03 March, 2014

dewaanifordrama's EXO Confession

Sometimes I listen to K-pop and immediately fall in love with a group or idol, but sometimes I listen to K-pop, buy a bunch of songs, and then realize that I actually really like that group or artist or person, etc. And before I know it, I've started learning group members by name and then I end up with a bias - and I didn't even particularly like that group or idol to start with. Such is my experience with EXO.

I feel like there's even a bit of shame among some K-pop snobs in liking EXO (though that might have to do with the totally crazily insane intense sasaeng fans (looks warily around in case they are lurking to attack), the excessive obsession with EXO, and a some really horrendous terrible songs. But amid all that drama, they have some pretty decent tracks, some solid vocalists, and excellent dancers, and let's face it, they are super handsome. All round, they have a lot of appeal. I might not quite have the love I have for them that I have for say INFINITE, BIGBANG, or VIXX, but dang it, they're tunneling their way into my fangirl heart.

Their debut piece What Is Love is still one of my all time favourite K-pop songs ever. It also happens to be an excellent song and honestly I don't think they've ever really had a song as good as this one.

I also absolutely adore the Chinese version. (Sometimes Often I prefer the Chinese versions) I didn't mind History [Chinese version] either, but from their first mini-album, I actually really loved 너의 세상으로 Angel (the Korean is "Of Your World"). Two Moons is also fun; especially that "roll like a buffalo" line ㅋ

I think that I started to realize that perhaps I actually really liked EXO when Growl came out. We shall not name the travesty that came before that. Ugh! It's just such a catchy, fun song, the choreography is great and that MV is pretty cool. It's filmed in one take (or at least it looks that way) and I really like that they're not performing separately as the K and M sub-units.

[Growl Chinese version] Interestingly enough, I really think I like their B-tracks and ballady pieces sometimes more. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Peter Pan from their first album "XOXO". Other tracks from that album that I also like are Black Pearl, 나비소녀, Don't Go (the Korean is actually "Butterfly Girl"), 인어의 눈물 Baby Don't Cry (the Korean is "Mermaid's Tears"), and My Lady

And to seal the deal, they had to go and release Miracles in December, which I am kind of in love with. Only four members performed it in total (Baekhyun, D.O, Chen for the Korean version & then Luhan instead of D.O. in the Chinese version). *sigh* I just love Baekhyun's voice in this song so much!

And in case you were curious, it's practically impossible to pick a bias. After much deliberation (and his amazing singing in Miracles in December) I would have to say my bias is Baekhyun. He's just so adorably handsome, and his voice, his voice. The other two in my top three are Chen and D.O. Apparently in this group I really go for vocalists. Well folks, I guess I've just publicly confessed I like EXO. What have I done? ㅋ

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  1. DEWANNIIIIII you hv no idea what EXO has done to me. They ruined me. Their bloody show ruined me (but thank god for it because I know all their names now). It was Growl that did me in, that stinking bloody awesome video and the classic R&B and the styling (ugh so cute) and oh the dancing, the dancing....gah! I was never interested enough in any k-pop band enough to seriously check out their music and then Growl happened, and like, I found myself freaking devoting a blog post to them and that MV!! And then tumblr fanned the flames. And then Showtime...and then OBLIVION.

    Never in a million years did I imagine this would happen. So I hv no idea if this is par for the course in K-pop but I am a touch bewildered. I mean I'm a grown ass woman for goddsakes.

    And What is Love is goddamn brilliant, and so not easy to sing either but Kyungsoo and Baek kill it. GAH. And their ballads ARE better I fully agree, and I am super fond of all their Mandarin versions (which means I am partial to the EXO-M). And heck I'm still listening to Miracles now! It's Miracles all year round in my book. I adore Baekhyun too, I adore all of them. Kyung Soo! And Chanyeol and Yixing! Oh gees, and Kris!! I want to shrink them and keep them in my pocket and carry them around with me everywhere!!

    Okay I will stop there coz this could go on...

  2. DDee, your comment has me laughing out loud!!! Seriously!!! It made my day. Please send a link to that EXO post, so I can read it please.

    I haven't delved into Showtime, and I'm starting to learn all their names. I will say that there are several EXO pins on my K-related Pinterest board (speaking of which...maybe I should make that more blog accessible for peeps here). Anyway, I digress.

    This is fortunately/unfortunately par for the course with K-pop. K-pop has turned me into the teenager I never was: putting up posters, driving across the country to a BIGBANG concert, buying copious amounts of music, learning that squeeing is a thing, using the word *swoon* too many times in a sentence, learning names, picking a bias, knowing albums, watching all the live performances with comebacks, knowing that comebacks is a thing, blogging about K-pop, I could go on. I remember one night staying up learning and memorizing the members in Shinhwa because bustered and I feel in love with This Love http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45wH_HHnJBg and then watching the live performances...I could go on. I now have several bands, groups, and idols I squee over, and sometimes I wonder how this all happened.

  3. Never mind my piddly post, read Lore's epic one. I think I may have teared up a little: http://loreinstonecities.com/2014/02/26/lore-my-noona-confession/

    Oh don't watch Showtime, seriously just don't. But in case you do watch it I suggest reading this helpful guide: http://sulovesdrama.wordpress.com/2014/01/30/dont-read-this-the-showtime-edition/

    Have you seen this live version of Baby Don't Cry? I was so ready to fly to Seoul for Baekhyun when I saw this. http://youtu.be/uJ0gpUfs97o

    I must directly credit with EXO for expanding my vocab--bias? stan? MV? stage? comeback? All alien concepts to me until EXO

  4. For some reason I have seen that performance...but I can't remember why. It's before I was into EXO or Baekhyun particularly. Thanks for the links, I shall have to check them out ^^

    And K-pop vocab. I think we really do speak another language sometimes in this crazy addiction called fandom.

  5. Deewaniiii~! You should totally watch Show Time so you can fangirl more over these boys! They are the cutest :3 EXO-M stole my heart in the show but I really love the 12 boys~

    I also prefer their ballads! But I love Growl of course because it's what made me listen to them in the first place. I'm currently listening to Miracles in December because I can't believe I haven't listened to it yet! :O Aaaah, so this is what they're singing in Show Time! I had no idea. LOL.

    Anyway, it's funny how we all confess our love for EXO as if it's something ludicrous and so surprising! Why do we feel like this? :D

  6. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Miracles in December *sigh* and maybe I just will have to give Showtime a try ^^

    I think that confessing our love for EXO is maybe one of those things where we feel a little silly fangirling over such young K-pop stars, or maybe because everyone else loves them. I'm not really sure.