22 June, 2012

dewaanifordrama's playlist #1

Hmmm, I figure since this is the first playlist entry, I should probably introduce it...so far on the blog there hasn't been any K-pop stuff which we are working on. Each week (maybe more) I'm going to post about a song that's been catching my ear (maybe more than one?). Who knows what form this will all take. Okay, enough intro.

#1 Ulala Session's "Goodbye Day"
This is the OST part 1 of currently airing Gaksital (aka Bridal Mask).
So I am a total sucker for a good ballad, which is no surprise that I like this track by Ulala Session (they are the winners of Korea's SuperstarK3 2011). We have some lovely themes of leaving, loss, and perhaps a little return. It's not quite a break-up song, (because I feel like that would mean love is gone) but it's not, it's just a really, really painful love - you know that complicated K-drama unrequited first love kind. Oh the angst! Some days I guess you need some heartbreak to feel alive, right?

Kim Myung Hoon and Park Gwang Sun's voices blend so beautifully, and they have this really raspy quality to them which fits with the rawness of the lyrics. You can almost hear them crying as they sing - and when you have lyrics like "Even if I give all my heart, it is not enough for this love," "Your face I long for lingers around me," and "Good-bye day, love is leaving," you definitely need that quality.

It starts with this really beautiful piano theme, and as the duet starts the music swells into the full force of the chorus tagline - goodbye day, love is leaving - you can hear the conflict of letting someone you love go, but not wanting to. This makes it pretty much the perfect song for this OST because it is all about aching for that person you want, but cannot have (though I guess that's every loveline in this drama). That aside, if you've ever loved and lost, this song has enough heartache in it to revel in that feeling a little. So much beautiful pain!

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  1. Such a beautiful song! I LOVE the last picture you used.