27 June, 2012

I Do Love It, and Sometimes I Don't

Some things I love, some things I loathe, and some things I'm on the fence about. I guess I should start with the meh and the horrible, and then end on a positive note, right? And just for the record, I am enjoying the show - I just have some issues with it.

At the beginning of episode 7 I was thinking - okay doc, you are redeeming yourself a little* - but I just still can't get on that ship. For a second I thought Ji An's dad was going to redeem himself - he was being all gentle, and actually decent - and then he had to be like "get rid of the baby". I mean seriously?! And then her mom turned all psycho ajhumma. Really, do you need to beat a pregnant woman? Yeah, I'm not loving the parent so much. At least her dad was human enough to react when the doc let him know this was the one and only chance for Ji An to have a baby. Is it mean of me that I was like "yeah old man, see, see, you are mean, I am glad you almost keeled over from shock," - okay, I just don't like abusive men. I hope her dad redeems himself by the end of the series, and grows a heart.

*A little on the doctor man - In the moment where she tells him she decided to have the baby, it looked like he was going to change his mind - and I thought - to love a person, you need to love them for them - even if they make the wrong decisions, or decisions you don't agree with. I am not saying he has to be with her, but if you really care about someone, you take the time to figure out their perspective - walk a mile or two in their shoes. In contrast Tae Kang is ready to do whatever she needs/it takes. He is interested in her, and her welfare, and he wants to be there for her. I think maybe the drama has written him too much in excess of wanting to please her like a puppy dog, but his earnest heart has me. 

Some of the other things I'm sort of not enjoying - the editing. Sometimes the scene changes are a little abrupt. Yeah - does not help my viewing experience. And something I'm on the fence about - I am not really sure how to feel about where the drama is heading. I say that because sometimes I feel like the drama does not really know where it is heading. We're almost half-way through and I am still not really sure who the OTP is supposed to be. The thought has occurred to me that there isn't going to be one...maybe she won't end up with either guy. Hmmm, I wonder if the show will actually go there. 

Here are some thoughts/feelings/impressions I get as I watch: Is this drama...
  • saying that marrying young is a silly, naïve, never-should-be-done kind of a thing?
  • asking us to define/examine healthy/unhealthy parenting styles?
  • saying that sometimes unorthodox families can be healthier than the norm? (Tae Kang and his dad particularly). 
  • talking about reconciling with family and experiencing healing?
  • really about having or not having a baby?
  • is this drama examining the roles of women and men and cultural perspectives on gender roles?
Now onto the things I LUFF about this drama:

In episode 8 as Tae Kang's dad describes his son, I became even more smitten with Tae Kang (as you can tell I love earnest-hearted good boys - but probably with a little less puppy-dog about them). I also love the part where Tae Kang describes what his dad went through raising him after the shoe shop burned down. Ah Tae Kang - he is so positive and optimistic in a world that has kind of dealt him a rough hand. And I think his dad has done a pretty good job. Yeah - he makes and sells knock-off shoes, but he is a good man. I love how they just accept Ji An for their samgyeopsal (Korean BBQ pork) party. What is it about K-drama and the lovely rooftop groups? The happy rooftop-family is definitely an oft-used drama storyline. It definitely sets up a nice contrast with the cold-hearted rich people - have I just not seen any other dramas where it's the other way around? (Are there any like that?) If this drama punishes Tae Kang for being so bright-eyed and hopeful, I might have to go after it and beat it up, A LOT! Sure, people need to mature and not be completely naïve, but please, don't make him all jaded and stuff.

And, and, and another part I luff is when they are talking in the little back room of the store, and then they wrestle!!! So much cuteness! I luff them!!! Siruslously - I love when Tae Kang and his dad are on screen together. So much love! While they were talking, another thing I LUFF - the piano theme in this OST. Luff, luff, luff it!!! It's my favourite part of the OST. Ah, K-drama and your beautiful piano music!

Another thing I am loving is Kim Sun Ah. She is pretty much epically awesome and fabulous. She really gets into the role. I feel like she is Ji An - she's just so believable. I luff it! I think her character is really interesting in that she has so many defenses up. I wonder what kinds of heartache have led her there. It's pretty hard to make it to the top without becoming like her. She has this super tough exterior that hides a really vulnerable little girl inside. I think she's still the girl who decorated the white shoes in many ways. She's actually pretty emotionally mature in many ways. Perhaps that's why her and Tae Kang together are a good idea. Though I guess he is in complete denial about his feelings.

I luffed the check-up scene with her at the doctor. It was sort of heartbreaking for the doctor, but really sweet for Ji An. It really was a bittersweet scene.

Other scenes I found adorkable: stealing her handbag to get her to come eat dinner with him, the handcart scene. So cute, ridiculous, but cute. I think what I loved most about the handcart scene is it so nicely mirrors the star scene with Eun Sung. Eun Sung brings her the expensive star projector and it reminds Ji An of her childhood. With Tae Kang though she gets the real stars, this is no imitation. I hope that this bodes well for the development of Ji An figuring out what she wants and what Tae Kang's sincerity means for her.

Most of all, I think I just luff Lee Jang Woo. I luff his earnestness!!! How can he portray so much with his eyes? At the end there where he's puppy-dog-eyes begging her to let him know she's pregnant, omo, he's so cute! Doc, why did you have to show up right then? Seriously!

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