01 July, 2012

dewaanifordrama's playlist #2 Addiction Edition

So sometimes I just can't stop listening to some tracks...sometimes I kill them for a bit, and sometimes not. And because my K-pop addiction is pretty severe, I decided to make this week's playlist an even dozen. And in no particular order here are this week's addictions:

1.) Tablo feat. Taeyang - No Tomorrow 

Tablo and Taeyang in a desert rapping, singing, dancing...dust, fast cars, helicopters...there's just something about Tablo's intense rapping combined with Taeyang's pleasing, oh so pleasing singing that makes me want to listen to this song over and over. Tablo's comeback album is definitely worth a look into - and is filled with the emotion, passion and pain of the hell he's had to live in from the past several years. Anyway, it's a great song.

2.) Junsu - Tarantallegra 

Oh Junsu, my bias (I even have Junsu - well JYJ K-pop socks) - he is so sexy, gorgeous, sings AMAZINGLY, and boy can he dance. I think that might have been my favourite thing about this MV - it shows just how beautifully he can dance, and every time I hear that gorgeous voice of his, I about die. Ah, I LUFF his voice so much! Downsides to the song - a tad too much autotune and a tad too much Flowsik - I want MORE of Junsu singing. And to answer the question: What music will you listen to? Most definitely THIS music! I can't wait to buy the album. Also, I want his red coat.

3.) BIGBANG - Monster 

When I first watched the MV I thought, now the director of this song has been playing waaaaay too much Starcraft, what is up with the first person shooter video game thing? After I got over that, and the most interesting costuming *ahem - bimbap hair - cough, cough* I fell in love with the song. The lyrics are absolutely gorgeous, T.O.P.'s rap is awesome - as usual, I love, love, love Seungri's part, I love the discordant piano, I love Taeyang's awesome kick (and his voice), I love G.D.'s voice, I love Daesung's voice, I LUFF this song!!! (And the iTunes album has an awesome a cappella version of the song that I love because you can hear all their beautiful harmonies and voices without any autotune). Oh BIGBANG, how I love thee - and boy I hope I can get tickets for the LA concert later on this year!

4.) SS501 - Love Like This

I LOVE this song!!! They're just so adorable and silly and cute in this song - as well as awesomely cool. It's an "oldie" but a goodie, and it makes me want SS501 to hurry up and get back together. AND it has Kim Hyun Joong in it which is always a good thing ^_^. I love their hand movements spelling out LOVE. It's just such a happy and upbeat song - and can I find a love like these gorgeous Korean men, please? 

5.) DBSK - Mirotic 

Arguably one of the most addictive songs EVER!!! Man, it certainly has me under it's spell. It is also one of the first K-pop songs I bought, and listened to days on end. It's smart, slick, sexy, and dare I say it again, has me under it's spell? It is one of my favourite DBSK tracks - and makes me wish the whole break-up SM Entertainment ugliness hadn't caused this dynamic quintet to split up. At least TVXQ and JYJ are still making awesome music. And the dance, the dance is so HOTTE and AWESOME!!! The lyrics are rather narcissistic, but if you look that good, wouldn't you talk that way too?

6.) Brian Joo duet with Jade Valerie - Don't Tell Me I'm Wrong

Yes, yes, I know it's in English - but Brian Joo is Korean-American and he sings in both languages, and pretty much all his music is awesome. That beat at the beginning gets me every time. I love how the lyrics are so simple, but the song is hypnotically addictive that you just hit repeat. I would recommend checking out anything that Brian Joo has sung - he's super talented.

7.) SHINHWA - Venus 

SHINHWA's recent comeback was great, and it's no secret that they are pretty awesome. They've shown that not only do they still have the moves, but they have the style and charisma needed in today's current sea of teenage idols (they're one of the original groups and are coming back from a hiatus after serving their mandatory military service). They're just snazzy, and I love this track! And the MV is pretty cool too with interesting lighting and cinematography - I dare you to not let your toes start tapping with this one!

8.) BtoB - Irresistible Lips 

I'm still not sure why they didn't translate the Korean title into English - I Stole Those Lips, much better I say. I love the colouring in this MV, and it's got this catchy beat-melo-ballad-dance track thing going on. BtoB are relatively new to the scene with their recent debut"Insane" this year, but they are starting to find their niche. They're lookin' good, and I'm excited to see what they'll do in the future.

9.) Cross Gene - La-Di Da-Di

Another recent debut this year, really, really recent in fact, but already I'm loving them. Perhaps it has something to do with beautiful Shin in a pink suit, or is it Shin in a beautiful pink suit? Well, either way - I love this song. Cross Gene are a multi-ethnic group with Japanese leader: Takuya, Chinese members: Casper and J.G., and Korean members: Shin, Sangmin, and Yongseok. This MV has some awesome choreography, a catchy melody, and well-thought out and detailed concept backgrounds for each member. It was crisp, clean, and catchy - they seem like winners to me.

10.) Baek Ji Young feat. Taecyon - My Ear's Candy 

Baek Ji Young is most definitely the queen of ballads, but she can certainly rock a dance track as well. This is another "oldie" which was pretty popular at the time. She did a version with Taecyon as well as with Lee Seung Gi (a live stage performance one). Baek Ji Young's voice is certainly ear candy, and Taecyon provides plenty of eye  candy, okay, okay - I love his voice too. The MV is funky and and awesome and shows off plenty of both artists. Can I say, I also love the multi-lingual chorus, it's just cool. I'll be listening to this one for a long time for sure.

11.) Super Junior - Superman 

Super Junior like to start out their concerts with this track, and that is really no surprise - it's catchy, upbeat, and full of that sexy, SuJu swagger that we love. I actually watched the recent MBC K-pop concert live on Youtube (omo that was so fun!) and it was so great to watch them come onto the stage with this song. Eunhyuk and Donghae's rap at the beginning - daebak! And then Shindong's rap - OMO!!! And Yesung, Ryeowook, Leeteuk, and Kyuhyun just sound fantastic - who am I kidding, I just love all of them in this song. Sexy, manly, awesome Super Junior!

12.) And last, but definitely not least: T.O.P. & Taeyang: Friend (from the Friend Our Legend OST) 

I have still to watch Friend, Our Legend where this track comes from, (I know it's going to be spectacular because it has Hyun Bin) but fortuitously one day I stumbled on this track, and then listened to it non-stop - for days. I just LUFF it!!! T.O.P. and Taeyang should collaborate more, jus' sayin' - I just love how their voices blend so well with T.O.P.'s excellent rapping (it's nice to have a whole song full of it) mixed with Taeyang's beautiful voice just make this track a treat to listen to.

That's it for now folks! ^_^

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