31 March, 2014

Addiction Abounds: A Header Posting

Hi there bloggersphere friends. As you can tell, I've been making some more headers and I think getting better at making them, at least a little bit ^^ I've also discovered some new effects, soooo yeah, it's fun to play around with them. I know not everyone has Facebook/checks out our page all the time (so you should like it ㅋㅋㅋ), but I've been posting the headers there. As the header template modifications are not an easy fix (i.e. I need help with it), I have to manually rotate them out...so yeah. Here they are all in one place. 

Oh, and I should let you know, that you can subscribe to the blog to get posts delivered to your email inbox right there in the right-hand side panel. Easy as pie, right?

Okay, here are the headers. I really love how the Empress Ki one turned out. I'm at episode 35 with that drama, so I had better catch up to everyone else soon!

Hoya!!! Who doesn't love him? He's just so lovely!

*Ahem* I have a bit of an obsession going on with Jin Yi Han. He's gorgeous! And his voice could melt Antarctica in the middle of winter. He also appears quite silly and adorkable on SNS. I like this. 

JUNSU!!! Another man who's voice I adore and he is also smokin' hotte. I kind of really like how this header worked out. Do you?

Kim Hee Ae is just beautiful. I haven't taken a look at Secret Love Affair yet, is that what it's called? She is just so beautiful! And I quite liked this pictorial shoot from Grazia

L. I kind of adore it when he's being more Myungsoo-ish, but his cool L style really shows why he's INFINITE's visual. I think I need to make more L headers for sure. 

We're probably all a little jealous that Sooyoung is dating Jung Jyung Ho, but I also wish them all the best. She is just so lovely and sweet. These last two are of her. 

Any other celebs you want to see made into headers? Let me know and we'll get them added as soon as I can make them. You can also check out my other headers here and here. We're slowly building up a collection here folks ^^ 


  1. Oooooooooh beautiful! So creative! Make one for me! :P

  2. I will gladly make one for you! Any drama/person/group you would like it to be of?

  3. Hehehe I realized I have no shame asking you to make one for me. I have no preference... Surprise me. You can put your name too so ppl will know it was from you to me ^^

  4. Hehe, I am happy to make you one ^^