28 June, 2012

bustered's playlist #2

Mmkay, another playlist.  

As much as I love K-pop, I'm also a huge fan of South Korea's lesser known rock, indie, and hip/hop groups.  I'm not touching hip/hop today, but I've got some of my wonderful indie favorites for you.

Link: bustered's playlist #2

1.) 악마 (Devil) by 안녕바다(Annyeongbada) 
This isn't my favorite song from their newest album PINK REVOLUTION (that honor belongs to Pierrot) but it's pretty close... and it has the MV, so I'm posting this one.  Plus, it's a lot more fun.  I pretty much love all Fluxus Music artists, and Annyeongbada, or Bye Bye Sea, are no exception.  They're always energetic and I love their music.

2.) 라디라 by 이승열 (Yi Sung-yol) 
I first discovered this spectacular artist due to his vocals for CLAZZI's Love and Hate (both CLAZZI and Yi Sung-yol are with Fluxus) and have been slowly uncovering more and more.  Bascially, anyone who is a fan of this guy would probably call him the most underrated artist in South Korea, and apparently he keeps a pretty low profile.  He's absolutely fabulous.  Just listen to that wonderful voice of his and be converted.  Here's a song he came out with last year, and it is accompanied by a seriously sweet MV.

3.) 아직도 그대가 익숙해 by Dear Cloud
Dear Cloud is, quite possibly, my favorite K-Indie group.  The singer's voice is just my cup of tea and I never tire of hearing her sing.  I just ordered this album today, and it should be here in a couple of weeks, and I'm SO excited!  Anyhow, this is my favorite Dear Cloud song, but don't let that stop you from checking out their other songs and getting your hands on all their albums.  Pretty much everything by these guys is a gem.  Plus, three girls and two guys in an indie group = awesome.

4.) 안녕, 안녕 by Lucia (심규선) with 에피톤 프로젝트 (Epitone Project)
I listened to this for days and days when I first heard it.  I was floating.  This is such a lovely song (and for the record, this is a shorter version than the album version... an album which I am still trying to find to purchase... grrrr... ).

5.) French Virgin Party + Battaille! By Glen Check
I love these guys.  Their music is so much fun.  And where did they get their nearly flawless English?  I definitely recommend their music, and they're live performances are great too.

6.) 정말로 사랑한다면 (If You Really Love Me) by 버스커 버스커 (Busker Busker)

Confession time- I didn't really like these guys until this song.  Their first single just doesn't do it for me, but I love the more subdued feel to this song.  I love both the deeper toned verses and the higher chorus, but the chorus is where it really shines.  This is a beautiful song, and I'm pleased that Busker Busker are putting their indie selves into the spotlight that is all too often reserved for K-pop acts.

7.) 아메리카노 (Americano) by 10cm
If you don't know 10cm already, get to know them.  If you don't know this song, listen well, and get it stuck in your head for the next couple of weeks.  You have no idea how many times I want to burst out in public with "Americano!  Chu-ah!  Chu-ah!"  

8.) 나란 놈은 답은 너다 (You're the Answer to a Guy Like Me) (feat. 하림) by Leessang
My favorite song from the AsuRa BalBalTa album that exploded on the K-music scene last summer.  Leessang is one of the few mainstream indie acts, and they very much deserve that.  They are wonderful artists.

9.) 산행 (山行) (To the Mountain) by Verandah Project
I love the smooth voices and the simple guitar.  This is one of my favorites, and perfect for falling asleep to, which I do often enough.

10.) 우리 처음 만난 날 (The Day We First Met) by Urban Zakapa 

I love Jo Hyun-ah's voice.  You'll have heard her on various OSTs and she was also featured in Jang Woo-hyuk's Shouting Out to Memory last year.  Such a great song.

That's all for this playlist.  Hope you found some new songs and especially, that you enjoyed them.

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  1. Omo, omo! Bustered, thank you! I am now fully converted to K-Indie! I loved most of these songs from the opening lines, but I am fully in love with Guckkasten, 10cm, Glen Check, and Annyeongbada!!!! I've started a solely K-Indie playlist to enjoy forever! <3

    1. Yes! Mission accomplished. K-Indie has some great stuff.