23 July, 2013

dewaanifordrama's playlist #6 : Mix-Tape for Kfangirl Edition

The other night, some Twitter pals and I were trying to gang up on Kfangirl (who blogs over at The Fangirl Verdict) to get her addicted to K-pop. I don't really think we're getting close to convincing her, but I figure it can't hurt to try some more ;). So Kfangirl, this post is a mix-tape of sorts for you - an introduction to some of the Korean music scene. I tend to dabble in all genres within Korean music, popular or not, and Kfangirl seemed to like more chill and laid-back stuff, so this might not be as mainstream as one would expect (but don't worry, I will throw in more mainstream stuff too). And of course, there is no guarantee Kfangirl will like all of these, but maybe someone else will. Enjoy! 

In no particular order: (all the song names link to a music video if there is one available)

1. Yozoh - Flowerpot This is a lovely moody guitar accompanied piece from indie musician cum actor, Yozoh. It's simple, understated, and I find it incredibly addictive. 
2. Seo in Young - Let's Break Up One of my favourite releases of the year so far actually. It's got a twangy country twist to it which I love (and I don't even like country), and the MV is absolutely beautiful. 
3. LYn - Breakable Heart Another beautiful ballady release this year where you can hear all the longing and angst in her voice. It has a lot of personal meaning for LYn because her boyfriend has been involved in scandals, and netizens are never very nice about it. She talked about it on Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook recently. 
4. Younha - The Real Reason We Broke Up This song is surprisingly upbeat for the title. Younha has a lovely voice, and I generally like a lot of her stuff. The album which this song promotes is a pretty solid one with some really great pieces on it. I would recommend checking it out. 
5. Zion.T - Babay ft. Gaeko This one is more upbeat and fun. Zion.T is totally on the eccentric side, and I love him! He is an incredibly talented artist. He also does some really great collaboration stuff with Primary.
6. Wonderboyz - Tarzan This song is incredibly cheesy and silly...so I decided to throw it in ;)
7. Lee Hi - Rose It's amazing that someone so young can have such a powerful voice. It's moody, mature, and layered. 
8. Geeks - Wash Away Another great release from this year. The MV is also really pretty. 
9. M.I.B. - Only Hard for Me I thought I'd mix it up with this more laid back hip-hopish/R&Bish piece. They're a really talented group and have some great tracks. 
10. MYNAME - Hello & Goodbye Another angsty ballad with a nice and dramatic MV to match. Definitely more in the boyband category as well. 
11. TVXQ - Why Did I Fall in Love? Okay, so this is not Korean (it's Japanese), but I HAVE to include some old school TVXQ. This is probably one of the first songs I ever saw, and it made me fall in love with TVXQ. Bolero is also pretty good and Always There, little acappela boyband is always a good thing. They are seriously the best boyband ever! And no, I'm not biased ;) Another one, Mirotic, definitely one of my all time favourite K-pop songs EVER! I never get tired of it...and boy those men can dance!
12. Super Junior - It's You Arguably this is Super Junior's best song they ever did, but I still love them anyway if they haven't lived up to it since. I also really love their song, No Other. It's super duper cute and adorable and would make any bad day go away. 
13. SHINee -Ring Ding Dong While we are on a boyband streak, no list would be complete without some SHINee. This is a great one, though my personal favourite has to be Replay. It's that: Noona neomu yeppeoseo, that gets me every time!
14. Lee Hyori - Amor Mio duet with Honey-G This is back to some angsty, beautiful balladness. It's one of my favourite tracks from her new album. The whole album is pretty fabulous, with Miss Korea and Oar some of my other favourites. 
15. Busker Busker - If You Love Me While I also love Cherry Blossom Ending, If You Love Me seems like a more serious and mature sound of Busker Busker, but still with their signature breezy sound. It's no wonder that Korea loves them. 
16. Roy Kim - Bom Bom Bom One of my favourite springy songs for this year. It's also been pretty popular in Korea. Love Love Love is also delightful. I also just love his voice.
17. BIGBANG - Goodbye Baby I know that Kfangirl liked this one okay. It's one of my favourite old school BIGBANG songs. And Blue, my all time favourite song of 2012. It's moody, soft, springy, and poignant. And it's BIGBANG. 
18. Lim Kim - All Right I just love her, her voice, just everything! This song is a little repetitive...but I still love it. And the MV is interesting. 
19. Seo In Guk - Broken and Tease Me are probably my favourite Seo In Guk tracks. I am happy to say I actually knew who he was before he plummetted into even great fame with Reply to Me 1997, okay, sometimes I am snob ;) He really does have a gorgeous voice. Shake It Up is also a super fun track of his. 
20. EXO-K What Is Love? Some people are of the opinion that this is the best K-pop song ever. While I am not 100% sure of that, it is a pretty perfectly wonderful and awesome song. 
21. N'UEST - Not Over U This is such a lovely and cute song, and easily my favouritest N'EST song ever. They have some pretty solidly awesome stuff. It's sweet and for me perfectly encapsulates that feeling of not being over someone.
22. 2NE1 with Sungha Jung - Lonely and I Love You I do love the originals of these songs, but I vastly prefer the acoustic versions they did with Sungha Jung. They're just so much better with their fabulous vocals and the guitar. 
23. JYJ - In Heaven This is a classic JYJ ballad. There was a period of time when I would listen to this song on end. 
24. Davichi ft. Verbal Jint - Be Warmed This is a gorgeous song (and it's even better because Verbal Jint is in it. Davichi have some really lovely stuff; I would recommend looking into some more of their stuff. 
25. Jay Park - Joah This is my favourite Jay Park song. It's definitely a love song to summer. I just LOVE it!
26. Saza Choi - Regret So I figured why not throw in some blues. Right?! Saza Choi is phenomenal! Like AMAZING!!! What an amazing musician! 
27. BoA - Only One (Dance Version) BoA is a legend in K-pop, and it's easy to understand why when you explore the variety of her work. She is also a phenomenal dancer. I also like her latest OST for Shark, Between Heaven and Hell. It's really beautiful. 
28. Andamiro ft. Double K - Waiting It's understated, beautiful, and ethereal. 
29. Nell - Ocean of Light Nell are amazing. They are popular Korean rock at it's best. I am never disappointed by them, and they really do mix it up. Other recent releases of theirs that I love are White Night and The Day Before.
30. Henry - Trap ft. Taemin & Kyuhyun I just love this song so much! It's fun and light, and just a great pop song. And Henry is so lovely and adorable.
31. INFINITE H - Special Girl ft. Bumkey I can't decide whether I love this one or Without You ft. Zion.T more. Oh well, Hoya and Dongwoo are just lovely! 
32. Rude Paper - Rainy Night This song is a mix of Eric Clapton and Bob Marley...at least in my opinion. It's definitely one of my indie Korean songs in my collection.
33. Naul - Memory of the Wind Several of these songs made it to bustered and my Awards post we did last year. And this one won best MV. It's just gorgeous. And it has Lee Ki Woo! Naul is a part of Brown Eyed Soul for those of you who didn't know, and he's a fairly prolific song writer for other singers as well as far as I know. 
34. Wheesung - Heartaching Lovestory ft. Junhyung Yeah, Wheesung can make you feel the pain and heartache in his voice. I also really love the song he did with Ailee - They Are Coming.
35. 2BiC - Made Another Woman Cry I mostly added this song because of who stars in the MV ^^ See if you can recognize them! It's a nice R&B ballad with a nice, tragic love story MV to match.
36. Bohemian - Don't Hurt This is a beautiful song, and a very beautifully tragic MV. I also added it because of who stars in it. You're welcome ;)
37. Verbal Jint - If It Ain't Love ft. Ailee I really just love the MV because Nam Gyuri does such a great job portraying her role in the MV. It's just some light-hearted fun and smoothness. Verbal Jint is pretty dang fabulous. 
38. IU - Lost Child This is my favourite IU song. I wish she would go back to the serious, strange, style image she started with. It suits her voice a lot better than aegyo pop. She definitely has some great vocal range in this song.
39. LeeSSAng - Tears ft. Eugene This song is lovely, addictive, and moody. Just how I like it ;)
40. Jeong Jin Woon - Now or Never I really like the upbeat and fun crazy MV. 
41. TOXIC - Lonely This is a nice little rock piece. They have a fun sound.
42. C-Clown - Far Away Young Love (Dance Version) C-Clown are a group with a solid sound. They debuted last year, and they are continually surprising me with some great songs. Their latest promoted song, Shaking Heart was also fabulous! I also really liked a song that did with ALi as well - Do You Remember? ALi also did a duet with Kangnam (my C-Clown bias) that was gorgeous - Tears Are Gone.
43. LEDApple - Time Is Up This is just a funky and catchy piece. 
44. BEAST - Fiction In my opinion, this is the best BEAST song they've ever done. I am still waiting for them to have a song as good as this one. I especially love the strings at the beginning.
45. 2PM - All Day I Think of You I know that Kfangirl already liked 2PM's songs they promoted this year. I am not sure how much ^^ (The other one was Come Back When You Hear This Song).
46. MBLAQ - Smoky Girl This is a great club dance track, and just a great song all round. 
47. K.Will - Please Don't... Bringing us back to the sad ballads - this is such a great song, and convinced me to get on the K.Will bandwagon. I also really loved Love Blossom, particularly the MV.
48. Cho Yong Pil - Hello This is just a fun and happy song perfect for the summer. Cho Yong Pil is also somewhat of a legend in Korea. And the MV stars the lovely model James Lee McQuown.
49. UV - Because of You Pretty much UV like to make silly songs (this parody of K-drama is pretty epically hilarious - I Want to Live with Her). Because of You is definitely not as laugh out loud funny, and is quite a lovely song. There is definitely a twist at the end of the MV. Check out the comments to figure out what it is (after you've watched the MV).
50. Seo In Guk & Eunji - Just the Way We Love Because I know that Kfangirl likes OSTs, and I think she love Seo In Guk and Reply To Me 1997, I've added this song. 
51. Baechigi - Shower of Tears ft. Ailee Just to different, I added this last one. This song was super popular in Korea.

Okay, I should probably stop at some point. I could probably go on and on and on...I hope you enjoyed the list Kfangirl, and of course everyone else. Feel free to add some of your favourites in the comments below. Maybe sometime we'll convert Kfangirl to the love of K-pop ;)

p.s. There are a billion other songs I wanted to add, but I had to stop somewhere. 
p.p.s. I just have to add INFINITE's Destiny, it's just so good! (And I have loved INFINITE since from the beginning of my K-pop love).

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  1. Several hours later, I am still in dazed wonder at this magnificently awesome present you made me, dewaani!! You blew me away good and proper today, that's for sure! I made a post to brag about it, just so you know! ^^ You can check it out here: http://thefangirlverdict.wordpress.com/2013/07/23/a-prezzie-for-me/

  2. Hahaha - thanks so much! I am so glad you love it! I also loved the post. Yay for friendships on the Internet! ❤