18 September, 2012

bustered's drama update

So I decided to join in the fun and take a little bit of time for K-drama.  Oh how I've missed you blog.

Basically, the semester started with a bang and I haven't found much time for K-drama watching, let alone K-drama writing for about 3 weeks.  Seriously, life kinda feels empty when you can't make time for your addictions.  

However, I have been able to catch a premiere episode and I've also been able to write more on that A Gentleman's Dignity wrap-up post.  I swear it's coming soon.  It's almost finished.

Now onto the mini updates for all those dramas I've started, and also those dramas that I've been watching for forever but haven't written anything about.
God of War (2012): This epic sageuk barely finished at 56 episodes this last Saturday, and I'm pretty sure that I have no intention of finishing it.  I'm going to go ahead and say that episodes 2-9 are probably some of the most glorious K-drama that has ever been created.  Truly, the fighting scenes (with the polo gladiators-- yeah, I have no idea what the competition is called) are simply SUPERB and AWESOME.  It's like Gladiator (2000).... but 12,000 times better.  Well done, but also as emotionally involving as K-dramas are supposed to be.  I swear I was yelling at my laptop (which I hardly ever do) for most of the fighting.  
Kim Joo-hyuk has knocked it out of the park with his performance (however, I don't feel much for the character; he is rather too admirable to be truly likable); Park Sang-min, Jung Bo-seok, Jung Sung-mo, and the rest of the sageuk type cast are their usual superb selves; the women have been interesting, to say the least, but I've been enjoying their performances as well.  The gem here, though, has to be Joo Hyun, who I had only seen previously as Jung Il-woo's father in Flower Boy Ramen Shop (2011), who sadly, is about to die, and will probably take my interest for this drama with him.  
I said that episodes 2-9 are fantastic, and they are, and I very much recommend that they be watched and enjoyed; however, after that, it's just your usual sageuk about one monumental person coming to power, and political machinations, and warring brothers, and Mongols.  Though I like the Mongol parts.  I'm always happy when Mongols come in to just about anything.  It would have been a great short series, but I doubt that I'll be interested enough to watch the entire drama.  

I know that was a lot, but when I stop watching, I'll definitely post something on the drama.
Gaksital (2012):  Oh, Gaksital.  How can I finish you when you've already carved a deep gash into my heart?  I'm hoping to finish it soon, but as of right now, I have about 8 episodes left.  I must admit that it's been quite an emotional roller coaster, and it's given dewaanifordrama and I a lot to discuss and to think about.  Technically, I think it's been rather rough in it's storytelling, but emotionally, it's been gut wrenching and quite excellent.  It's best points have definitely been it's character development (for certain characters), especially for the descent of sweet Shunji into the deplorable, calculating freak that he has become.  And though some actors continue to overact, most of the acting has been quite good, and it should be interesting (and heart-wrenching) to see how everything pans out.  
A Wife's Credentials (2012):  I can hardly believe how wonderful this drama is.  Sadly, subtitles have been coming out slowly, and that is why I have not finished this wonderfully difficult, complicated, humane drama surrounding a woman trapped by her duties as a wife, daughter, daughter-in-law, and mother, as well as her social position in her community of snobby women.  Enter a seemingly perfect (and married) man, who gives her respite from her roles.  I don't feel like I can aptly put into words how perfect this drama is: how organic, and true, and real so many scenes feel.  The acting is top notch, especially from Kim Hee-ae.  Essentially, this is a drama about adultery, but there is very little that is dramatic for the sake of drama.  It's just life, and how screwy it can be.  Though I'm sad that I am unable to watch the whole of it, I am pleased that I am being forced to enjoy it slowly and fully.
Answer Me 1997 (2012): Eeeeeee!!  I'm way behind (just over halfway through the drama), but I'm no different than anyone else who is loving this drama.  I'm so pleased to watch a drama where I don't cringe at the idols and curse their existence.  I adore Jung Eun-ji and her non-idol (and non-aegyo) image, and of course, Hoya must be given points for being from a non-SM/JYP/YG group, and still taking on a gay character that he has played with sensitivity and kindess.  
To the Beautiful You/To You in Full Bloom (2012):  I'm actually quite enjoying this show.  I'm behind, but I've been keeping up somewhat on certain things, and from what I've gathered, I think I'm going to like the tone of the drama.  It won't be any masterpiece, but I think I'll enjoy it.  And no matter how dim-witted, I do like Sulli in this role, and I think she's adorable.  Plus, cameos from Julien Kang and Kim Woo-bin?  Oh, I am so there.
Nice Guy (2012):  Well, the first episode has been the only bit of drama I've watched in three weeks.  And it was great.  It felt so great to relax and just watch some angsty melodrama.  I like the tone of the drama and that it didn't dilly dally with back story and simply went straight into the meat of things.  I find every character intriguing (though I'm less than inthralled with Kim Kwang-soo; sorry, kids, I'm not a fan), and I'm curious to see what kind of crap they do to each other.  Plus, Park Shi-yeon and Moon Chae-won have been gorgeously styled for this drama.  They both look fantastic.  In particular, I was extremely moved by Park Shi-yeon's performance in the hotel room.  So screwy, but I couldn't help but feel for her.  And of course, Song Joong-ki looks like he'll do an awesome job.  Some of the transitions were bumpy, but hey, I'm just grateful for interesting characters and a quick moving plot.  Let's hope it keeps up the good work.

So there it is.  You know, it's funny, but when life gets crazy, I always feel like K-drama is one of the few constants in my life that make me feel somewhat grounded.  I can always count on them to be crazy, hilarious, dramatic, heartbreaking, and to take up too much of my time, but I don't think that I would have it any other way.

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