31 December, 2012

bustered's Top 100 K-pop Songs of 2012

This has been a wonderful year for K-pop, and this list was really hard to make because I had to leave off a lot of songs that I really enjoyed.  When I say K-pop, it's a loose term to encompass all the Korean music that I've enjoyed this year.   The only songs I included on this list were singles with MVs.

I'm a very visual person (and so is K-pop!), so I made countdown videos to go along with the list.  I also wanted to make sure that everyone gets a taste of each video and song, because each and every song on this list deserves a listen and/or watch.  Enjoy!
100. Let the Wind Blow - LEDApple [my favorite of the singles they put out this year, though I do miss their old style]
99. Pandora - KARA [well-produced and showed off the members well]
98. Believe - U-KISS [Kevin, AJ, and Soohyun]
97. We Are A Bit Different - EvoL [a talented rookie group and a nice dance track]
96. Electric Shock - f(x) [well done but not nearly as good as other tracks on their mini]
95. Like This - Wonder Girls [well produced and super fun]
94. SPY - Super Junior [quirky with really fun choreography]
93. Talk That - Secret [still sexy but without the retro, and showed off the members well]
92. Monster - BIGBANG [dramatic but not as good as the other stuff they put out; love Seungri's section]
91. River - Urban Zakapa [simply gorgeous]
90. Crazy - Teen Top [so catchy!]
89. Insane - BTOB [dramatic but solid, showcases the talent of the members nicely]
88. I'm Missin' You - D-Unit [tough but vulnerable; Ujin shines]
87. Men Are All Like That - Kim Jong Kook [one of the most beautiful ballads and interesting MVs of the year]
86. Loving U - SISTAR [the perfect summer song]
85. Guilty - Seungyeon (KARA) [it's like Within Temptation... KARA style... which is fine with me]
84. Poison (ft. E-sens) - Primary [wonderfully produced; fantastic flow]
83. Can't Go On My Own - Clazziquai Project [charming in the way that Clazziquai Project always is]
82. I'm Sorry - Park Jung Hyun/Lena Park [a solid ballad]
81. Baby I'm Sorry - B1A4 [oh the Engrish, but I loved the darker turn from the usually cute boys]
80. You're the One - J.Y. Park [well produced, catchy, wonderful dance; I expected nothing less from JYP]
79. Secret Love - Goo Hara (KARA) [brass, rain boots, stalking]
78. Daybreak - Epitone Project [lovely]
77. Bloom - Ga In [not the best song on Talk About S, but the MV is marvelous]
76. Lipstick - Orange Caramel [I'd be lying if I said that the MV isn't a huge reason why I love this song, but the song is catchy too]
75. Woman Person - Norazo [Leon the Professional; adorable; Hello Kitty guitars...]
74. Falling - John Park [gorgeous song, voice, and MV]
73. Day By Day - T-ara [something a little bit different from my favorite girl group]
72. Crying - Heo Young Saeng [I love him and his voice]
71. WOW - BTOB [energetic and fun and a little bit unique]
70. 60 Seconds - Kim Sunggyu [finally, Sunggyu gets to rock out]
69. Painkiller - SPICA [emotional and powerful]
68. Tease Me - Seo In Guk [love the guitar]
67. Sexy, Free, and Single - Super Junior [catchy, not quite the Sorry Sorry redux thank heavens, and super entertaining]
66. Aftermath - ZE:A [took its time growing on me, but it finally did]
65. Me First (ft. Eun Ji Won) - Gilme [Her voice is wonderful, the way she is styled in MV is not]
64. Daydream - Gyuri (KARA) [love the song, love the MV, love her...]
63. Rainy Night - Rude Paper [it's like Eric Clapton.... great song]
62. Nanlina - Block B [Block B has amazing confidence and a unique sound in K-pop]
61. E.R. - Dalmatian [a really solid track from an underrated group]
60. Celebrate (ft. Yoon Mi Rae) - M.I.B [shows off the rapping skills of the group; definitely a step up from G.D.M.]
59. Cold - Boohwal [a beautiful good old fashioned rock song; as always, Kim Tae-won is the man]
58. Sherlock (Clue + Note) - SHINee [I understand how awesome this song is, but I don't feel it]
57. If You Really Love Me - Busker Busker [my favorite of the Busker Busker singles]
56. Power - B.A.P [my favorite of the many B.A.P singles...]
55. Woowei Woowei - Handsome People [I love their sound and Tei's voice]
54. I Love You - 2NE1 [not my favorite 2NE1 song but the MV is gorgeous and the song is a bit different]
53. French Virgin Party - Glen Check [I love these guys]
52. Touch - miss A [one of my favorite MVs of the year and a good song too]
51. Peach - IU [what a lovely song and the MV is long, but nice all the same]
50. Far Away... Young Love... - C-CLOWN [this song just wormed its way into my head and heart]
49. Please Don't... - K.Will [my favorite K.Will ballad ever]
48. Don't Ask (ft. YDG) - Andamiro [so much fun; she's wonderful]
47. Janus - Boyfriend [finally! Boyfriend came out with a song that I actually like!]
46. Love is Energy - Chi-Chi [the dance is cool and I like the song a lot... except for the weird dubstep break--should not have happened people]
45. Face - NU'EST [love this song; great dance; interesting lyrics]
44. Hypnotize - Andamiro [nice Euro-pop song; love the verses]
43. Style - Rania [well produced; showed that Rania is capable of being more than a sexy gimmick]
42. Lovey Dovey - T-ara [insanely catchy as usual]
41. Goodbye to Romance - Sunny Hill [The Grasshopper Song was great, but I love this pretty, nostalgic piece]
40. Beautiful Day - G.Na & Sanchez [Sanchez is great, but it was wonderful to hear G.Na sing a song worthy of her talents--it has been too long]
39. Meet (ft. Zion.T) - Primary [Primary is a genius, and Zion.T is an absolute pleasure to listen to]
38. Beautiful Night - BEAST [energetic and fun]
37. I Don't Need a Man - miss A [catchy, well produced, U Go Gurl! and all that]
36. Burning - Phantom [Sanchez really shines though I wished they had picked a song that captured each member better]
35. Caffeine - Yang Yoseob [Nice and understated, though the Engrish is horrendous]
34. Love & Hate (ft. MYK and Yi Sung Yol) - CLAZZI [Yi Sung You has a beautiful voice]
33. Let This Die (ft. Tiger JK) - Brian Joo [love Tiger JK's rap break; what a beautiful song]
32. Lonely - Toxic [Van Gogh guitars and a simple, angsty, electro-rock song; it'll be interesting to see how these guys develop]
31. That XX - G-Dragon [a unique and different song for GD and a gorgeous MV]
30. Hush - A-Pink [I hated it to begin with because I am no fan of A-Pink, but I kept coming back]
29. Only Hard For Me - M.I.B [A step or two (or three) above Celebrate]
28. Run - Younha [love love love; it makes me happy]
27. Sorry I'm Sorry - Kim Hyung Jun [my favorite of the ss501 members' singles]
26. Anymore - Seo In Young [the first Seo In Young song that I've enjoyed]
25. Somebody Else - SE7EN [perfect]
24. Stop Girl - U-KISS [I love it when U-KISS tweaks its style]
23. Dirty - Miryo [Miryo is so cool and a fantastic rapper]
22. Not Over You - NU'EST [sweet but not saccharine, I adore every bit of it]
21. Can Only Feel - Kim Wan Sun [dark and atmospheric]
20. To You - Teen Top [the song that made me a crazy Teen Top fangirl for a couple of weeks...]
19. Wanna Do - Jiyoung (KARA) [it's like old school Avril Lavigne... just sweeter.]
18. The Chaser - Infinite [Dare I say that Infinite is the most perfect Korean boy band?]
17. Only One - BoA [A gorgeous song accompanied by fantastic choreography and performed by the beautifully talented BoA]
16. Irresistible Lips - BTOB [Dramatic but awesome]
15. 1, 2, 3, 4 - Lee Hi [it's the 60s! just updated into this awesomely confident song]
14. Bad Boy - BIGBANG [technically, the best song that BB has come out with in a long time]
13. Alone - SISTAR [proof that it's better to have some class with your sexy]
12. Regret - Saza Choi [blues!]
11. Nillili Mambo - Block B [insanely awesome]
10. What Is Love - EXO-K [....mmmmm.... just let me drown in the beautiful sounds....]
9. Every Night - EXID [I love this song.  That's all there is to it.]
8. Catch Me - TVXQ [favorite use of dubstep for the year; slowly became one of my favorites EVER]
7. Oh My Prince - Neon Bunny [the beats, the confidence, HER!]
6. Tried to Walk - B1A4 [gorgeousness overload in every way]
5. Falling Tears - Son Dam Bi [sensual and vulnerable]
4. Good Morning (ft. Kwon Jeong Yeol) & Beautiful Enough (You Deserve Better) (ft. Sanchez) - Verbal Jint [perfect examples of how Verbal Jint's versatility makes him my favourite Korean artists]
3. Memory of the Wind - Naul [hands down, one of my favourite ballads ever]
2. The Day Before - Nell [I love my rainy days, and this song is perfect for those rainy days]
1. Blue - BIGBANG [this song has stuck to me since the beginning of this year and not gotten old at all... and it'll probably stay that way for a long time.]

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  1. Wow, this just solidifies my panic that there are so many good songs I have not yet heard this year! Thanks for the list.. might check out a few (or a lot).

    Blue as your number 1 <33

    1. It's a great song ^^

      K-pop (or the larger Korean music scene) has so much to offer, and it's kind of (EXTREMELY) overwhelming sometimes, so I'm glad you like the list :)