14 July, 2012

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop: A Review

Delightful, bubbly, laugh-out-loud funny moments.

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (2011) is one of the first dramas that I ever watched. I also happened to catch the tail-end of it while it was airing -  so it was also my first experience of waiting for new episodes to get subbed/to air.

It also helped me get through the monstrosity that is Boys Over Flowers (2009). When BOF, (and I promise that I don't hate BOF - I just have a love-hate relationship with it) got too dramatic and makjangy, I would watch some FBRS to restore my sanity.

It's a fun, zippy, quirky drama with a lovely ensemble cast of flower boys (yum), a zany, crazy awesome heroine, and so much delicious ramyun, oh delicious ramyen *drooling*, (I'm not sure if it's the ramyun or the flower boys) and lots, and lots of cute.

It aired on tvN (Oct-Dec 2011) with 16 episodes (and because it's a tvN drama, they're all about 45 minutes long). I gave it a rating of 85 (you can go to the ratings page to see what that means).

[Sort of spoiler ahead in this paragraph, sort of] You have your typical chaebol brat, Cha Chi Soo (Jung Il Woo) falling for the wannabe teacher-burned by love, Yang Eun Bi (Lee Chung Ah). The love triangle is completed by the Pillar (Lee Ki Woo) - which certainly had me going for a bad case of second-male-lead-syndrome. And then we have two more lovable "lost boys" - "Crazy Chicken" Ba Wool (Park Min Woo) and "Angel Boy" Hyun Woo (Jo Yoon Woo). Oh, I just love Ba Wool - he's so ardent and passionate in protecting his noona, Eun Bi. It's adorable!

While the drama is definitely in the rom-com category, there is definitely an element of figuring out life, and going for your dreams, and growing-up, and finding your place in the world. I really appreciate that little out of the ordinary flavour this ramyun serving gives you. (Beware, there is some makjang (really, what K-drama doesn't have at least some, right? - not too much though).

All in all, the writing was decent, and the acting was fun, in that over-the-top crazy kind of way. And Lee Ki Woo - be my pillar any day! As far as the OST goes: it was fun, and cute, and matched the timbre of the show perfectly. My favourite track was definitely Jung Il Woo's melancholy ballad - Someone Like You. And I will definitely, most definitely be watching more dramas with Jung Il Woo and Le Ki Woo! 

Prognosis: light on the palate, easy to digest, definitely give me another serving. Also, I had no idea that ramyun could be so dang romantic and sexy!

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