26 March, 2014

Bride of the Century Episodes 9 & 10

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Despite my repeated cries at my laptop screen for Na Doo Rim not to get in the evil stepmother's car (she's Oppa's stepmother, so why not, right?!), she did and now we're left with the mess of wondering how she's going to get out of the situation (something with Oppa rescuing her from her tied up state from the preview it looks like?). But before I start speculating, let me say that I actually really liked quite a bit of episode 10. the editing of this show, however, is atrocious.

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I found both episodes lagged in parts, almost like they were waiting for the big "reveal"/ plot-twist of the ghost revealing she's not the one doing the killing - it's the nasty alive humans planning to do that. Let me say that I really liked that plot twist, a lot. Like a lot a lot. I was suspecting that it was coming, but I am glad the drama decided to develop the story that way. I'm also really glad that we seem to have had a lot of mutual decision making happening with our two leads. And I think I'm going to call him Cuddlesome Kang Joo. Every time he's on screen, I want to hug him, so I'm glad Doo Rim does (but not enough). And there needs to be more kissing too! Though as far as K-drama goes, there has been more than most. Yay!

First off, I'm really glad that both Kang Joo and Doo Rim know the risk of their getting married. They have both seen the ghost; they know she's real and that there is a real, potential risk to Doo Rim dying (well, sort of, right?). I am so glad that Kang Joo's experience though with the ghost has lead him to believe she's not the bad one. She saved him, and has comforted him. That's not to say she doesn't have an agenda, or that she's not out for some sort of vengeance - we certainly don't know enough of her backstory to tell yet - but we do know that she has a soft spot for Kang Joo, and Doo Rim as well it appears. When Yi Kyung was confronted with the ghost telling her she was going to die, she fled, and then grabbed onto the idea of her doppelgänger dying in her place so she could get the money, position, and prestige. Doo Rim on the other hand, passed the test with flying colours because she really loves Kang Joo. On a side note, there has also been a lot of costuming of white, light colours for Doo Rim (and the ghost when she's being nice) and a lot of dark and black clothing choices for Yi Kyung (and the ghost when she's being scary) that we've seen a lot through out the drama. I guess an obvious symbol of the good and the bad.

Another thing that I loved in episode 10, was the wedding scene (other than her having to say her real name in her head). It was sweet and romantic and cute and just what you would expect from the cuddlesome couple. I also like that the kissing hasn't been of the frozen kind (for the most part). Though the PD doesn't need to zoom out so much all the time. I am starting to wonder though if there is only one church in Seoul for people to get married in. I know I've seen that church in at least four other dramas (Operation Proposal, Big, Prime Minster and I, and Emergency Couple) and I am sure there are probably more that I'm forgetting. At least try and get another church or something Korean dramas and switch them up occasionally. The adorable wedding scene however was awkwardly juxtaposed by the sitting by the fireside and eating grapes on their honeymoon. I mean peeps, it's your honeymoon, not grape-eating time - though the hand-holding cuddling as the lights dimmed to a kiss was sweet. The eating street food scene in couple clothes and Kang Joo flirting with the little girl to annoy Doo Rim was sort of adorable too I guess. Though I am with Kang Joo, where the heck did she get those clothes? PPL for some clothing company I'm guessing?

I also really loved the little red string being tied together analogy and just their general adorableness all the time, though I did find the editing rather choppy as far as introducing it goes. I really shouldn't be surprised though because it's been like this all drama long. *sigh* There are some fun story elements here, but they do get a little lost in the execution of them. Oh well. Cuddlesome Kang Joo!!! I do adore how much they adore each other ^^

I'm also really loving Lee Hong Ki's OST, "Words I Couldn't Say Yet". It's got all the classic Hong Ki angst that I lurve!!! And the lyrics are so very lovely, sad, and romantic. Check them out! I hope they release a MV of the OST...now that would be nice.

Of course we've had all sorts of interesting reveals which raise even more questions:
  • What does the final journal page say? And did Kang Joo's grandmother only read it now? I'm sure we'll get the timeline of when that was torn out at some point, hopefully.
  • Did the grandmother really kill Kang Joo's dad's first wife? Is the first wife Doo Rim's mother? I have been wondering that for a while...but by another man...not Kang Joo's dad. That would be squicky. 
  • Otherwise, why else would Doo Rim's grandmother have the other shoe...so yeah, why does she have the shoe? 
  • What is it about Kang Joo and Doo Rim that the ghost seems more invested in? What is the curse? Why does it exist? What is the ghost's agenda? Is the curse trying to be broken? Has there never been a curse? And has it always been self-serving, conniving people who kill the first wife off and blame it on the curse? Man that's some seriously bad karma if that's what it is.
  • The title of the drama could also be translated as "100 Year Bride" - so is that the ghost, or someone else? And why do we keep getting flashbacks of Doo Rim in a hanbok? Her grandmother even dreamed about it. I have seen some theories that she's an earlier cursed first wife, and that Doo Rim in the hanbok is a younger version of her grandmother. Curiouser and curiouser...
So yup, those are my thoughts and questions for now. Please add your thoughts and questions in the comments below and we can chat about them. At least we know the good guys are going to win, right? Oh wait, it's billed as a melodrama...we might just end up with someone dead at the end...but Cuddlesome Kang Joo and Doo Rim-a are just to adorable! We need lots of kisses, cuddles, and more kittens, right? Kittens are always good.

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