10 February, 2014

A Glimpse Down the Rabbit Hole

So lately I've been indulging binging on Korean dramas. That's what happens when you've just graduated, have no money, and are currently unemployed, and single. More drama watching. Yes? Okay, I promise I'm doing other things with my life right now, but I didn't watch drama for such a while, I've been binging. Hence a little glimpse/mini-review of what I've been watching lately.

Let's Eat is easily my favourite drama that I'm watching right now. It's light, frothy, hilarious, and has such a lovely ensemble cast that I find myself eating through an episode, or 11 quite manageably. And I do mean eat. The drama makes me STARVE and salivate at all the gorgeous food. I find the only passable solution is to eat dinner while watching or risk raiding the fridge at midnight. Now that I've caught up though I have to wait for the final five episodes *sobs*. I might just have to start watching from the beginning again! I LOVE Lee Soo Kyung as Lee Soo Kyung. She's just so relatable. And I have been very pleasantly surprised at the super quirky portrayal of Goo De Young from BEAST's Yoon Doo Joon (I mean he is my bias from BEAST, but I've been impressed with him. And Yoon Soo Hee as Yoon Jin Yi is perfectly sweet and loveable. And well, I am equally in love/fits of hysterical laughter at our petty and jealous Attorney Kim. He's just so delightful (and handsome to boot). I really just hope that Goo Dae Young doesn't turn out to the murderer. That would suck majorly! If you're not watching this drama, you should be! (And I even love Barassi and I don't even care for dogs).

You From Another Star is another favourite at the moment. The plot has more holes that Swiss cheese, and some really 2D side characters, but the romance and chemistry between Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun as Chun Song Yi and Do Min Joon is crackling, hilarious, and makes the show worth watching. Sometimes I do find Jun Ji Hyun's acting to be a bit bi-polar, but meh, I don't really care at this point. I also want to write a lengthier post about this drama, but I've yet to get to it. The first one I did covered the first 9 episodes though if you want to check it out [You From Another Star: The Small, Warm, Beautiful Things]. And the fifteenth episode practically had me in stitches. So far Do Min Joon's character has been mostly rather strait-laced ajhussi more than anything, but episode 15 brought out all the best of Kim Soo  Hyun's comedic timing and petty jealously. Check out our Facebook page for some really hilarious memes going round about the drama. Yes, I know, shameless self-promotion...feel free to like the page too ;).

Ricky recently suggested I watch Delighful Girl Choon-hyang. While certainly a little dated, kind of, it certainly has all the elements of funny, wacky, delightfulness that make it worth the watch. I'm about 4 episodes in and loving it! It's got some classic Hong Sisters elements, and I know I'm in for some sad and heartachy episodes along the way, but so far it hasn't disappointed. The leads have all the I-really-like-you-but-I-refuse-to-confess harmless shenanigans going on. Another thing I find really interesting is that it's based on one of Korea's oldest pansori (판소리), a Korean genre of musical storytelling. There is an Im Kwon Taek film version (2000) called Chunhyang that I'm trying to get my hands on (it is proving challenging). And I believe there might be a 1961 version as well. The story also contains one of all my all-time favourite drama tropes - the contract marriage - which is why it was recommended to me in the first place. I will probably write a lengthier review once I have finished the drama. 

About a million people recommended Master's Sun to me as I couldn't watch it while it was airing. I'm already three episodes in and I can totally understand why everyone really loves it. The gorgeousness of So Ji Sub aside, it's funny, and moves well. I have also found the ghost crime/stories really touching. I have definitely shed a tear or two...or three maybe. I am a bit of a crier so it's not that surprising, but I have been a little surprised how the drama has been able to hit a chord within my heart to bring it out so early. And the make-up people deserve an award for creeping me out so thoroughly! Seriously, I had chills up and down my spine with that first halmeoni ghost! Yikes! And while our hero is resisting the attraction to our resident ghost-seer, the chemistry is palpable. I do wish though that Gong Hyo Jin would stop getting so type-cast. I am starting to think she can only act as one character (as lovely a job as she always does). And Seo In Guk. I just love to look at his pretty face.

Prime Minister and I. Hmmm, what shall I say about this one. I started watching it a week before it finished airing, marathoned it in a couple of days, fell in love with it's cuteness and Lee Beom Soo, and then as the makjang-melo-crazy-pants ending happened, and I watched rage unfurl itself on Twitter, I haven't been able to finish the last two episodes. There was so much to love about the drama and I'd even started a review post before the ending, but now, I just don't know if I can. I hate that feeling of being sucker-punched by a bad drama-ending. It really irritates me. Sometimes I just want to punch drama-writers in the face. I guess I should probably not rant too much here. I should just finish the drama, give it some time and distance, and then maybe write the review the post. I've managed to recover from other irritating endings, I can do it with this one. *sigh*

I've never tried to watch the I Need Romance franchise before, but so far I Need Romance 3 has been pleasant and enjoyable. It has rather a complicated love geometric object (I am not even sure how tangled it is) that's rather on the irritating side, but I do love Sung Joon, so I'm being rather forgiving of it all. I mean, who can't help but love Sweet Potato with his warm heart and puppy dog eyes?!

As for Emergency Couple, I'm only really watching it because I love Choi  Jin Hyuk and Song Ji Hyo (and I'm fast falling for the gruff and handsome Dr. Gook as well). There's nothing really amazing about the drama; it's just rather average, but there's enough to keep me watching. I must say that Gary's cameo in episode 7 was a delight and a highlight. He's just so cute and adorkable (and yes, I know he's also an excellent rapper etc.).

I also need to finish watching Gu Family Book and write a final post to match the others I already wrote on the drama. Same with Shut Up: Flower Boy Band. With that one I have two episodes left, but it's been months since I watched it and I have to get back into it. And there's a Cruel City review to write too (that's mostly drafted in fact). And then there's Gaksital and Nice Guy to finish too. Man, I'm like a serial-never-finishes-dramas person or something.  ㅋㅋㅋ Oh, and there's Running Man, which I love to watch. I think that about wraps things up for a mini-review of some dramas I'm watching. What are you all watching?

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  1. High five, fellow unemployed recent graduate. I feel you with the whole K-drama binging, although for me I've been mostly catching up with American sitcoms I've neglected the past few months. I'll get back in the K-drama game eventually, but now I think I'll stick to the more air(head)y sitcoms.

    I'm a bit surprised you haven't watched Sassy Girl Chun-hyang but you know what, better late than never. I'm pretty sure it's the only drama I've watched more than once front to back. And whenever I get the chance to watch it, whether at my own will or randomly played on TV, the feels come rushing back. Out of all the Hong Sisters dramas I've watched, it's definitely their best.

    I'm also watching I Need Romance 3 (currently at ep 4) and find it pretty nice so far. I came in thinking I would love Sung Joon, but ended up falling head over heels for Kim So-yeon. Damn, she is fine... (That definitely sounds overly creepy).

  2. Yeah! Unemployed recent grads unite! Haha.

    I'm fairly "new" to the drama watching game (November 2011), so there are a lot of older dramas I missed out on. Luckily I can catch up with them now ^^ The Hong Sisters certainly have a talent for making fun dramas (Big being a horrible flopped exception). I quite love My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and I have a huge soft spot for You Are Beautiful. And Master's Sun is also becoming a favourite too. I guess there is something to them after all ;)

    Haha Kim So Yeon is gorgeous!

  3. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho is also another one of my favorites too :) I'm definitely going to watch Master's Sun one of these days. I keep on hearing it's the drama the Hong Sisters redeemed themselves. Hopefully it's true.

  4. I'm watching episode 12 and so far it's been lovely, charming, romantic, and just plain fun. And of course So Ji Sub makes my heart flutter as well. A friend on mine says that the drama was pretty consistently awesome, and so far it has been. I would recommend it.

  5. Aw, yay that you're making up for lost drama time!! :D I remember loving DGCH. I think it's my favorite roles for both Jae Hee and Han Chae Young. Such great comic timing, both of them. I liked but didn't love Master's Sun (review in the works as I type this), but really was blown away by the TMS fanfic that resulted. Talk about a game-changer. Now I have to rethink my entire review, lol.

    I'm a little behind on YFAS, but that just means a mini marathon in my future, which, YAY! :D I still love it, and am crossing my fingers that it'll stay cracky to the end ^^ Oh, I'm also enjoying Ugly Alert. A little stalled on Heartless City, but I plan to get back to it. And I'm loving my rewatch of S2013 to bits. TO BITS, I tell ya! :D ❤❤❤

  6. Yeah...I've probably been staying up waaaaaay too late to watch. I think I need to figure out a better schedule, lol.

    I'm not finding Master's Sun cracktastic, quite. It's pretty addicting though...I have been watching it pretty non-stop. And So Ji Sub *sigh* he's always so dreamy. His voice. I guess I really do have a thing for voices. YFAS on the other hand has a pretty average plot and writing (I think Master's Sun does much better in that department) but the chemistry between Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun is just so fabulous that I just ignore the bad story elements entirely.

    I also need to finish my Cruel City review. That drama hit me right in the heart with all it's wonderfulness! Ah! So much drama. I am also working on a variety show page, that and trying to figure out rotating headers.

  7. Oh, I KNOW you have a thing for voices *coughChoiJinHyukcough* ;D But so do I! I melt at Woobie's voice whenever I hear it ❤❤❤ Hee.

    Weirdly, I wasn't that impressed with the writing in Master's Sun.. Yet, I don't (yet?) feel an issue with the writing in YFAS. Bearing in mind, of course, that I'm now quite a ways behind everyone on this one!

    Looks like your newly freed-up schedule is going to translate into new and wonderful things for the blog! A variety show page sounds like a great addition! Fighting!! ^^

  8. There's just something beautiful about the human voice, and especially when it's accompanied by such handsomeness ;)

    Master's Sun made sense as far as writing goes. It was consistent, the story was laid out from the beginning, the parameters were set. Such is not the case for YFAS. I'm not saying it's bad, but it's not good either. It's just average. It's pretty standard drama fare and the side characters are just stock characters. The thing that makes the drama magic for me though are KSH and JJH. Master's Sun doesn't quite have that level of magic between the main couple. Granted that might just be my opinion though ^^

    I hope it does! Though I probably need to also do other stuff and actually make myself my schedule. Otherwise I think I might go a little crazy! ㅋㅋㅋ