozen of artists. I hope you enjoyed this playlist! Be sure to add your personal favourites in the comments. Be sure to check out our other K-Pop playlists and reviews at our K-Pop Corner

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  1. Ok, checked out the whole playlist, and really like (almost!) everything ^^ I think my favorite song of the lot is One Spring Day. Lovely!! ❤

    And I conclude that indie, chilled, is probably my favorite kind of non-OST k-music - I learned something new about myself today? ^.~

  2. ㅋㅋㅋ I am so glad! There is some really awesome Korean music out there. Urban Zakapa is most definitely one of my faves though in the K-Indie segment. Eat Your Kimchi even interviewed them: http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/urban-zakapa-interview/

  3. I really really love her voice. It's so rich and husky and mellow. Best discovery of my day! THANK YOU ❤

  4. I am so glad you love Urban Zakapa! And yes, her voice is gorgeous! ❤

  5. I'm so glad I could introduce you to some new bands ^^ I will have to check out the ones you mentioned as well. I like the bloggersphere just for this reason, we get to share stuff ^^

  6. Yay! Hmm, maybe this will inspire me to do actual Indie playlist and posts instead of lumping everything together in monthly playlists. LOVE it! I'm currently crushing on Lee Eun Su's indie band

    엑티비티 (Activity) and the music from their first EP released last month.

    I hadn't heard of some of these artists before. Thanks for the introduction!