03 October, 2012

bustered's playlist #4: Recent Awesomeness Edition

The Korean music scene has just been awesome lately, and here have been some of my personal favorites.  And yes, I will put them in order from favorite to favoritest because I just happen to be slightly obsessed with lists.

10.) BtoB - WOW
I was already an established fan after Irresistible Lips, and although I love their dramatic tone, I am pretty crazy about their new, energetic n' sexy vibe that comes from this song (though I don't love the outfits, especially the ones they keep using for their live performances).  The guys have a lot of energy and their lives are so much fun to watch, and Eunkwang is absolutely excellent.  I've enjoyed that they actually interact with women in their MVs, even though I suppose it's not too popular with the fangirls.  LOVE the falsetto, LOVE the choreography (that "S-line" line gets me everytime-- seriously, K-pop has no shame and I sorta love it), LOVE them... yeah.

9.) Orange Caramel - Lipstick
I pretty much hate aegyo.  It's weird and uncomfortable, especially when the face says "cute" and the body says... otherwise.  Especially when it is 20-somethings acting like their 15.  Not cool.  However, Orange Caramel has always managed to be an exception.  I've only really enjoyed about half of their releases, but I sort of love their image.  And maybe it's also because I hate what After School has become (and I refuse to learn any more of their members' names etc.) that I extra like them as a sub-unit with a set (and very fun) image.  Anyhow, with this song, it was love at first teaser (and it has English subtitles too!).  The moment they brought it in ping pong, and the bright orange outfits... I was sold.  And the MV and song did not disappoint at all.  The MV is hilarious in the best way possible, and manages to be quirky (who'd have thought in K-pop?) too.  And that chorus... how does one get that out of your head?  Not that I mind though.

8.) Andamiro - Hypnotize 
Andamiro came out with an equally awesome song earlier this year (with a more retro feel however), but I totally dig the euro-pop feel of this song.  And the MV is pretty creepy, which I like.  And Andamiro somehow pulls it off with applomb.  I like the verses much better than I do the chorus, but it's a fun song, and one I've been replaying ever since it came out.  Oh, and she's really good live.

7.) TVXQ - Catch Me
So, I love Junsu.  And I became a fan of K-pop just after the whole DBSK debacle/breakup/end of the world.... so I don't really care about TVXQ with Yunho and Changmin.  I enjoyed Keep Your Head Down and Before U Go but that's it.  And I kind of hate Yunho's rapping, even though I love Changmin's voice and that crazy yell/shriek of his.  Anyhow, to say the least:  I love this song, and the choreography is FANTASTIC, and both of them do really well this song.  The MV shows it off well, but I think that the practice version highlights how awesome it is more.  And I like the dubstep that's incorporated.  I don't love it, but I like it and I think it's used well.  Can't wait for the live performances.

6.) Rude Paper - Rainy Night
Chill, simple, beautiful. 

5.) U-KISS - Stop Girl
Oh, U-KISS, and just when you were disappointing me.  U-KISS is always best when they keep experimenting with their image a la 0330 and Neverland, and Stop Girl is no different, because it's definitely one of the better songs they've come out with.  Actually, maybe one of the better K-pop songs in general.  Cleanly produced, good choreography, Soohyun and Kevin sound excellent as always, and the raps are good, with Eli putting in a really decent effort, especially considering that AJ is at Columbia right now (*tears*).   I prefer the B&W version of the MV since B&W is more on the rare side, and they look great. And I love the backup dancers and the interactions that Kevin and Soohyun have with them in the second verse.  Plus, they used the word "depleted", and used it well.  *claps hands*

4.) Seo In Young - Anymore
I've never been into any of Seo In Young's other songs, but I totally love this one and its accompanying MV.  It's just... solid on all fronts, and the MV is filled with lots of bright, lovely colors.

3.) G-Dragon - That XX
After One of a Kind, I was excited to see something different from GD.  Both One of a Kind and Crayon remind me of the GD&TOP album, so hearing G-Dragon doing a beautiful song like this was just perfect, and good for my ears that can only take so much of crazy GD.  Plus, isn't this MV just beautiful to look at?  

2.) Kim Wan Sun - Can Only Feel
Kim Wan Sun is so cool.  I did like last year's Be Quiet and that it really fit in with the rest of the K-pop scene, but she is rather old(er), and I didn't feel that the song seemed natural to her.  So I by far prefer her more mature turn with this darker dance pop song.  I love the somber mood of the song and the MV and the B&W.  And it's so weird.  I love it.

1.) Naul - Memory of the Wind
I know I'm not the only one loving this song with it being at the top of music charts in Korea, which it totally deserves.  Naul has a beautiful voice, and this is such a lovely ballad. I'm picky about my ballads, but this one is so gorgeous.  I hope it becomes a classic.  As for the MV = SO LOVELY.  And not just because of Lee Ki-woo.  I adore the alternate universe setting, the prince charming riding his horse (After all,  what is more romantic in this world than a man riding a horse?), the fantastic attention to detail, the settings, the childhood scenes.  I'm simply in love.  And Naul's new album is pretty fantastic too.

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