30 August, 2013

Seungri's "Let's Talk About Love" Mini-Album Review

I left a rather long comment on the Seoulbeats review of Seungri's latest mini-album, "Let's Talk About Love" and I figured that I could turn it into a post over here. I haven't really done an album review, so just let me know if you'd like more of the same.

First off, it's a super solid album and I'm super impressed with BIGBANG's 막내 (maknae), Seungri. He composed the music and lyrics mostly by himself with very little input from YG's CEO Yang Hyun-suk. It's also a self-produced album (this is a really nice interview about it), and that's kind of big news in the K-pop industry, and it makes me even more impressed with the album as a whole. Also, if you haven't had a chance to watch the "Gotta Talk to U" music video, you really should. It's classy, sexy, suave, slick, and seductive, and funny enough reminds me of the fight scene in Skyfall in the office building at night. 

Something that bustered clued me in on is to watch the live performances of a song before completely forming an opinion. Well, of course, I fall in love with songs pretty much right away sometimes, but sometimes it just needs that little live performance nudge to convince me. (I really liked "Gotta Talk to You" from the beginning). The really nice thing about Seungri is that he is an excellent performer, and he really knows how to please and impress. I especially love this live performance he made on M Countdown; it was really superb. 

This one on his Inkigayo appearance was also super great. He is a fantastic dancer, and while this is not the bombastic dance track of "What Can I Do?" he still manages to show the control and panache of someone who knows what he's doing. He's a professional for sure. The choreography is subtle, but incredibly effective, and has the signature sexy flair of Seungri's new more mature image. Of course it also helps that he's drop dead gorgeous, and gets more handsome by the minute. Oh that cheeky smile of his! This next one though might be my favourite live performance version of "GG Be". (His Music Core comeback stage was also pretty awesome).

As far as the album goes, I really think that the weakest link is the collaboration title track, "Let's Talk About Love" with G-Dragon and Taeyang. There were parts of the song that I liked, and there was a part of Taeyang's towards the end that sounded fabulous, but the track didn't fit with the rest of the album. I felt a little that it was like GD and Taeyang had strong-armed their way into the album even though I know they probably just wanted to help Seungri promote his album. Also, while GD might think it's cool to refer to women as b*tches, I just find it crass and tacky, and that really didn't fit with the general tone of the album. 

"할말 있어요 Gotta Talk to U" is one of my favourites, hands down, on the album. I think that the tone of the song matches Seungri's voice quality really well. It's a little ethereal in a mysterious way that works surprisingly well for it's intended seductive mood. It's also not a song I tire of easily. And boy is that "Hustlin' Hustlin'" catchy!!!

"지지베 GG Be" (feat. Jenny Kim) is cheeky and fun and just a all round riot of fun. Seungri definitely has fun performing this one live. I also think his tongue-in-cheek title and chorus line is sort of adorable and completely mischievous. Watching Seungri perform it live certainly brings out the giggly side of me a bit. It would also be fun to dance to; it certainly gets my toes tapping. 

"그딴 거 없어 Come to My" is by far my favourite on the album. I might be well on the way to killing this song considering how many times I've played it on repeat. And I actually really like the lyrics as well. The piano intro is lovely, and I really just love how this song was mixed and edited. It's got the right touch of whimsical melancholy and that chorus is absolutely beautiful. I am a big fan!

"You Hoooo!!!" is a fun dance track and I really enjoy it while I listen to it, but afterwards I don't find it particularly memorable. I would totally add it to a K-pop dance track playlist though. 

"Love Box" I am slowly falling for. The intro lead in reminds me a little of BIGBANG's 2012 "Bad Boy" and I really love that song. It's smooth and relaxed and quote enjoyable to listen to. It definitely it gets catchier the more you listen to it. 

This mini-album is pretty impressive, and I for one, am super glad I bought it. It's a super solid mini-album; classy, sexy, and suave in all the right ways.

photo credit: YG-Life.com

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  1. I love this mini so much. It's everything that the 'signature' YG style (read CL, GD, PSY) is not, and it fits Seungri so perfectly--showing off his cute, naughty, cheeky self, as well as his sauve, sexy self. I love how understated the mini is. *sigh* I don't think Seungri has much musical genius, but the work he has done here pretty freaking solid.

  2. I also really love how understated it is. It just makes my day. And it shows that with some hard work, and some musical insight, one can make a pretty decently solid album. And it really just makes me love him more.