16 June, 2012

Gaksital: Episodes 5 & 6...


… in which our anti-hero, Lee Gang-to, gets his life ripped to shreds.  He can’t tell his one true love that he adores her, she lets him know how much he disgusts her (over and over), his mother is killed by his superior, he shoots his brother, finds out that his brother is the man he’s been trying to kill, finds his dead mother, has his house burnt down, kills the man that killed his mother WHO…. takes a deep breath… just happens to be the hyung of his bestest friend.

I feel like Kang-to isn’t the only one that totally got screwed over (aka ME!).

Crying.  Sobbing.  You want to know why I will do anything to keep people from seeing me sob?  Because it’s ugly and uncomfortable to watch.  Very rarely do we get to see true sobbing, in all of it’s ugly glory, on the screen… well, because I’m assuming actors and actresses don’t want to show that kind of physical ugliness.  Which is why I have been surprised that the most ugly crying I’ve seen has been in K-dramas.  Joo Won, for your heartbreaking (and very ugly) crying scene, my adoration for you as an actor, has gone up like crazy.  Wow.  Just wow.  I was transfixed in my seat; it was one of the most horrifying things I've watched.

Anyhow, a lot of things developed and some things got better, while others stayed the same.  Our dear old ajusshi actors are still overacting.  On the other hand, a nice theme has developed for the more somber moments.  It's quite beautiful.  It would also appear that Kang-to's originally non-period hair was for a reason: now he can switch between his normal hairdo, and look like Gaksital, and slick his hair when he's a police officer.  I'm not gonna lie, the new hairdo looks pretty good to me.

 I loved that the fight between Shinji and Kang-to began because of Shinji’s brother, and not because of the girl.  Whew!  Speaking of Kenji's death... hmm, never mind.  I don't even want to talk about that.  However, I loved that Kang-to is still no hero!  He went to the police station, not to save Mok Dan, but to gain bloody revenge.  (And bloody it was.)

Oh, and I’m pretty sure that I have a new hobby now.  Collecting screenshots of Kenji (or you know, Park Joo-hyung) and praying that he will get a part in another drama.  Soon.  Because I luff this guy.  Don’t get me wrong, the character was a horrible person; I was waiting for Kenji to have sad moment when he thinks about how he just killed Lee Kang-to’s mother… and it didn’t happen, and I hated him.  So Kenji, you suck.  Park Joo-hyung, get into another drama, for me, pretty please, huh?  

I'm certain that episode 6 was the most traumatizing episode of television I've ever watched.  I keep thinking that I will watch next weeks episodes and realize that episode 6 was just a dream. I just didn't expect the writers to go that far.  I was waiting for the tragedy to happen… in, I don’t know, several episodes from now (I think that’s pretty reasonable, yes?)… but then BAM, it hit so hard.  Well, the stakes have been upped, and I, for one, am very pleased, and am anxiously waiting for the next episode.  I'll just take episode 6 as an example of the worst day ever, and use that example to remind me how thankful I am for my own life that is most definitely not Kang-to's.

Oh, and um… I fully invested now.  Thanks drama.

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